Friday, February 8, 2013

Hurting All Over Fibromyalgia Help Yourself Naturally

This is a condition I have sadly been diagnosed with. Fibromyalgia is a condition which affects the the whole body. I have a multitude of symptoms which affect me every day is different. There are many different ways this condition affects you.
What I find very hard is the pain stabbing pins in head also joints wrists ankles knees and hips sharp stabbing pains shooting through my body. Everywhere aches at times sometimes leaving me exhausted.
Another thing about this illness I hate is the over whelming tiredness being a busy lady this can be really irritating and inconvenient.
Despite my problems I battle on still working more or less full time between my paid jobs and self employment.
Anyway here are some facts and information on Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is an agonizing condition affecting up to a million Brits mostly women over 40. Suffers complain of chronic pain all over the body and the slight touch can cause shooting or stabbing sensations. Other symptoms include tiredness sleep problems irritable bowl depression anxiety  and other symptoms that appear without explanation as well as trouble making decisions and thinking clearly.
Some people don't understand as sometimes you can be OK one day yet flawed the next. Suffers look OK on the outside but inside they are fighting this chronic condition.
Often suffering traumatic experiences can trigger the condition. It is also linked to anxiety.
Its not understood what causes it but it could be a problem with how pain signals are sent to and from the brain.
Nobody knows what causes the agonizing condition but it can ruin lives.
There is no cure no blood tests scan or x ray to show what's wrong. This illness can wreck lives it is also thought to be a close cousin to the illness ME. The condition is very similar but with negative tests.
Fibromyalgia is diagnosed after chronic pain us felt on left or right side of the body for 3 months. The pains are below and below the waist and normally in the joint areas.
Some doctors use the tender point test. They press 18 different points known to cause pain in those with Fibromyalgia.

Doctors may offer pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs as well as antidepressants but there are alternative ways to soothe symptoms.
Avoid proceed food alcohol wheat sugar and dairy. Experiment with cutting out a group of foods called nightshades these are tomatoes aubergines peppers cayenne paprika and potatoes. Do not eat for a month and then have a nightshade feast and see what happens. This will rules out if anything is helping to cause your condition.
Check your levels if vitamin D. This can be low in people with Fibromyalgia  Some people improve if they take supplements. Ask your doctor to check your levels.

Bio feedback is an alternative therapy that uses technology to help control pain with the power of the mind.
You're attached to sensors whose lights and beeps reveal reveal how tense your muscles are and how fast your breathing and heart rate is going. The idea is to learn to slow the lights and noises down with relaxation techniques. This can ease your pain and symptoms.

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine which always looks at the whole person. No two people will receive the same method of acupuncture as we are all different. Acupuncture comes our well in research.
Melatonin is a hormone in your body that helps you  sleep. Fibromyalgia sufferers may have low levels of this hormone. Sometimes taking melatonin tablets not only help sleep problems but they also ease pain and depression.
Web site  for more information on this condition.

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