Saturday, May 29, 2010

Acorss The Cynllaith ( Trefonen Hill Walk Weekend ) For Charity

What a day rain rain go away. Today was the charity walk for two charities. The North Shropshire Special Olympics ( a sports club for people with learning difficulties ) & Dolen Ffermino ( farming link ) ( a locally based farming charity working In Uganda ).
The walk was either 16 miles or optional 10 miles.

We left Trefonen village hall after signing in and been given our numbers. With wet gear on and Fred on his lead we followed the map and the markers our of the village to high up on the hills.

Passing through farmland, across lanes, open countryside and wooded areas we headed up the the top of Mynydd Myfyr.

Two orbs in this photo travelled with

We saw many animals on our travels. These little guys were gorgeous and very friendly.

There were many people on the walks along with lots of dogs. Fred our cocker spaniels was having a wonderful time.

It poured down most of the time, both Aaron and I were soaked.

We stopped off at a check point for a cup of juice before dropping down into Llanslin. We past Ty Coed, this is the place were I used to keep my Shire Horse Diamond for many years

Walking down School Lane, we crossed back over into the fields walking parallel with the River Cynllaith. Aaron had a good time messing in the river. Above is the Cynallaith the part were you walk into Wales from England.

We walked the route which took us into Llanslin to the Memorial Hall ( a familiar place were both Daniel and Aaron went to playgroup as babies ) We also met up with a few familiar faces here who were happy to see us. At the hall we signed in at the check point and got ourselves a cup of coffee and some biscuits.
it was here you could choose to go on up to The Gyrn Moelfre or omit it and carry on up to Moelydd.
We saw a good friend of mine here and she advised us to omit the Gryn due to the weather as it was very slippy up there cold, windy and wet. It was a 6 mile walk up the Gryn. We took her advice and took the shorter route.
Llanslin is the place were the film starring Hugh Grant was made ("The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill And Came Down A Mountain")

Next we headed off on the second part of the walk this part had some fantastic views. The walk took us up Moelydd

We pasted another check point at the top of this hill, we were also given a drink.

These photographs were taken at the top of Moelydd. By this point we were very wet. The compass view point at the top of here showed Liverpool to be a mere 40 mile away and Snowdon 44 miles.
If it had been a clear day you could have seen for miles.

We carryed on the trail which lead us down the trail back towards the village hall. At the Hall we signed in and we were awarded certifutes for completing the walk. The ladies of Trefonen also had made some lovely tasting Leek and Potatoe soup with bread rolls to warm us up.
We did the walk in 5 hrs 35mins. We really enjoyed it our walk even though we were soaked to the skin and well in need of a hot shower and change of clothes.
Hope you enjoy our lovely pictures, some of them are misty and rain droppy. what a great day even though right now we are totally shattered in need of a good sleep.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Green Dragonfly - Views of The Valley

Views Of The Valley


There are many of these beautiful little creatures down by the river. They are a metallic green in colour and fly so close. Settling on branches, leaves and stones you can take a real close look.
These have fascinated us for the last few days, we have stood about and sat down at watched them on their journey through life. In all the years living here I have never seen as many as there are at present.