Friday, September 30, 2011

Meet The Sticks & Flipper & Kipper

Meet Aaron`s stick insects. We have had these little critters since they were tiny babies watching them grow from eggs. They are now quite huge some as much as 4" long. Sometimes they play dead.
Once they were all lying at the bottom of the tank ? I was mortified I started to clean the tank out before Aaron got home from school as I thought he would be so upset. He loves these little creatures.
As I moved the leaves one moved I thought to myself at least there is one still alive. I set the other tank up with ivy privet and a drop of water for this lone critter.
I picked him up and put him in his new home then continued the grim task of placing the others on some tissue ready for burial later in the day when Aaron came home from school.
All of a sudden legs began to move everywhere ! they were running around climbing the wall of the tank and up my arms. The little buggers had been playing dead. Thankfully all 12 of the things were all still alive. just goes to show never believe anything you see. They looked dead all dried up but they were very much alive. They must have had a good laugh at the dizzy blond cleaning there tank out ! As Aaron says.
They are now about 4 -5 mths old. They are easy to keep and fascinating to watch ! When there not playing dead. Hope you enjoy the photo`s. Also below are a couple of links for info on these critters.

The two gold fish below we have now had for many years. Flipper and Kipper the antique Goldfish.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Its Cartoon Time For Fred & Aaron

During the Summer Holidays Fred our Cocker Spaniel won the best rescue dog at the Camper Jam held at Weston Park. Part of his prize was a portrait. Above is the finished product. How fantastic is this " Fred & Aaron having a shower at the Camper Jam. We are thrilled with this picture. I have been told there will be an article in a future issue of the magazine so watch this space !!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is It Bargain Hunt ?????

Heading back from Chirk Car boot we stopped at Oswestry Showground. There was an antique and collectors fair on. Simon is a keen collector of DVD`s and film related items so he wanted a look around.
On arriving I noticed the TV crew " emmm " what was going on I wondered. !!
To my delight Bargain Hunt was there. I had a chat with Tim Wonnacott the shows host. As you can see I also took a few action shots for myself.
Simon got some bargains as he always does to add to his collection which is magnificent.
Whilst there we bumped into a few faces from past to present.
From school Lisa and Julie whom I work with and also Stuart and Freda old friends from my past. They were delighted to see me and to meet Simon. We had a good catch up as its been a long time since I last saw them. They said how well I looked and told me to call in to see them when I was passing.
All in all a good morning out ! Ps the show was film for children in need as is to be shown in November.

Vanfest VW Show

Recently we visited the Vanfest at the 3 counties showground. It was an extremely windy weekend, but the show was still really busy. Aaron had his friend Callum with him they went on the top gear ride which both the boys enjoyed. We wandered around the show there was some lovely VW there. The syncro 4x4 exhibition was really interesting as they showed just how good these are they climbed the obstacles with ease. After waring ourselves out we headed home in torrential rain and high winds. This weather is pretty freaky.

Aaron`s 13th Birthday

Game for a laugh as always Aaron on the dareway.

Its hard to believe that Aaron is now a teenager. His birthday was on the 9th of September 2011. Aaron continues to thrive in all areas of his life. I am so very proud of him. He is starting a new chapter in his life with many different things to look forward to. He is growing fast.

I have been sent cards from school, been taken aside by his swimming coach, karate coach and his new army major, everyone has said out outstanding Aaron is in everything he does. He will go far in life, and we will help him all the way whenever he needs it.

He had a lovely birthday weekend with many cards and presents (mainly money) from many of his family and friends. Simon got him a couple of xbox games he wanted. His main present happens come November which will be a fab blog entry ?