Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whittington Castle & Ellesmere Walk April 09

Up and out on a bright Sunday morning, after visiting the car boots we headed to Whittington Castle.
Whittington Castle is one of the fortresses along the English and Welsh boarder. It was held by the Marcher Lords and was the base for defence against the Welsh throughout the 12th and 13th centuries, when it became the residence of the Fitzwarine family.
The castle has been in ruins for many years before being taken over by the Whittington Castle Preservation Trust.
The castle is being gradually renovated with the help of the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The grounds of the castle are looking well, with the moat filled with water a home for many species of water fowl.

After looking around and watching the living history actors we retired to the tea rooms for a cuppa and cake. Aaron bacon toasties and hot chocolate. Before leaving we had a look around the book shop and castle shop. Below is a link for more info on the castle.

Next stop was Ellesmere. Parking up at the Mere we got Fred out of the car and took him for a long walk around the lake. We stopped off at the park and had a play on the swings for a short while. Before continuing our walk.
Ellesmere has always been an important settlement ever since those clever ancient Britons found that the magnificent glacial Mere was an ideal place for some genuine rest and relaxation. A place for a spot of fishing, gentle boat rides and looking at the views and wildlife around the Mere.

The Mere is natural around 19 meters deep with a layer of clay and sandstone underneath. The Mere is a legacy created by the retreating ice age and subsequent melt water some 10,000 years ago (global warming). It is the largest of 9 meres and moses to be found in this landscape. Covering an area of about 70 football pitches.

We had a lovely walk around the lake apart from the mass of midgie flies that were around in there millions. Afterwards we relaxed with a cornet of ice cream as a treat. Below are some web site links to look at :-
Aaron's, Nana had a nice time at the Mere today remembering her childhood.
My mum, Aaron`s Nana, lived NR Ellesmere for a few years as a child. During the war she was evacuated as a child to the area. She lived in Bagley on a farm for quite a few years and returned to stay for a while in her teens. She has a few friends in the area that she is still in contacted with.

Rockabilly Weekend April 09

Friday afternoon we headed to farm and pet to get Jingle our pony some food then the car boot at Whittington on the way back home. Billy got some lovely books for Aaron at the boot sale Aaron was thrilled when he saw them. Nana and Fred our dog were with us too. We always go to this car boot when it is on. After a look around and a cup of coffee, we headed off to pick up Aaron from school.
He was doing tests today at school and didn't he do well OUTSTANDING. He reached an age of 15 yrs on one test alone coming well above average for his ten years of age. All the tests he reached well above his age level. WELL DONE AARON We are all very proud of you. xx

After dropping Aaron and Nana off at home, Billy and I got ready to go out for the evening.
We headed down firstly stopping at Daniel and Callum`s grave to put some birds on one for each boy.
We then headed to New Brighton Perch Fort Rock. Here we had a lovely tea of fish & chips sitting near the sea front. Below are some links for information about fort perch rock :-

Next stop was Liverpool. We parked the car up and headed to meet some of our friends. After meeting up we headed to watch a Rockabilly band in a local bikers pub. The pub was packed with people who had come to see the band. We chatted and rocked the night away. The band played from rockabilly to hard rock. Singing Ace of Spades to a T. The lads & lasses in the pub are a great crowd we always have a good time here. The manager of the pub is a keen biker and has a few bikes including a Harley Davidson with Nitrous Oxide on.

After a lovely evening out we headed home getting in just after midnight.

Here our some photographs of the bands plus a link to the group on my space.

Saturday saw us all chilling out. We headed to town in the morning to get some shopping. In the afternoon we chilled watching TV snuggled up with hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.
Aaron got his special treat in town a new DVD for doing so well in his tests.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daniel`s Birthday - 23rd April

Today would have been Daniel`s 12Th Birthday.
Here is a tribute to a very special little boy.


I have a little angel, he`s way up in the sky.

I`ve told him to watch over you, and he replies ok but why?

I told him I really love you, and that you mean so much to me,

He said he`d take much care of you, and how your life should be.

So when you feel the warmth at night, he`s letting you no he`s near

He`s right beside you where ever you go, Filling your life with cheer.

There is never a minute that ever goes by that my thought`s don't drift to you.

There is nothing or no one in this world that could ever replace such a wonderful, special little boy like you.

You along with Aaron are the best children a parent / mother could ever wish for. No other child would or could ever meet the the standards of either of you.

Seeing you achieve so much in such a short life leaves me so proud of the memories I have of you.

You meant the world to those who loved you most. You will live in all our heart and minds forever.

Love Mummy & all those who truly loved and cared for you and never let you down.

lots of love your 12Th birthday. Partying with the angels xxxx

Above our the last photographs of Daniel taken during 2007.

Thanks for all the messages Lesley, Aaron and Family.

