Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Favourite Photograph`s West Mid Show 2009

Above Cattle on show

Walford Collage Cow and calf.

The baby Lama ( my favourite ) Thinkg about getting one of these as a frind for Jingle our pony.

Above & Below The kings troop.

Above Tika The Harris hawk from the Falconry Raptor Experience ( the bird that did the off )

Devils horseman above The Wild West Show

Devil`s Horsemen chariot racing

Titan the robot

Piglets from Walford Collage above & below with mum

The vinatage car show

The Bolddog Lings

More photographs on line photographs links opposite

West Midlands Show 2009

What a fantastic day out. Leaving misty Wales early in the morning, we headed towards Shrewsbury Show ground were the Sky's started to break to hazy sunshine.
Heading into the show ground we walked passed the stalls towards the cattle sheds and showing arena`s.

On the way we bought some magic pens for Aaron. Aaron is a very keen artist & creative writer we will be creating a blog and web site soon to show off his artistic talent. I am so proud to have such a multi talented child.

We next headed into the Walford Collage Tent, we looked at the piglets and the calf that we in the pens along with there mums. Next we walked along the cattle sheds watching some of the cattle showing events along the way. In the pens were bulls, cows, and sheep. Many different breeds all shapes and sizes. It was great being so up close and personal with these magnificent creatures.

Heading towards the back part of the penning system there were many different breeds of sheep and goats. Next stop was the lama, these had been brought in from mid wales trekking lama. There were 3 baby ones which were very cute. The larger lama came across as fearless as a large lorry thundered passed the wandered over to take a closer look.

After visiting the lama we headed over to watch the activity in the pig arena. Here a pink sow was not happy as she tried to escape the arena.Even with the way she behaved she still won the 2nd place in the event.

We then headed towards the main arena. We sat in the stands firstly watching the working hunter jumping competition.

Next on was the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery. WOW what a performance. 70 + horses came into the arena teams of 6 pulling old cannons. The did a fantastic display ending there performance with the cannon`s blasting around the showground with the huge bang. it was a good job there was no one in there way as they thundered out of the arena at full charge.

Bolddog Lings was next in the arena. Bloddog Links are a motorcycle freestyle display team. On there Honda motorcycles they sailed into the air from high lift off ramps onto the back of the Honda team articulated lorry which had a built in ramp on top of it. The young lads did a range of freestyle tricks as the sailed into the air at times only just managing to grab the bikes as the hit the lorry ramp. It was a spectacular display by this professional team of young men.

It was the shows 120th Anniversary. the guest`s at the show included the shows president David Bellamy and Jean-Christophe Novelli.

After a look around the stalls we headed back to the arena to watch the Devils Horsemen in action there show was an re-enactment of the Wild West. With guns firing we watched as there fine horsemen did vaulting stunts. They were fantastic showing such wonderful riding stunts. There was even a stage coach high jack by the Mexican wild wets rebels. I have seen these perform before, the quality of there performance was spectacular.
We then headed to have another look around visiting many stalls on the way. Aaron found a curry tasting stall. he kept going back for more. he loves his different curries. I ended up buying him 3 tubs. We also bought wooden bird whistles these were great fun.

The axe men were are next stop along with the petting zoo. Here you got to look at many different pet animals. In the reptile tent Able to handle a python snake. We also looked at the other replies which included tarantula spiders, lizards and beaded dragons.
Moving on we visited the birds of pray. Here you got up close again to the birds which included eagles, Harris hawk and a red kite. These did a display in the arena also which were privileged to watch. The bird Tika the Harris hawk used in the display was allowed to fly free during the display to perform her skills. At one point Tika went missing from the Sky's and caused some concern as she failed to appear for a good five minutes. Eventually the highly skilled bird came flying back into the arena. To every ones relief.

Billy and Aaron headed off back into the stands to take their place`s for the next arena event which was the chariot racing. I went down the front to get some pictures of the horses. Again this was another fabulous show. Teams of two horses pulled the chariots a race was then held. It was great watching the show we all really enjoyed them. Whilst Billy kept our seats fro the next event , Aaron & I headed off to look for Titan the robot.

