Sunday, October 30, 2011

Africa Tangier Morocco - The Culture Experience

This was a very interesting experience. We travelled across the Atlantic Ocean from Tarifa the most southern tip of Europe. Our destination via hoover craft was Tangier Morocco in the country of Africa. It was an adventure we will not forget in a hurry and a real culture experience for Aaron.
Reaching the port of Tangier the poverty within this country hit home very quickly. Armed guards maned the ports as men in their 20,s tried to escape over the border to get into Europe.
It was quite sad really.

During our time in Morocco we visited quite a few places.
Firstly we visited the caves of Hercules on the shores of the Atlantic. The cave was an amazing place with a lovely alcove looking out to the pounding waves of the ocean as it crashed against the rocks outside. Within the cave were little stalls were locals could sell their Worth's. The history of the cave goes back thousands of years but one recent tale was of Def Leppard the rock band using the cave for a concert and for a world record of playing in so many different countries in so many days.
Our next visit was a typical Moroccan experience. It was here Aaron got to ride on a camel totally fantastic. We also sat down to a typical Moroccan lunch of firstly vegetable soup then couscous with vegetables and lemon chicken. For afters we had Moroccan cookies. Washed down with red wine and water. It was lovely we even got to sit down around a typical Moroccan table.
We also were lucky enough to watch a typical traditional dress horsemanship display. The Arabian Fantasia show also showed us typical local entertainment including Belly dancing and local music. It was a truly wonderful experience of a very different culture.
Another trip took us to the town. We had a tour through the Medina ( old part of the town ) and also the souk ( market ). The tour guide pointed out many places of history. It was fascinating. It was here though the poverty within the country became very clear. Beggars sat on steps within the streets asking for money. Also we were surrounded by street hawkers offering their wears for sale, practically begging us to buy something. It was quite upsetting and scary. I kept a close eye on my bag as did Simon.
All in all though it was a brilliant experience visiting Morocco it just shows how lucky we are in the UK to be able to access the things we need and life's luxuries. It was a wonderful experience for us all especially Aaron. Look out for our up and coming next adventures.

Gibraltar - A Little Piece Of Home > The Monkeys

We recently had a wonderful time visiting Gibraltar. Investigating the History of the Rock Of Gibraltar. The Rock is under British rule it is very strange crossing the boarder from Spain into a little piece of England !
Parking up near the Harbour which houses many boats of different forms from huge cruise ships in dock for the day to small sailing boats owned by the people on the Rock. Also in the harbour sit the beautiful cruise boats many worth thousands of pounds.
Gibraltar has its own currency very much like UK pounds and pence, whilst on the rock you can also use ££££ and euro`s.
During our stay on the Rock of Gibraltar we were lucky enough to visit many of the sights Gibraltar is famous for. A trip to the tax free shops was a must. As you walk through the ancient gateway ahead lies the old British telephone boxes and post boxes. These items are now even a rare sight within the UK.
Whist on the Rock we visited St Michael's Cave. The cave is fairly spectacular as you can see from the photo`s below. It is that big concerts are held within it ! A very beautiful cave with again beautiful rock formations.
A visit to the rock would never be complete without a visit to see the famous monkey`s. The monkey`s live at the top of the rock. We went on a tour to the top to complete are visit. You can get very close to these little guys some are friendly others are not. We were told a story of a Monkey a few days earlier who tore a woman's arm open after she teased it. Still to us these monkey`s were very lovely creatures if not a little cheeky.
During are visit we also had a tour of the Rock which saw some amazing views near and beyond.