Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Is Coming

You can always tell when the first signs of spring is coming. Mr Jingles our miniature pony starts to shed his coat. Mr jingles is like a huge fluffy coated lamb throughout the winter. He loves to wallop in the muck giving his coat a lovely sheen of dried mud caked in in clumps in parts.
These picture are just like him fur flying everywhere.
The birds especially the crows sitting on his back picking out the dead fur as he casts and taking it to help make their nests ready for the spring chicks to hatch from their eggs.
Whenever you brush past our little miniature stallion you end up with fur clinging to your clothes.
Well this little man is in desperate need of a really good brush if there are any takers.
At this time I have to be really careful with him casting so bad as I am allergic. My eyes run and get itchy sneezing soon follows. Next stop is coughing spluttering and wheezing as my asthma kicks in.
I know have a shredding blade which works a treat.
Mr Jingles may have a negative effect on me at the moment but I would never change him for the world. He is the best and most well loved little pony on the planet.

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