Friday, December 29, 2017

Daniel Its Been 10 Years ... Christmas At Clwyd Special Riding Centre

Daniel its been 10 years since you left us this New Years eve. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. We had the most incredible journey over the 10 years having you in our lives. The last few where the best, us jet setting off to different countries we had just started to live. 
Lapland was so much fun, I still giggle at the thought of you having a tantrum after we had to get off the snow mobile. It was - 15 you lay on the floor in the snow having a paddy.  We soon took your mind off it finding the reindeer rides and the dog sleigh. Stopping off here and there to go and get a warm in the wooden hut with hot chocolate and marsh mellows. It was a magical time. 
Also our trip to Paris to see all your favourites. Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse and on the fabulous rides. 
Taking you to the greek Island Zante I never thought that would be our last trip away. How you shuffled to the swimming pool even though it felt cold as soon as we where in it warmed up. Going on the boat trip, Aaron swimming in the sea with the fish, you being carried off the boat onto the ship wreak beach. What fun we had. Who would have thought within a few short weeks of coming home you would end up critically ill and lose your life. 
 You loved going on the plane, I loved taking you. I can treasure the memories we had those finals couple of years together. Your bucket list may have had a mass of things left on it, still even so you experienced many things I had put on it. Its a strange feeling cause as we still go though the bucket list still ticking things off I still feel you near experiencing them with me. 
It was less than a week after your final ride on Homer that you started to fall ill. I visited the centre recently and saw all of your old friends the horses and your helpers. There where many hugs and tears from Gerry, Diane and Felicity who all remember you fondly. Your character still shines through you made a lasting impression with your sheer determination to ride that horse without any help. You did it too born to ride. Who needed legs when you had a horse to carry you.
You will always be in our hearts, our thoughts and with us dreams. You where an amazing little boy who lived your short life to the full.  I can remember you with fondness, I never let you down or betrayed your memory and never begrudged you life cause you where different. We fought right to the end together you, me and Aaron. You will be Loved and Missed always my angel. xxxx

We always visit the riding centre at Christmas time. This was one of our Daniel`s favourite places. I have such fond memories of the years Daniel spent riding his beloved ponies Teddy and Homer. Daniel would turn into someone different when he went riding. He became vocal shouting Teddy`s name he would shout Hiya Teddy when the little dun pony entered the Arena, as he got older he was introduced to Homer whom he did hypnotherapy on. Homer was a gypsy cob whom had been ill treated in the past having a head collar on which had grown into  his face. Homer had scars left by the head collar despite his past ill treatment he was such a lovely pony.
Both Homer and Teddy have since passed over rainbow bridge. I can just visualise Daniel aboard his lovely ponies riding amongst the stars. 
Going to the centre still brings tears to my eyes but now most of the time I can look around and think of all the wonderful times we had there. 

The Hall At Abbey-Cwm-Hir

Abbey-Cwm-Hir sits in the valley nr Llandrindod Wells Powys Mid Wales. This is a place where style meet beauty. I have to say it is one of the most amazing places I have every seen especially at Christmas. I found this place just enchanting.
The tour takes you back in time, this house is a beautiful family home, within a setting of breath taking beauty, history and romance. 
The hall is set over 12 acres and overlooks St Marys church and the ruins of the 12th century Cistercian " Abbey of the Long Valley" containing the monks pond and the grave of Llewellyn the last.
The hall art Abbey-Cwm-Hir is grade 11 listed as one of Wales finest examples of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture. Built in 1834 by Tomas Wilson the great Victorian improver, the house was doubled in size by the Philips family in 1869 who then added the snooker room in 1894. The architects were Poundley and Walker of Liverpool.
Paul and Victoria Humpherston bought the Hall in the late 1997 and spent 10 years restoring it to a building of Gothic Victorian splendour. Each of the 52 rooms contain original features, this includes 14 marble fireplaces all of different designs. Rococo ceilings, gothic windows, wooden shutters, bell pulls and window catches all of this are individually designed. The house also has stained glass ceilings above the snooker room and main staircase. An entrance all also has the original Maw & Co tiled floor and outstanding decorative plasterwork.

The house is full of spectacular interior designs ideas such as hand painted imagines on existing wall paper. Bathrooms themed with trains, castles and the 1930`s. Bedrooms have been themed all differently such as school days, the seaside and transport. 
There is just so much to see all around you. The furniture and ornaments are amazing. The whole place is just a sea of wonderful things to loom at. 

Abbey-Cwm-Hir is a must to visit I can not recommend a visit here enough. Its defiantly a 10 out of 10. Amazing beautiful. enchanting and inspirational.   Each room was decorated at Christmas with unique designed Christmas Trees. 
Truly amazing. 

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Booking is essential for a tour   Highly recommended.