Sunday, November 29, 2009

Notice To Ebay / Shop Customers December 2009

Notice to all customers of Penybont Stores & Clutter Chaos. Due to it being the 2ND anniversary of Daniels death this Christmas / New Year I will be taking time off. Daniel died 6pm New years Eve 2007, after suffering horrifically throughout Christmas. He was declared brain dead on New Years Eve 2007. Myself his Mummy, his Brother Aaron, His Nana and Francis and Mary from hope house hospice were at his bedside as the life support was turned off and his life slipped away.

As December looms ahead the memories of his death are fresh in our minds. I am finding it especially hard at the moment.We all miss him terribly.

I find it very hard at Christmas as Daniel loved to tear open his present`s to see what was inside despite being ill for nearly every Christmas of his life. It is hard as all that is left for us to do is buy flower`s for both Daniel`s and his baby brother Callum`s grave. Looking around all the shops knowing we will never see him open presents again is a life sentence of heartache for all of us.

The last postal date for Christmas will be 16 Th December 2009 sorry for any inconvenience caused. Holding notice`s have been applied to both Ebay shops well in advance.

To visit the web site especially dedicated to our Daniel click on link below. the web site has recently been refurbished. Please feel free to leave messages regarding Daniel only on the Guest Book page.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Racecourse To Pant Glas Rambling Walk Nov 09

Heading off up the valley we took in the views of the snow covered mountain tops. Turing right towards Llanslin we headed up the the old Racecourse for a morning rambling walk.
Oswestry Old race course was the site of horse racing on common land from the mid - 18Th century for about 100 yrs. It was a figure of eight course, crossing on the top of Mount Road hill. It fell into decline with the advent of the railways offering better transport for horses, riders and spectators to other courses. Stone ruins of the grandstand remain where Offa`s Dyke Path crosses the Racecourse, and there is a more recent horse monument nearby.

The walk started at the Racecourse car park. The walk is called by Oswestry ramblers the Racecourse to Pant Glas Walk. It is a moderate walk of 5 miles. It takes you to a Ascent of 750ft. The walk offers good views over Oswestry and countryside beyond to the distant hills, including Rodney`s Pillar on Breidden Hill.

Heading out of the car park we headed down lanes, over stiles, across fields and through gates.

The views were fantastic all around us.

The route took us across a field with two coloured cobs in. One was very inquisitive and came for a good look. He was very interested in Fred our dog I had to keep him on a tight rein. He was a lovely horse and followed us for some time across the field. As we climbed the stile a gun went off in the distance. The coloured cob ran off bucking down the field. He was a lovely cob. He is the type of horse i would get again.

We carried on our walk heading through Glopa Wood and down towards Coppice Farm. Here we joined a track which took us onto the road towards Pant Glas.

Pant Glas is a pictureque village. Pant Glas which translates into English as Green Valley was originally built to house workers on the Brogyntyn Estate owned b Lord Harlech. It included a school which is now a private residence.

We carried on through the village headed along the lanes before turning left crossing another stile heading again across farm land.
The farmer from Llawrry Pant joined us for a while with his sheep dogs. He was heading up the hills to tend to his sheep. He left us in the top field NR Pen-y Rhos. Fred had a good time with the other dogs.

Heading back we walked along the lanes and over the Race Course Common back towards the car. Again the views of the snow covered mountains of Wales were in view the sight was spectacular.
It was a muddy trail due to the rain we have had over the last few weeks. Aaron and I and Fred were covered in mud, wellies and mud just our thing.

The walk was very satisfying an full filling. It`s great to be back doing our walking around the local countryside. Enjoying the scenery and keeping fit at the same time.
Before coming home we headed into Oswestry for some diesel and shopping fresh fruit and veg determined to keep up with our healthy life style of healthy eating and keep fit.
As December looms we both have mixed feelings due to the loss of our Daniel it being the 2ND Anniversary of his death, but we also have lots to look forward to as we are going on an adventure very soon watch this blog to find out where.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ambassador`s Meeting With Mr Parkinson Nov 09

On Friday I went with Mr Parkinson to the Ambassador`s meeting to meet up with the Children`s Commissioners for Wales.