Below a photograph of Daniel`s place of rest. The stone will be on shortly we are just waiting for a new photograph of Baby Callum to be added. The photo plaque is being made in Italy hence the delay.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Billy 22nd April 2009



Love from us all xxxxx

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bus Types Show Oswestry Weekend April 09

This weekend 100`s of VW campers descended on Oswestry for the bus types show to be held at the show ground.

There were split screens, bay windows, T25`, beetles and many other different models of VW`s.

We walked around the show. Firstly heading for the trade stalls and auto jumble. Next we visited the campers on show. There were many different sections from standard to how low can you go.

Some of the vans were prestige immaculate condition. There were a few rat campers on show rusty and old mainly split screens. The lowered section was interesting there was one particular bus and I don`t no how he drove it it was floor level.

The show was very interesting.

We had our lunch in our own VW and we had also picked up Nana so she could join in the fun. Fred the dog also had a look around the show then sat sunning himself nr his cage tied to our bus outside.

As it got near to the cruise out we headed out to a lay by in Whittington so I could take some photo`s of the campers as they followed each other along the lanes.

After taking a few photographs and listening to many tooting horns, we joined in the cruise heading through Whittington, past the castle, then through St Martins to the Glendrig roundabout were the campers came to rest at the Lord Moreton Pub.

At the pub we took more photograph's and went in for a well earned drink.

During the weekend we had a great time roll on the next VW show.

Sunday also saw us visiting visiting local car boots a Llangedwyn and Llandrinino along with Billy`s friends who came up from Liverpool to see us. Aaron had fun driving round in a new Mercedes Benz. We also visited are loval the Penybont Inn Pub across the road.

We also settled down in the afternoon to watch the FA Cup Semi Final
Man Utd V Everton. Everton won on penalty`s. Lets hope they beat Chelsea in the final now. A match we will all be looking forward to.

Presthaven Prestatyn April 2009

This week we have had a fantastic time which included many days out and about. Staying on the North Wales Coast at the Haven Park in a cosy static caravan.

Booking in we had a strange experience, our thoughts were with our precious Daniel. Rory the Tiger was out greeting the guests, I couldn't`t look at the Tiger, both Aaron and I were getting a bit upset, as Daniel had been with us at this park on many occasion. He loved his mini holidays in the statics caravans we had visited many places in the past with him.

Anyway as we went up for our keys over the loud speakers came the voices of Take That singing a song close to our hearts and played both at Daniel`s and Baby Callum`s funerals `How Deep Is Your Love` Every time we have a dark moment this song tends to come along to brigthen our mood. This is Daniels way of letting us no he is around us in spirit.

Luckly for us the weather stayed dry and mainly bright leaving the down pours with the thundery rain to the evening and night time when we were safely tucked up under duvet.

Our days out are listed below in separate blogs, we had a great time exploring the coastal sites and medieval & Victorian towns which included Blodwynlan, Llandudno & Conwy. The sites and views we have seen over the last few days have been wonderful. Aaron has visited many places over the last few years and has gained a value of knowledge and understanding. Aaron enjoys history and exploring medieval castles and old houses and can even give the tour operators at the sites and lesson or two on facts connected to history. Aaron is a very clever child outstanding in all aspects of life.

At Presthaven itself we enjoyed the arcade games machines and the night life. We all played pool, air hockey and football. Both Aaron and I like to play on the 2p machines.

The show bar entertainment was excellent with the cabriolet and disco were we could rock the night away although we didn't go out some nights we were all shattered after are trips out during the day time. We also watched the Liverpool v Chelsea game which was first class football.

We all went swimming, Aaron enjoyed the slide and he swims like a fish. Billy and I swam lengths. We all enjoy swimming. This is still a difficult activity for me still as our precious Daniel also loved the water. Daniel is never far from our minds every hour of the day, you especially feel it when you are doing an activity he enjoyed so much, both Aaron and I have shed many a tear near a swimming pool because of Daniels love of water. This time though it was different we remembered the happy times we both spent with Daniel this was foremost in out minds. Also knowing Daniel is in a far better place away from illness, pain and harmful people.

We all had a lovely time this week during our short break please read on below for our days out and to view some of the fantastic photographs we have taken. You can also visit our on line photograph albums link on this blogs at photobucket user name penybont-stores.

Conwy Castle Fantastic Views April 09

We were all looking forward to the visit to this medieval castle. Conwy castle is maintained by CADWR which we are all members. People who are resident in Wales receive discount on membership.

This castle is huge, part of it walls run all the way around Conwy which have protected the town in the past. Inside the castle which is intact in parts stands many a place to explore. We went up the towers and down the dungeons. visiting stately rooms and the old chapels.

The best parts were up the towers were they high. This castle visit is certainly not for the faint hearted. We climbed up high to the top towers, looking down it was scaring high up front the ground but well worth it for the views across Conwy and beyond. The photographs are just some of the fantastic view please see on line photo albums for more.