Well we found Titan alright or more to the point he found us. The 8ft Plus robot made a beeline right for us. I grabbed Aaron`s arm and ran for it. It not much fun getting chased by a 8ft robot from the film terminator. I ran and stopped. Turning slowly around I looked up to see this 8ft monster towering over us. It started to laugh and then is said " I get them every time asta la vista baby" still laughing. Aaron by this time was in heaps of laughter at me the shear look of terror on my face. I met a mum from Hope House hospice, she was with her daughter whom is in a wheelchair. She commented on how scary it looks. Titan certainly is a fabulous creation even though when he comes storming over to you he is very frightening. We watched Titan for quite some time. People ran all over the place away from him as he came towards them.
Also at the show were Morris dancers, belly dancer and a vintage classic car show. It was nice to see the proper old classic cars on display, not some of the old piles of made up scrape you sometimes are unfortunate to see.

Soon we headed back to the stands to watch the kings troop performance for the last time. Again it was another great display.
We then had a finale wander around before sitting on the grass to watch the 2nd performance by the Bolddog Lings. During this performance one of the young stars took a tumble off the ramp. He managed to get to his feet but was unable to take part in the rest of the show due to being injured.

Next on was the Ridgeside Lurcher Display. Here we watched the working dog display there skills at chase and retrieve. It was a great show. We were all completely knackered.
After this we headed home stopping to pick up a KFC on the way .
What a wonderful day out we had.
more pictures are available on the blog above and also on photo bucket on line photo albums links on the blog.
Sunday - day of rest We wandered around the local car boots including an afternoon one in Guilsfiled. We picked up some fab items. Aaron went to his friend`s house for the afternoon. We had a coffee with Darren and Cheryl before heading off. they live in a lovely house overlooking Llangedwyn. It is a lovely spot to chill for a while with a coffee. Darren brought Aaron home later with his sons. Another fab weekend roll on summer hols.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Llangedwyn Water Fight June 09

What a fantastic time we all had. It was the annual Llangedwyn School water fight. We all ended up soaked to the skin. The kids started the fight then school staff joined in and then the parents. The children from Llanffylin High School arrived. It was great fun. Aaron had a super soaker along with some of the other kids. I managed to get my hands on one lucky giving as good as I got. Marja soaked Billy, so Billy chased her across the field she got a real soaking. Mr P and Mrs A were chased around the field by a gang of kids. We all had a great time. I made up some water bombs at home. Hiding them for a while then sneaking them out bombing the kids until they found out were they were hidden. They then bombed myself and the teachers with the bombs.
After wards the after school kids had a lovely cup of hot cocoa to warm them up again.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pets On Prade Shropshire Star 20th June 09

Pets on Parade was held this week at Llangedwyn School. Pupils were united with there pets for a special sharing assembly. Aaron took in Fred our dog and Bart our pet rat.
He was pictured in the Shropshire Star Newspaper on Saturday 20th June with his beloved pet Bart ( sitting on his head ). Above is the cutting from the Newspaper.
To view full size cutting right click mouse and open link.

Football Tournament Ysgol Pennant June 09

This weekend saw us all supporting Llangdwyn Utd. Aaron was captain of the school football team playing in a tournament at Ysgol Pennant Penybontfawr.
The team didn`t reach the final but most of the boys had great fun playing the game they all love FOOTBALL.
Ryhs, Aaron`s friend stayed over on Friday night. At 6am in the morning all we could hear was the clip clop of football boots around the house. The boys were eager. After picking up Jake we headed off to the tournament.
We set up camp by the side of the pitch which included a picnic. The children set off for a practice and team talk.
Above are some of the photographs taken during there games.
Thanks to James and Darren for supporting the boys and managing the teams for the tournament.
We all had a wonderful day out.
Sunday - Happy Fathers Day to Billy. Aaron made him some lovely cards including one all about Everton FC. We took Billy out for some lunch to celebrate the day. Afterwards crashing out in front of the TV for the evening. It had been a long day Saturday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daniel & Callum Remembered On Snowflake Day

