Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Warwick Castle Knights & The Maidens

Warwick Castle has to be one of my favourite castles. Leaving early in the morning we headed down the M6, M42. & M40 to this wonderful castle. Parking the car we headed up to the castle coming across a horse in medieval gear all togged up. We walked through the peacock garden of course taking lots of picture on the way. The peacocks are on a different blog entry.
There is lots to see and do at the castle. We went to the ticket tent and booked our tickets to the dungeons ( another blog entry ) and the Merlin Dragon Tower.
The Dragon Tower is where of course the Dragon loves. Firstly you meet Merlin the magician with potions ablaze and potions to make Merlin entertains you with his magical delights. Magic is certainly alive with Merlin. You are transported back in time into the heart of Camalot.
Heading off deeper inside the tower you meet your ultimate encounter the great Dragon himself. The interactive dragon tells of tales picking people to help him out with his mission. Aaron was picked and he learnt he was a great Warrior and he would soon meet the princess of his dreams. Aaron was not impressed. We watched some to the shows within the ground including the sword in the stone.
Inside the castle there are many rooms to explore the exhibitions are out of this world. Warwick is now owed by the Madam Tussards group so there are some fabulous figures that really bring the stands alive. The great hall and state rooms are fantastic along with the kingmaker exhibitions. 
The grounds themselves are again not to be missed we took some wonderful photographs from the top of the towers  and along the battlements. 
Recently new rooms have been unlocked at Warwick Castle these include the Bear Tower, The Guard Room, Barbican Battlements and the Watergate Tower. The Bear Tower you can uncover the bear and ragged staff. The pit below holds a multitude of secrets. 
Warwick for castle lovers is not the be missed you can never get bored of visiting, there is always something new to do each time you visit. Before leaving we watched the birds of prey display which again is another blog entry. 

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