Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Angel Dreams

My Angels guard us everyday. 
Loved ones are never far away when you have memories.

Posy Ivy

In just had to share this picture I saw today in  national newspaper.
It just show how bad this leafy plant can be.
This photo was taken in a little village called Huagang in Chengdu China.
Previous to removal cops had tryed but failed to remove the sticky vine.
What is underneath this huge pile of florage you may ask.
In reality under all that ivy is a blue van. The was finally towed away after it was abandoned for over a year.
The vehicle has been dubbed the Zombie Car on twitter. It seems ti have been leaf for dead on the side of the street.
Police managed to trace the owner Wang Ping. On finding him he told the officials he had sold the van to a mystery buyer.
Well if this guy was trying to avoid a parking fine he was certainly parking up the wong tree.
Just goes to show u can hide anything under posion ivy.

Halloween Coming Soon

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wild Windy Woods

The woods are wild this morning, as the wind moves in from the south.
The whistling goes stronger as the trees wave laden with leaves.
The glistening Autumn sun peaks through at times.
Which turns the area so pretty with l golden brown.
But as the storm front deepens the blackness starts to surround.
Deep within the wooded land the trees blow to and fro.
Branches crack crashing to the ground as the wind whistles across the land.
Shivering in soaking rain I watch the Sky's ahead.
The tree top bending over as the wind tears it to shreds.
A crack a groan and hellish sound as the roots come out of the ground.
The forward topple of the tree as it hits the rain soaked ground.
The wind grows even stronger as the rain just lashes down.
How strong is something we cant see as it whistles round and round.
Hiding under a tree truck I try to shelter there.
But where ever I try to hide wind sweeps in for me.
I battle through the wind and rain to reach a sunny place.
Finally I find my shelter deep between the trees.
My house I find still standing as the wind still gusts around.
Inside is my sunshine at last I have found.
Curled up by the fire I listen to creaks and growl.
The wild wind still blows around.
Windy wood still battles on
As the storm rages to a peak I hear the final groans.
But soon the wild wood will mellow as the wind dies down.
Whats left is broken branches and a tree that failed to stand.
At last the storm is over and the wild wood at last is still.


Halloween is a favourite time of the year for me. Ghost ghouls witches and spooks. Ever since a child I have always been interested in supernatural, witches, fairytale and fantasy of all kinds. Its magical mystical and wonderful to dream of fantasy creature such as elves fairy s. More to the spooky side ghosts and ghouls. I do believe of ghostly aberrations  having witnessed things in the past. I have always been able to smell death. When entering a house or a place I can always tell if its good or bad. Its hard to enter a place where your not feeling comfortable. I have predicted things in the past. I new of death before it took place on more than one occasions. Visited by spirit. I would never believe if it had not of happened to me. I described situation only to be asked by professional ladies how do you now that. Because I saw it I felt it I just new. I have been told on more than one occasion by different gypsy ladies I have a gift but I have never developed that gift as I am to scared what I may find. Halloween is a time when I think of the supernatural and wonder. Its a fantastic time for kids for fun laughter and games but we must not forget the reasons behind All saints eve.

Formula 1 & MotoGP Race Day

Its a cold and windy Sunday the clock my have gone back but where still up early to watch the F 1  Formula 1 racing. Today's race was the Indian meet.
Today the 27th October we watched as Sebation Vettle become the World Champion for the 4th time.World Champion for 2013. Well done to him.
It was also his 6th win of the season. We have followed it closely this season. We have seen some amazing pictures on facebook thanks to a lovely lady on facebook Emma Wilde. So jealous Emma at all the fun you have had following these guys from race to race. Going to some fantastic placs.
We have really enjoyed seeing all of Emma's  photographs and hearing her tales from behind the scenes of F1 racing.
I remember a few years ago Aaron and I were lucky enough to bump into Jensen Button at the NEC in Birmingham.
The race was not without incident Vettle was out of his car at the end kissing the red bull, but not before spinning the car doing doughnuts filling the air with clouds of burning rubber.
India have defiantly been good hosts sadly racing will not be back there till 2015.

The after that was the MotoGP all in all a fab day of motor sport at Penybont Stores. The wind may howl the rain my fall but that never stops us having fun. 

JORGE Lorenzo won today's Japan Grand Prix ahead of Marc Marquez, ensuring that the MotoGP world championship battle will go down to the final race of the season.
Yamaha rider Lorenzo started from pole position and staged an impeccable display to outperform championship leader Marquez on a Honda after a spectacular duel.
Third was Dani Pedrosa, also on a Honda.
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Sit In Heaven And Watch You

Jack & Catherine`s Wedding 5/10/13

The Magical Fairytale Wedding 
Miss Catherine Roche & Mr Jack Buckley 
On Saturday 5th Octbober 2013

The End