The photographs above Daniel age 10 yrs & Baby Callum, the boys remembered on Snowflake day.
Please read below : -

Summer Snowflakes @ Hope House June 09

Summer Snowflakes is a day held at Hope House Children`s Hospice for children that have died in Mid Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire.
Today the family and Friends of the children were invited to attended this special day of memories.
Special songs, poems and reading rang out in memory of these special children. Many tears were shed. Daniel`s and Callum`s names were read out during the service along with Matthew, Gaynors young son.
Callum is always included now with the hospice. Baby Callum is my baby son whom died after 4 1/2 hrs 0f life due to placenta eruption in 1996. This happened when a seat belt tightened around my bump at 36 weeks pregnant when the brakes were slammed on the car in temper, when I lost my way on a map down country lanes in South Wales.
During the day. Some of the carers told us story`s of there times with Daniel when he stayed at the hospice. Recently a few of them were chatting in the dining room about Daniel, they went on to say a picture with no - one near it flew off the wall, as they chatted about him. We no he is defiantly about you can feel him at times around you and he is always up to mischief
Balloons were set off in memory of all the children, we all wrote tags out that were attached to the balloons. Music was played as we released hundreds of balloons all together into the Sky's over Hope House Children`s Hospice.
During the day we received so many hugs off all our friends at the hospice. The staff have been there for Aaron and I for a very long time now. They were even present on New Years Eve 2007 , when our precious Daniel died. They continue to support us to this present day.
Daniel`s death has devastated everyone whom truly loved our precious boy, he stole hearts all around Shropshire and Wales. Nothing could ever replace Daniel. He was such a special boy making everyone love him with his cheeky naughty ways. He was a highly intelligent child despite his disabilities, he was able to communicate via sign language and walk using aids or even holding hands. He mastered his wheelchair really well moving around un aided even able to take the brakes on and off on his own. He was also able to ride his bicycle un aided and ride a horse with just side walkers on stand by in case his slipped. A child in a zillion with a personality to match.
The down side of his life was apparent from people whom have no morals he was even referred to as a black cloud at one point. I still have the print off to this day of the vile comments made by the scum that walk the earth. To certain people he was a hassle.
To his family and all whom loved and cared for Daniel, he was the most unique, comical, well loved little boy you could ever meet. We were proud to have him as a part of our family. His memory will live on forever.
Daniel lived life to the full and I am so glad I put all my time and efforts into helping him achieve so much during his short life. Both Aaron and I can move forward with our life with no regrets. We did all we could to help Daniel throughout his life and can live happily and content knowing this. We just wish he was here now so we could carry on caring for him.
To learn more about Daniel please visit - a web site dedicated to such a wonderful child

Above this blog are photographs of both the boys

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cycle Ride Up The Mountain & Top Gear Telly

Yet another beautiful sunny day took us for a walk over the Berwyn Mountains Mid Wales. We walked the paths taking a picnic with us for lunch. Aaron took his mountain bike, as the paths are very safe for him to ride on with no cars being around.

We walked through the wooded area heading towards the stream and the mini waterfall. First stop was to wait for Fred to climb back out of the stream. He was very wet and mucky by the time he had finished wallowing in the mud.

High up on the top of the mountains the views of Bala, Snowdonia and beyond were fabolous.
Aaron really enjoyed cycling. Fred also enjoying chasing him along. Now and then Fred would stop and have a roll about in the mucky dust that lined the path ways.

When we got Hungary we all stopped to eat our home made picnic. We sat in a wooded area and settled down to eat our picnic. Ham and cheese sandwiches, cake, biscuits crackers and a bottle of juice to wash it down.

We all had a wonderful walk in open countryside with plenty of fresh mountain air to breath. Pictured above are my boys. Aaron a very happy, fun loving, fit & healthy 10 yr old and my handsome Billy who has all his own teeth, sparkling eyes and a wonderful smile.
Many people comment on how well and happy we all look. They ask what the secret is ? The answer is simple when you are around people that truly love, cherish and care for you and you can trust them a billion %, it shows in your health and your looks the answer is as simple as that.

