Wednesday, December 23, 2009

River Walk - Castel Sant Angelo - Ice Skating Ice Angel

Each day we set out routes so we missed out on nothing during our trip. Today`s trip took us on a river walk. Along the way we came across many extra`s. We firstly took a bus from the main bus station across the river. Walking along the river front we headed for St Angelo Castle.

Pictured below you can see the castle in the background.

Saint Micheal Angelo is my favourite Arch Angel.

Again the castle was not a disappointment. We wandered around, some parts you were not allowed to take photographs but overall you were allowed to take as many pictures you like which was brilliant. We came home with least 1200 photographs plus a memory card on my new digital camera full. Hopefully I will have these linked to you tube in the near future to add to the blog.

At the top of the tower again the views were brilliant over Rome. the sun shone down on us to make it even more of a nice day.

Above are the statues of Sant Angelo.

Moving on we came across a small winter fair. There was also a magical Ice Angel ice rink. Aaron had a go at ice skating. The Italian staff had him skating in no time. He had a wonderful time. It was very magical with Sant Angelo castle in the background. We were here for some time, before moving on.

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