Thursday, September 18, 2014

Welcome To The Fold : The Lucky Six

forever home the lucky six 
This week we have welcomed 6 new very lucky little ladies into our lives please meet 
Lucky, Magic, Heaven, Star, Twinkle & Sunshine. 
Sadly we lost 4 of our girls due to old age during the summer. 
These new girls have been saved from a fate most chickens go to in the end the dinner table. 
These are the lucky 6 that have found a forever home. Bless our little angles. 
They are all developing characters already Lucky and Magic love mummy cuddles the rest are a bit unsure. Bless them these are very lucky little ladies. They are settling in well.

Journey Complete 
our forever home 

bit confused 

where the heck are we

Lucky the chicken one of the lucky six

Buster checking out his new brood

new kids on the block
Suzie Chicken looking a bit confused where have they come from ?

Checking the new girl out Suzie Chicken ( the white one )
The Heavy Mob  : Join our gang of the naughty chicken

Our New Home 
In Shock  :  The Great Escape 
Is It Dinner Time Already 
Just Arrived  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Black Sheep In The Mist : Chirk Castle

The medieval sheep are always worth a look when visiting the castle its not often you come across black sheep theses days the white variety seem far more popular. These little fellows were near the car park giving us a fantastic opportunity to take some pictures. I was unfortunate not to have my zoom lens with me so this blog was done entirely on my phone which isn't bad I find the camera on the galaxy really good. As we browsed our photograph whilst having lunch we spotted something a little strange. I zoomed out on a couple to take a view of the rolling mist in the field. It was a morning were the mist had come down leaving a spooky feeling as we drove up the long driveway. The mist did have a magical effect on the surrounding of the castle I must admit. On the two photographs below taken in more of a panoramic  view, were the low  mist lurks in the background, there is a strange fluffy cloud towards the bottom of the photograph. If you can blow it up to take a closer look. I wonder what you can see, its amazing how the tricks of a lens can play tricks on the mind. 

look closely at the cloudy blob at front of the photo. Creepy and its spooky

This is one of the photographs that has caused a bit of a stir, take a look at the front which aberration look closely

Sunshine Through The Mist : Chirk Castle

Stunning surrounding there is never a dull moment walking through the castle rooms. Each visits tells a different story with different views from the camera. Chirk Castle offers one of the best days out in our area. A great place to explore with fantastic views and wonderful walks. We just love to visit. From a misty start the day turned out to be warm and sunny whatever the weather you will have fun.

Indian Summer Views : Chirk Castle

The Garden`s are lovely this time of the years. Pretty Pictures Below.