We headed home near Tea - time, we all settled down in front of the TV and watched Top Gear. We had such a laugh watching the top gear team heading off for a camping weekend in Dorset. After causing mayhem on the roads they eventually ended up accidentally setting the caravan on fire along with the tent and caravan next door to it. It was such a funny episode. What a way to end the day.

Shrewsbury On A Sunny Saturday VW Show June 09

A beautiful sunny day saw the family heading to Shrewsbury. As a treat we had a McDonald's breakfast, we don't eat these all the time as there not good for a child`s health. Aaron is a very active swimmer and footballer so always has a proper nutritional diet. Being a proud mum he is well looked after and fed well.
it was the annual Shrewsbury VW show. We had a look around but with it being so hot we didn't stay long. Heading home as poor Fred our dog was starting to boil. Nana was also hot and bothered. Tired out we chilled out. In the evening we had a family stroll in the evening sun along the lanes near our home.

Scouts Summer Barbecue June O9

A beautiful summer evening took us to the annual barbecue at the Wynnstay Hotel in Llanrhaeadr surrounded by the beautiful Tanant Valley views.
Here is a link to the hotel web site
This evening the annual area scout barbecue was being held.
We sat in the beer garden along with the other mums and dads who`s children go to the area scout troop.
Aaron really enjoys the scouts and has earned a few badges with other badges already in the pipe line. He learns allot at scouts including survival skills which is very useful. Aaron is in the area scout group but also has links with the Ellesmere Troop due to a good friend of ours being the scout leader there.
There were many faces from school at the barbecue plus many old faces I have known for a long time but havent seen it was lovely catching up on all the gossip.
The children played during the evening and the barbecue food was delicious. We had a lovely time. Billy made many new friends and is a proud dad to our lovely boy Aaron. Lots of people commented on how they get on and many a friend says -
"Any man can be a father but it takes a special man to be a dad" Billy sure is a special dad to Aaron.
Here is a link to the official scout web site -

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Lost Dog June 09

A springer spaniel was found wandering on the road outside our home. we brought him in an gave him some food and water. His eyes were glazed but apart from that he looked fit and healthy.
I rang around the local farms, vets and the police to report a dog had been found. We had him with us for most of the day Fred our cocker spaniel pictured below was extremely jealous and growled most of the day.
We later found out the springer was on holiday in the area and he escaped from the garden of a local house. The cocker was called hook and was 12 yrs old nearly blind and deaf. He was a lovely dog and came to a house he new he would be safe at till he was reunited with his frantic owner.

Daniel`s Oak Tree June 09

I am please to say the little oak tree that was planted last October 2008 by Llangedwyn School in memory of Daniel is growing well. This is a lasting living tribute to our wonderful brave soldier who is missed so very much.

This tree is an apple tree that was planted when Daniel was a baby in his first year of life. The tree has been grown from a seed. It is now over 11 yrs old. the tree no produces apples and blooms with blossom during the summer months.

Both these tree a wonderful living tributes to such a precious boy who sadly lost his life on New Years Eve 2007

Rainey Weekend & Pro-Active Adventure June 09

It was a very wet weekend here in wales. This weekend we took a trip to the shops, then caught up on a few jobs around our house. We love owning our own home as money is never wasted paying hundreds of pounds of rent out month after month on a house that will never be yours. The house has been decorated from top to bottom over the last few years and is very cosy and comfortable to live in. We all adore living in the beautiful countryside with views of the Tanant Valley to die for. Home surly is where the heart is.
After doing our chores we chilled out and watched a couple of movies. It was a relaxing weekend as Aaron was off on a school trip on the Monday for a few days. All the children from KS2 went on a pro active adventure. They visited Tyn Dwr Llangollen Activity Centre. Click here for web link. . The children went canoeing, rock climbing, team building, gorge walking, orienteering and BMXing. They were away for a few days on the trip. Aaron intends to write his own blog entry about the trip at a later date.