We went to Blodwllyn Castle North Wales for the meeting. When we got there we had a lovely detour around the castle as we got lost. We then found a volunteer that showed us the way.

first we went to a briefing and the commissioner ( Keith Towler pictured right ) told us about his job then we played a true and false game with 14 questions.

After the briefing the ambassadors and teachers split up. The teachers went to a BORING meeting and we were playing games and learning about are job.

The first game we played was we had to draw around one of our team-mates and colour them in but around the figure we had to write what the child deserves.

Then we got a sheet saying questions and some cards we had to put on there.

The question were What is true for all children in wales, what is true for most children in wales and what is not true for every child in the world.

We went for dinner and after dinner we played another game were the volunteers hid 6 sheets of paper ( 3 Welsh 3 English ) and they told us what to do as Ambassadors.

Then we played a game called Splat were one of the volunteers pointed at us and said splat when he did we had to duck and the 2 next to us had to shoot at each other but whoever says splat first go threw to the next round ( I made it to the final but my opponent cheated )!!!!!!!!!!!

The volunteers gave us a piece of paper with a brick wall on it and they gave us a packet of sticky notes to write how we could communicate with children.

The last game was were we got a piece of paper with questions how can you listen to pupils, how can pupils tell you things and who can help you.

After that we went into the briefing room then the teachers came in.

We got a goodie bag with lots of stuff and then we went home!

By Aaron

Water Colours By Aaron

My Water Colour Paintings by Aaron

Well Done Aaron Life Saving Bronze Level 2

Well Done Aaron Awarded In Swimming

Bronze Level 2 Life Saving

Rookie Life Guard Course

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Poachers Pocket Canal Walk / Lunch With Friends

Parking up at the Poachers Pocket Pub NR Chirk we headed off for a walk along the canal path at the back of the pub. Luckily the rain held off for a while. It was quite warm as we walked along by the canal. Across the water a herd of cows grazed in the field. We walked for sometime before the path began to become quite muddy. We turned back then headed for the pub.
At the pub we met up with our friend`d Lina, Chris, Bert, hazel and Rob. We all sat down and enjoyed Sunday Lunch together.
After Lunch we all headed to Moreton garden centre , here we had a good look, there is some lovely items in here at this time. Aaron, Lina and I took a walk to the aquarium`s here there are some very unusual fish from the salt water aquariums including sea horses. Also here there is a section of reptile`s, These are really interesting.
Aaron found a puzzle book he liked and I found a good book on local walks published by the Oswestry Rambler's. I was very pleased with this book as it has a selection of walks connected with the villages very local to us.
Afterwards we all went back to Hazel and Rob`s house for a cuppa before we all headed off in different direction`s home. Really pleasant day out for us all including Fred the Dog.

Celtic Fair Llandudno Nov 09 Rainy Day

On a rainy soggy day we boarded the Tanant Valley service bus and headed to Llandudno.
reaching Llandudno we visited the Celtic Fair.The fair was filled with lots of interesting and unusual items. We bought some presents had a good luck round before stopping off for a hot chocolate filled with marsh mellows and cream to warm us up.
In the marque there was a display of owls from the North Wales Bird trust web address Aaron was able to stroke and handle a lovely barn owl pictured above.
After the fair we headed to the sea front were it was very wet and windy. Aaron picked up some unusual pebbles from the pebbly beach. We also stopped off at the pier and had a play in the arcade for a short while. Next we headed to the shops to have a look around.
Best of all we met up with Billy who brought us all back home through lots of puddles.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Parent`s Evening Aaron`s Report