Conwy castle is an amazing place to visit and we would all really recommend it, but please be aware there are many steep stairways and the height of some of the towers is scary in itself.

The lower parts of the castle are full of interesting walk ways and many rooms to explore.

Conwy is a place with many hidden historical relics that you would miss if you didn't no about them. We all would recommend a visit to this fascinating North Wales Coastal Town.

Links to web sites of interest - Ths castle is well worth a visit

Conwy Suspension Bridge

Yet another historical part of Conwy. We walked across the old suspension Bridge. This bridge is maintained by the National Trust. At one end stands the old toll house. Here you could look inside at how the toll man lived as he waited to charge the people who wanted to cross the bridge. Old and musty with not a lot of facilities inside laid out though to National Trust Standards.
We soon headed back across the bridge firstly stopping off at the viewing point of the bridge. Views of the castle and the high turrets could be seen along with wonderful views of the harbour.

The bridge is well worth the visit.
Please visit link below -

Plas Mawr Elizabethan Town House Conwy

This was another old property standing in the centre of Conwy. Plas Mawr is maintained by CADWR. CADWR is the Welsh Heritage Organisation helping to maintain many old building and castles throughout Wales. Living in Wales it is Free for children to join and a reduce cost is given for adult residents of Wales, both Billy and I our members of CADWR. After paying a yearly subscription you can visit many places free of charge as with CADWR you receive many discount and free entry to place throughout England.

Plas Mawr is a large Elizabethan House standing up a main street in Conwy. It doesn't look very big from the outside but inside it is like a tardies. On entry you walk into the large hall with it wooden decor the tour starts in this room.

It is an exciting house to explore next we visited the kitchen area this was one of my favourite room in the house. You stepped back in time as you walked upon the the grassy reed lad upon the floor to resemble the covering laid over what was once a floor of clay and moss, the reeds were laid to keep in the warmth of the underfoot. The old cast open fire and the smell of fresh veg filled the room also. Next to this room was the pantry yet another room which took you back in time to an Elizabethan kitchen. Animals were hanging ready to be cooked for the residents banquet the following day.

The other room upon the ground floor were drawing rooms were the ladies retired for the day to chat away and do embroidery.

A back door way lead us to the garden and the well area. There was a lovely herb garden at the top. The gardens were set out and maintained beautifully.

Aaron was eager to look around more, we took to the stairs, first coming across the main bedroom with its wall covered in moulding and coats of arms. Next we were ushered of to the attic area of the house. What a room part of it ran the length of the house. It was a magnificent area with views of the castle that were breathtaking. The other room here was a bedroom set out to show how the maids of the house lived.

We made our way back down the stair way reaching the other bedrooms next to the master bedroom. One was the servants room with its shabby covers, this room was so the servant could be called upon if needed during the night, next to it was the lady of the houses room here she could sleep eat and relax to her own desire.

We were then lead to a huge entertaining hall that was massive wooden floors creaked as you walked which showed the age of the old house, we sat here for a short while for a rest before continuing our journey.

A display was set out in the next three rooms some interactive which Aaron enjoyed. Next we visited the watch tower high at the top of the house. It was like entering a light house without the lamp. The views again were stunning you can see more photos on the on line photo albums well worth a look.

We headed back down the stairway which lead us back to the main entrance which concluded out tour of this beautiful Elizabethan House.

links to sites -

Aberconwy House & The Harbour Conwy

At the harbour we sat and ate our lunch. Seagulls and pigeons flew around us waiting for a crumb to drop so they could swoop down and take their fill. From the harbour you could see the castle in the distance.
The fishing boats sat in the harbour as the sea surrounded them the view was relaxing.
After lunch we headed to Aberconwy house. Aberconwy is a National Trust House. Being National Trust members we can visit it for free.

We first headed up to the top room to watch a short film about the property. This house is the oldest surviving property in Conwy.

Its wood beamed ceiling and wooden creaking floors hold century`s of history. The house was a one time owned by a sea captain, it became a hotel and a bakery at some time before falling into dis repair and being handed over to the national trust in the 1930`s.

It was big to look around but interested us all in how you could step back in time to witness how people lived in the past. The house today is in fantastic condition thanks to the National Trust.

Links to web sites of interest concerning Aberconwy House & The Harbour
web site link to info on the harbour =

The Smallest House In Britain Conwy

Standing at the side of the harbour a small dainty house stands. A lone Welsh lady dressed in the welsh national costume stands guarding the smallest house in Great Britain. At a bargain price of a £1 you can look inside this dainty house.

Inside a small living room can be seen very compacted with a cast iron fire place and a number of picture upon the walls. A loft style ladder is near to the entrance door which leads to the upper part of the house. Here a bed Can be seen along with a chamber pot.

The house was condemned in 1900 unfit for humane habitation. The last known person to live in the house was a local fisherman who was said to be 6ft 4ins ??.

This little house is well worth a visit if visiting Conwy a not to be missed.
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