Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Little Bird

This little bird came to visit us at Portmerion. He was a friendly little sole, sang us a beautiful little song.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fab Weekend @ Haven -- Greenaches March 2011

Recently we stayed at Greenaches Black Rock nr Portmadog North Wales.

These photo1s were taken on the park and at Black Rock Sands.

We had a lovely time on the beach at sunset. Some of the photo,s taken here are my favourites.

Both Aaron and Simon had a good time playing ball I joined in too !!!

Both the boys had a good time as you can see. We played pool and air hockey.

Sunset beach.

We watched a few shows in the show bar. Including a band from Liverpool called Too The Max. These sang a range of songs spreading across the decades 70,s 80,s & 90,s to date.

There was a comedian on one night whom had us in stitches. I have never seen us laugh so much in a long time. Aaron and I also went swimming whilst Simon sat at pool side. He was allowed in due to his recent cancer operation.

Snowdonia - Betws-y-coed

Below are photographs from a recent trip we have taken in and around the Snowdonia mountain range in North Wales. Driving through Snowdonia we stopped to take in the views. Aaron skimmed stones on the big lake. Continuing our journey we headed along the A5. On this route you can stop and take a look at the ugly house. The Ugly house is a little stone house very strange and eerie to look at. Next stop was Betws- y -coed. Here we saw the bikes, trains and had a well earned cuppa and ice cream. The boys enjoyed playing football on the green.

It was the first time we have been back to the little trains of Wales since Daniel died. He loved a day out to visit the trains. Today we smiled as we remembered the joy these trains gave to his life. Previously it has been to painful to visit. After recent happening in and around the house I no he is with us in spirit and wants us to be happy when we remember him.

later in the day we visited Betws y coed it has been a long time since we visited here.Simon being a keen biker looked around the bikes with me. There was a fantastic Harley all done in crome with skulls randomly placed.

beautiful Snowdonia

Jorden look alike Mr big Boobs