Today was parent`s evening at school. Well Aaron again got an outstanding report from Mr Parkinson the Head Teacher.
He said Aaron was an asset to the school and he was so pleased Aaron had been chosen to be an Ambassador by the Children`s Commissioner for Wales, to represent primary school children throughout Wales.
His first meeting will be coming up this month based at a venue in North Wales.
He also said Aaron was well above his age in every subject. In some subjects his age level is age 15 and above. He also said Aaron will do very very well in high school and I should have no worries about him for his future. He will go far in life.
We also talked about how well Aaron has come through the very many heart breaking situations he has has in his life. The loss of his beloved older brother Daniel being the worst and this has hit Aaron very hard. Aaron now has a box at school were he can write his thoughts and put them in away in the box, this eases the pain of the loss of his brother.
Mr Parkinson said he will make an excellent Ambassador. He will bring his case across very well as his public speaking is excellent.
The memory of his brother`s funeral springs to mind as at 9 yrs of age Aaron stood up in the church packed with over 300 people without fault determined to read out his speech about his much loved brother.
Some people have no idea what this little boy has been through within his short life of 11 yrs.
Most children would crumble but Aaron is like his mum full of determination and has the zest for life. He is a son I can be so very proud of.
WELL DONE Aaron xxxx
Keep the good work up.

I also had a bit of praise off Mr P, as we talked about the swine flu which is taking hold in the area. I have to go tomorrow for the jab due to my having chronic lung disease. He said he cant afford for me to be poorly as I was also an asset to the school. He has put me fully in charge of all the before and after school care.
This allows him to go home knowing the school children are in safe hands. I am now confident enough to lock and open the school and set and all the alarms.
Thanks Mr P for all those lovely comments tonight you made my day knowing I have such a bright clever wonderful little boy I can be so proud of. Treat time for Aaron at the weekend for doing so well.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chirk Bank Canal Tunnel Walk Nov 09

Waking up to sunshine we soon headed off out making the most of the weather. After some toast and juice off we went. Firstly off to the car boot sale we put on our wellies and Fred on his lead looking around the stall`s. Aaron bought yet another football top to add to his collection.
Next stop we headed to Chirk Bank, parking up at the canal small car park armed with a torch, we headed off.
Walking along the tow path we crossed the viaduct. The views are fabulous from here. Over the viaduct the next obstacle is the long dark tunnel. The canal tunnel takes you for around 1/2 a mile into pitch darkness. With little light entering from either end of the tunnel. Aaron had the torch. Poor Fred was very uneasy as we reached the middle of the tunnel Aaron had to shine the torch to show him the way. The tunnel path is very narrow with the canal on your left and a rail to keep you in line with the path. The tunnel wall is low and wet. Looking with the torch you can pick see the water stalagmite and water fossils as you walk thought it is a very educational experience and a scary one.
Reaching the north end of the tunnel we carried on along the path before turning back and taking to the country lanes. The two path is surrounded by woodland which is awash with wildlife from bird, duck and squirrels. After walking along the lanes of a mile or so we again headed back down onto the tow path and across the viaduct to head back to the car.
Both Aaron and I love walking. We are now doing what we always did on a Sunday after the car boots going off exploring and enjoying the countryside were we live. I cant emphasise enough how lucky we are living with such beautiful views around us. Below are some of our photographs. Thanks to VW David for showing us this walk.

Hope House Party Disco & Karaoke Nov 09

We recently had a lovely evening out with our friends from Hope House Hospice. We attended a disco and Karaoke evening. We met up with many of our friends. It was a good fun night, we had a good laugh listening to some taking part in the Karaoke.

It is so nice to be able to go out in such a lovely environment that the countryside offers.

Having witnessed city nightlife with such high police presence, due to trouble from drunken yobs. The smells from the sewers from under your feet make you feel sick yourself. With pavements covered in dog poo, human sick, cigarette ends or disgusting spit. I no were I`d rather be. There are many better places on the earth than having to put up with that. The smell and having to watch were you walk in case you step in it is certainly not for me. It`s a known fact people living in such an environment that is dirty, full of filth are subject to depression. Surrounded by doom and gloom. I`d be depressed if I lived in a place surrounded by such disgusting yuk.
I am just glad Aaron is growing up in such a lovely environment. We are so lucky to live were we live and I wouldn`t change it for the world.

Hope House Hospice is a children's respite centre. Daniel spent time at the hospice before and after his death. The hospice has been good to us during our time in need.

Daniel my 10 yr old son and Aaron beloved brother died New Years eve 2007 at Alder Hey Hospital. Both Francis and Mary from the Hospice stayed with us throughout even though it was New Years Eve. I really don't know how we would have coped if they hadn't been with us. They were so good. It is not an easy time for us at moment with the second anniversary of Daniel`s horrific death just around the corner.

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