Sunday, February 19, 2012

Magical Half Term @ Disney Land Paris

take off over Birmingham
Half term saw us taking a magical adventure trip to Disneyland Paris. Leaving Birmingham early one morning we headed to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. This airport is huge it took us a while to find our bags before heading to catch the bus to Disneyland.o reach our bags. 

Walt Disney Studios Park 
 After dropping our bags off in our room, we headed to to Walt Disney Studios Park. The park is really good a mixture of rides and shows. 
Aaron and I went on the rollercoasters and rides. The Twilight Tower of Terror involves walking through a haunted house were you reach an elevator. Boarding the elevator you are secured in as it climbs to the heights of the tower, then drops to earth with a stomach churning jolt. 
The Rock n Roll Coaster is one of our favourite rides. The star of the coaster is Areosmith the rock band. This is very fast and furious with loop the loops and corkscrews all to the tunes of the famous rock band. The ride is also in the dark with strobe lights and neon lighting all around. Its fantastic.

The Ice Queen 
 I took photographs of Aaron on this seat many years ago when he was little. He sat there all quiet and smug until the real Ice Queen turned up. He then turned heels and hide running back behind his mum ! 

Planet Hollywood 

Disneyland Park

Staying at the Disneyland hotel Santa Fe we got early bird passes. Aaron and I raced to the space mountain ride which is one of our favourite`s. This is a fast ride on a roller-coaster rocket launched into the space mountain. Again with neon lights ans strobes the coaster races around the planets missing asteroids. We went on this a number of times before my knee gave up trying to climb in the carriage.

 Buzz light year laser blast was another we went on with Simon this time. We travelled around the space and toy shop shooting as many targets as possible belonging to Zerg.  The graphics on the toy story ride are amazing. 
Another ride we went on in Discovery land was Star Tours. This ride is based on Star Wars and other robot films including Walli. A space simulator takes you for the ride of your life through space off the space station through warp zone back to base. A thrilling experience.

Two Prince Charming`s fighting over my affection
 Through the Disney castle gate ( sleeping beauty castle )  leads you into Fantasy land. This land is truly magical. Here we went on a few rides. 
Blache- Neige et les Sept Nains French  for the Adventure of Snow White, this ride takes you into the magical fairytale world of Snow White. From the Severn dwarfs to the dark and scary forest.
Les Voyages de Pinocchio is where you can follow the quest of Pinocchio to become a real boy.
The Peter Pna flight is another fairytale adventure which takes you high in the sky over the city of London and  beyond as you travel in the ship.

Pirates of the Caribbean
 This pirate adventure is quite spectacular as you cruise through a pirate attack on a Spanish fortress. Its like a mini log flume in places. We all enjoyed this ride. 
Adventure land also lets you visit Adventure Isle were you can get lost in the caverns or the old pirate ship which is marooned. 
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is another of our favourite rides, this coaster loops the loops and takes you on a rickety ride through the temple of doom. Mad bad and very fast.

The Disney Stars in their cars parade Walt Disney Park 
 During out visit we watched a number of shows at Walt Disney Park  the few photo`s above and below are the Disney Star`s in their cars parade which runs through the centre of the park early in the afternoon.
Animagique is an interactive show with many characters the special effects are wonderful although Simon fell asleep  I don`t no how ?  With all the noise around. 
Cinemagique is another really good show, the screen comes alive with interaction of actors on stage on on screen the way this film is done is excellent and very entertaining. 
You just have to go and watch Stitch live whilst at Disney. This is an interactive show on screen with one of the children's favourite characters. Believe me Stitch is extremely naughty. We really enjoyed the show.
The Art of Disney Animation allows you to visit the gallery of sketches and picture of Disney. It also shows you how the characters are created  for the big screen introducing the designers of the characters a very interesting attraction.

Toy Story Play land takes you to the land of play with the main stars of Toy Story. Introduced by a huge Buzz Light year model at the entrance. The rides here are good with RC Racer not being for the faint hearted. RC races up and down the horse shoe shaped orange track in the background. The racing cars ends up vertical. Off course Aaron and I braved it ! All Simon could hear as he watched from below was me screaming !
Slinky Dog is a comfortable small rollercoaster  which goes over humps around its track making your tummy feel real funny.
The Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop we also enjoyed as your taken high above the park and droped down more than once :-) 

Disney Park is an amazing place to visit the surroundings are magical with castles old vehicles and a horse drawn tram. Here you step back in time with the magical fantasy world of Disney. The few pictures above and below are of Main Street USA. I really love coming here its so amazing. Around you standing in the streets are the Disney Characters From Mickey Mouse ( who I adore ) to Mary Poppins and Mulan far to many to mention. The characters walk freely around you stopping for photo shoots and autographs. The magical paradise for young children. I still remember my tears many years ago as both my boys Daniel and Aaron experienced the delights of this world as small children. Daniel loved every minute his face lightened up like the sun as he was hugged and kissed by the character. Aaron and I have retraced our special moments twice since Daniel died last time their were lots of tears from both of us this time we enjoyed every minute knowing this was one of Daniel most favourite places in the world. We have such wonderful memories of Daniel at Disneyland. 

 Frontier land takes you to a new land above is Thunder Mountain. The train hurtles through an abandoned gold mine at breathtaking speeds aboard a runaway mine train. This was one of Daniels Favourite rides. He loved the fast rides squealing with delight and refusing to get off ! 
Below is the Phantom Manor here you encounter restless spirits and a ghostly bride.

The Moteurs ...  Action Stunt Show Spectacular is a fantastic look at the behinds the scenes stunts. Here you can watch how the stunts are performed and  some of the tricks of the trade our relieved. The star of the show at the moment is Flash McQueen from Cars 2. He looks exactly the same as in the films. 


Mary Poppins 

Armageddon is an exciting special effects studio. Were your placed on set amongst the fireballs and collisions. Your on a space craft deep in space when it is in a collision with an asteroid in outer space. The craft you are is badly damaged and balls of fire shoot out as the equipment on board explodes. Simon enjoyed this one !

Back to Fantasy Land saw us going on a few more ride. We entered the magical fascinating world of  ' Its a Small World '  You sail around the world in a the world of dollies from all over themed in many different countries. Its an amazing ride through an amazing happy colourful world not to be missed.
Another ride we went on was the Mad Hatters Tea Cups, luckily the thing did not spin much to Aaron disappointment. My lovely son wanted to get his mother dizzy. I do not do spinning. 
Thrilling rollercoasters but not spinning.

Fantasy Land Le Carrousel de Lancelot ( The bobby horses ) 

Les Taps Volants - Flying Carpets Over Agrabah 

Star Tours 

Thunder Mountain

Rustler Rounup Shootin' Gallery 
La Taniere Du Dragon -  Deep beneath the Sleeping Beauty Castle is a fantasy labyrinth. Chained and breathing fire is the keeper of the castle. A very life like Dragon. He scares the life out of you !

Indiana Jones Landrover Adventure Land 

Disney Parade
King Arthur The Sword & The Stone 

Disney By Night 

Sadly our adventure is concluded we headed home late Friday night after an exhausting few days hopping from one park to the next missing out on nothing. Catching the plane home and landing in Birmingham took no time at all. Getting off the plane was funny as by this time the mind was able but the body was completely knackered, I hobbled off struggling to climb the flight of steps towards customs.
True Love