Thursday, December 29, 2011

Harry Tuffins

This little might as been at Tuffins for years  

Above & Below  a gorgeous black swan
this goat fancied Simon it would not take its eyes off him 

the kids at school 

Aaron having a munch 

Gosh you taste nice 

Nana Dotty + Nana Buckley  they have just had their tea !
Recently we took a trip to the car boot and market at Harry Tuffins Churchstoke. We had a wander around buying a few odds and ends. I was amazed how much the place had changed. 
Simon was purchasing some game`s for Aaron from the car boot. 
Whilst he was doing this Aaron and I headed to look at the animal's. They were lovely so very friendly. We wandered amongst the pens. The pigs were lovely especially the little one who had escaped it pen and was munching away on the grass verge. 
Simon came to join us so we took a second look. After our wander around we headed into the cafe. Here we had a cuppa. The next stop was a trip around the store. It was a lovely morning out, we will have to visit again soon.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dave The Rave + The Mankini

Boxing Day saw Daniel`s family aid Dave the Rave doing a Charity run on the animal his beloved trike. His dare was to wear a mankini. As you can see he did it riding from Welshpool to Newtown even stopping at Mc Donald`s drive through on route. 


Well these guys definatly have some b***s   dont they !

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Mr Jingles our Miniature Stallion enjoyed a butterscotch lick  

The old Oak with a Face
Christmas time in the valley our Christmas walk

Above  a walk on the wild side

Baby Harrison

Bonnie the Rat

Reggie the Dog

Fred got a bone for Christmas 
Jake got a seed tower as his present 

Sooty the cat got catnip

A dog is for life not just for Christmas 

Boys Zone Mad !  @ nearly 82 yrs old

Bonnie the Rat got a seed Block 
Christmas has been a time of relaxing for us. We have enjoyed our time together. We all got presents we wanted, Aaron has had a wonderful few days playing with all the presents he go and my wasn`t he spoiled as always.
We all helped with Christmas dinner which was really nice. The house is being altered at the moment, so its in a bit of turmoil. But it will be worth it when its done. The house will eventually in a few weeks have it own self contained annex. This is just one phase we have planned the next phase will start next year, other alterations have already happened. I am so looking forward to next year y the end of it the house should be looking like a show house. We are very lucky as two of Simon`s son`s are builders`s, they are happy to help sort this house out, the past bad memories will be thankfully gone all except for Daniel  his presence will never be forgotten. 
We have all had a lovely Christmas. 
At this time I would like to wish all my family and wonderful friends a very Happy New Year. Simon, Aaron and I look forward to seeing you all when we get back next year. Happy Blogging for the year 2012 .  XXXX 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It`s Christmas !

It`s  Christmas 
There`s not a day that goes by when I don't think of you. There will never be a Christmas again in my life time that will ever be the same again. You loss is still so painful for us all.
As we can`t give you presents Aaron and I have decided to do something special for you. 
We have built you a website which will carry many links to help people like you. We have told the story of your big brother ( who you are now playing with in Heaven )  We have also included your special friends Matthew and Ayesha who are also up there with you. You are all properly having a great time partying with the Angles, but then again you all are our Angles.
We miss you everyday Daniel but I also no you are close by. You have ways of letting us no your around.
Your new web site is  @

Remember the site is still under construction !   We have also started to tell Story`s about you if you look to the right on the blog you will see a box named Our Angles. Our special memories of you will be shown on there they will include photographs never published before. Also on your new web site we will have a special page for your friends to share their own special memories of you. I have quite a few to list up to now. 
Your facebook group has grown we now have over 650 members. Thank you to everyone who has joined we are so happy Daniel has never been forgotten.  Here is the link     please feel free to join all welcome. 

Aaron has also received donations in your memory as he still would like to raise money in your memory for your beloved RDA ponies Teddy and Homer.
Anyway Daniel and Baby Callum both Aaron and I wish you a very Happy Christmas wherever you may be. We love and miss you both so very much. We hope your having fun partying with the Angels. God Bless our boys xxxx

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Romantic Christmas @ Powis Castle

Whilst Aaron was out with the army cadets recently serving Christmas lunches, Simon and I visited Powis Castle. It was so romantic especially being this time of year.
We were so lucky to witness the castles deer they were out in the paddocks adjoining the castle walls.
We sat for a while watching the deer grazing what was left of the winter grass.

Afterwards we went on a special Christmas tour of the Castle with a guide. The Castle was decorated as if it was a Victorian Christmas time. Absolutely wonderful.
We were told many story's from Victorian times. We were even taken to the maze of cellars beneath the castle were all the wines and beers were brewed on site. Simon and I really enjoyed it.
After the tour we headed off to the Castle tea room were we sat down to a lovely Christmas lunch.
We had such a romantic time. Later we went to pick up Aaron who had also had a wonderful time with his army pals and a free Christmas lunch. He looks so smart in his army uniform. He is so proud to be a young soldier. He spends hours polishing his boots and ironing his uniform to perfection.

Recently he also got his Shark level 2 in life saving. His interim report from school was fantastic 13 A,s and 1 B. Although he has had a rough time in his personal life of late he still did so very well. He has his own mind and will not be brought down by being bullied. Aaron can now speak in Welsh, French and Spanish. I am so very proud of him, I think his achievements deserve an extra special Christmas present this year.  Don't You !

Friday, December 9, 2011

Steel Panther / Motley Creu & DEF LEPPARD Live Rock Night

Recently we went to a wonderful rock concert, Def Leppard have been my hero`s since I was a teenager. They were the stars of the show on their mirror ball worldwide tour.

Another famous rock band was also on stage Motley Crue. These were brilliant too. Tommy Lee`s drum set did 360 degree`s an amazing set up. Tommy Lee on the Rotating Drums Roller Coaster Drum Set

Well what can I say about these guys well think Simon & I sat with our mouths open in shock at their behavior. But we also had a good giggle. They sure got your attention with their antics. Joe Elliots website down n outz

Joe Elliot was my idol as a teenager. I adored him. Joe Elliot is the lead singer of Def Leppard. To see my idol on stage after all these years was fab.

I loved this concert and spent most of it out of my seat dancing in the stairways to the songs I love Pour Some Sugar On Me, Rock Of Ages, Hysteria, Animal and many many more. What a fab night we had. LOVED IT !

above and below Joe Elliot in his younger days and above him now.

Also below are some of the photo,s from the concert !!!!!!