Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Just spectacular the Tower Ballroom. This is a must if you visit Blackpool. Brought back to life after a fire in the 1950`s. The ballroom was restored to perfection after the fire with the help of many of a man whom came out of retirement to help restore the ballroom to its original state.
We sat in the ballroom quite a few time heading there whenever we felt like a coffee.
We enjoyed sitting and just watching the Dancing, it was quite fascinating to watch. The ballroom was just out of this world. We witnessed a couple of organs playing whilst there. A brown free standing one and also the unique white organ which raises from the stage floor. Once the white organ has finished its stint it then submerges back under the stage.
I remember my dad telling me about the times he used to dance in the tower ballroom in his younger days. My dad was a keen dancer. The also dancer at the Tower in New Brighton many years ago sadly the New Brighton Tower was destroyed by fire before I was born.
Blackpool Tower is very much recommended if you can dance or not just sitting and relaxing within the surroundings is just bliss. Below are some of the photographs.

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