Monday, June 30, 2008

Speke Airport 75 yrs Show 29/06/08

It was the Speke Air show in Liverpool over the weekend. The 3 of us went to the show with Billy`s mum, sister & nephew Dillon. We also met up with friends there. We looked inside an old plane, army helicopter etc. There were displays by the American classic car club, land rover 4x4 club, fire engines, police, old buses & plenty collectors stalls to look around. There were also flights available for experiences in old vintage planes and a helicopter. We met up with some of Billy`s friends before retreating to McDonald's ( nagging children ). We stayed at Billy's mums the night to watch the cup final before heading home in time for school next morning.

Llangedwyn Football Competion 28/06/08

Aaron played in the local football competition over the weekend.
Playing No 5 for Llangedwyn in a Celtic style kit along with the other kids from his school. Billy, myself and lots of other mums and dads were all on the touch line cheering our children on.
We had a lovely afternoon all mums and dads from Llangedwyn school having laugh supporting the kids. Billy took the photos of Aaron giving him tips as he went along. Both Aaron & Billy having a keen love of football. Aaron won a medal. Llangedwyn came 3rd on the day. Picture of the team, Aaron & Josh plus photos of the game.

The Game Aaron`s No 5

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

West Midland Show June 2008

It was a very windy day in June. We visited the west mid show. It was a big show in one marque there were samples of local food produce. We looked around the stalls and the exhibitions. We then visited the large animal arena coming across a huge bull, he as lovely never seen a bull son big. He didn't win best in show a Hereford bull took 1st he was also really nice. We then looked around the other animals sheep and more cattle.

We looked around the large farm machinery, horses and old steam traction engines before sitting next to the main arena for lunch also to watch the shows listed below under there own blogs spots.

Afterwards we had another look around the stalls. We then had a bit of a scare. We were in the craft tent when a huge gust of wind came. The huge marque snapped at the rear and flew into the air knocking stalls over and two children from the stools were they were having there hair braided. People screamed i grabbed Aaron's hand and quickly made for the exit as the marque was being quickly evacuated. To calm me down Billy took us for real dairy ice scream and sat us in the stands. We all came home and watched the euro championship football. Dispite the wind we all had a lovely day out.

West Midlands Show June 2008 The Shows

The shows West Midlands Show Grim Reaper Monster Truck along with Big Pete. The was a tug of war ripping a car in two. Car crushing and a drag race. To vist there web site click here .
The devils horseman was also a good show. Jousting competions medival fights horses were lovely. It was a great show even though it was very windy. to visit devils horseman web site clic here
There were other shows in the areana inc a civil war battle with load canon and gun fire. Also pony club games.
There is also a photo on here of the remote control robot transformer this was fantatic the way it moved around. Aaron loved it.

West Midlands Show June 2008 The Animals

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Black Rock June Weekend

Myself, Billy, Aaron & Micky all went to stay at Green acres at Black Rock Porthmadog for the weekend. We all had a great time. It was tinged with sadness with the memories of Daniel`s visits to the park to see his beloved friends Bradley Bear & Rory the Tiger.

After picking the two boys up after lunch from Llangedwyn School the 3 of us travelled to our destination, Billy followed us later after he finished work. We went out partying till late every night watching the acts all were good, had a lovely time at the disco, the boys also enjoyed playing in the arcade.

During our visit we visited Portmerion a well presented village which was host to the TV series The Prisoner, the harbour at Porthmadog here we went for a walk. Visit the Portmeirion web site @@ We also went swimming all having a great time boys also played outside with water guns, Billy and I kept a safe distance. played football not sure which was the biggest kid here, all the boys had different football shirts on Aaron Liverpool, Billy Everton + Micky Real Madrid what a mix. We also visited the beach Billy and I relaxed in the sand whist the boys went paddling. We all had a lovely time all 4 of us. We travelled back home Monday both Billy and I worn out. Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Our Summer Snowflakes


Monday, June 9, 2008

Liverpool Capital of Culture

Thanks Billy for yet again another fantastic weekend. From rock bands to posh pubs. Romantic meals out. You now how to treat a girl. Strolling back to our hotel at 4am in the morning. Visiting Beatles lairs and shops in town. Catching a glimpse of the Ark Royal Navy Ship. Strolling round the Albert dock. Sunday lunch out with your mum, sister & little Dillon. We had a great time cant wait till Friday till work has finished again. Thanks Billy cant wait till the day comes you know what I mean Love you loads. What a fantastic man you are. xxxx Some pictures from Home Liverpool inc Ark Royal, Albert Dock, Liver Buildings & photo of Queens Dock from our hotel room.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Man In A Million

To My Billy. I know you will read this later. Hope work has gone well for you today, you work so hard so proud of you.

Just want to say " THANK YOU" for what you are going to do for me this weekend so looking forward to it. Cant wait !!!!!!!! No one has ever treated me like this before feel like a princess. I am a lucky girl having you.

I know I have found a very very special, kind, caring, loving and understanding man with you.

You have made me smile again & I know you will continue to make me smile always.

You are a man in a million so so glad I met you. Would never be without you now
Love you loads my little Evertonian xxxx

Thanks x your little viking xx

Monday, June 2, 2008