Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Game Of Thrones - Iceland Blog 3

Below is  the most beautiful place I have ever seen on our travels. Its the place where the Hound & Arya Stark from The Game Of Thrones fight and she is knocked out my the Hound. It was spectacular. The snow had fallen and the light starting to fade. It was stunning. We where out in the 4x4 coach bit trying to get back up the bank it got stuck. After much quite some time and many attempts the driver managed to get up the bank to the cheers of everyone. I must admit we where all buzzing it was one of the best days out I have ever had.  We had a fantastic time in Iceland, I love this country. My advice is defiantly put it on your bucket list its a must see before you die. Magical ... the day was rounded off with the trip the the stables to see the Icelandic ponies again. They all run into the barn and wandered about us.  Fantastic Iceland