Friday, August 1, 2014


Knightshayes is nestled close to the M5 motorway. Driving up the driveway you get the first glimpse of this Gothic in style property.
The car parks are a little steep and gravelly. Knightshayes is a busy place when you enter the courtyard, cobbles surround you which shows the age of the place your about to explore.
We walked back up the long winding driveway, stood before you stand a very beautiful house.
The house is the Gothic fantasy of William Burges. It certainly is a fantasy house with such unique designs and quirks around every corner. Walking around this property you can feel the dark inspiration around every corner, gargoyles, strange mythological creatures lead your way. 
Sadly no photography is allowed inside because the house has an extraordinary collection and eclectic interiors, which range from the old master to modern day fakery, some of these items still belong to the family today.
The house is very beautiful with designs created by a dark mind. Walking around I can only describe one of the bedrooms as Dracula`s den. I certainly would not have liked to stay here after dark. 
Leaving the house we went to explore the gardens to the back of the house. They were long with lawns as far as the eye could see. The gardens were sectioned off with pretty gardens, the lawns and wooded areas which attract wildlife. A very pretty place to sit and relax, a large conservatory overlooks some of the garden areas, here you can grab a coffee, sit and chill.
Simon was a bit uncomfortable so we headed to the larger tea room up inside the courtyard to grab a spot of lunch. Settling down it was here where I got the inspiration of writing a short piece called `The Lonely Lady` this is at present under the process of being sent of for publication so I am unable to publish it on my blogs at the moment, if I am aloud I will publish this lovely piece of writing on my other blog.
After lunch we headed to the kitchen gardens, entering the full length iron gate there before us was a life size scarecrow. He was made really well and gave me such a fright. The kitchen gardens are walled into a square area, at the gate you can buy flavours of the garden, lovely vegetable fresh and raw. There is also many potted plants for sale grown from seed taken from the expanding plots before you. We wandered slowly coming across a sectioned area were hens, duck and geese went about their daily business of relaxing in the summer sunshine. A beautiful kitchen garden which doesn't take long to explore. 
Time goes ever so quickly, it wasn't long before it was time to leave. Knightshayes is a place were you could spend many a day exploring the vast amount of land. There are many walks which take you for miles. Mapped out walks to enjoy taking you deep into the countryside to explore, discover and enjoy the wildlife that lives there. Knightshayes is very much recommended for a lovely family day out.  8 out of 10 knocking of 2 points for not being allowed to photograph inside. 

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