Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Chirk Castle Good Friday 09

Today we headed to Chirk Castle. A good fun family day out. The National Trust run Easter Egg Trails for information click here

For quite a few years we have been National Trust members. Being a member is well worth it as your no only helping to conserve the many historical building thought out Great Britain you also get to visit whenever you like so your days out to National Trust properties and events are payed for in advance.

We picked up the trail form for Aaron and headed for the gardens were the trail was to be held. The task was to find the lambs names which were hidden all around the gardens. The first letter of the names of the lambs spelt out a word which was Easter related. Aaron did very well finding them all along with Billy who entered his second childhood joining in the fun. Chirk Castle gardens are spectacular and maintained very well. The views across the Shropshire plane are also breath taking.

After finishing the trail we headed inside the castle. The castle and it contents are very interesting and we strolled around for a while taking in the antiques on display. Reading the descriptions of each room carefully. Aaron and Billy are very interested in history. Aaron enjoys reading horrible history books.

We headed back to the car collecting Fred. We took Fred for a walk around the grounds. We stopped for a while to watch the black sheep with their black lambs settled in a paddock close to the castle.

Again another lovely day out.

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