Saturday, May 30, 2009

FA Cup Final Weekend Trip To See Aaron`s Nana May 09

After watching the FA cup final on Saturday and of course Britain`s Got Talent, Sunday saw us heading to Liverpool for a visit to our family. We visited Aaron Nana T, his cousin Dylan and Aunt Lorraine.
We all headed for a walk to the park taking a mini picnic along with us. the boys whom are close in age went to play on the climbing frames and the swings. Later on they headed off to play with a group of boys, They had a game of football. Both boys having a good time. So did us grown ups swinging on the swings.
After a while we headed back to Nana`s for a lovely roast she had cook for us all. She has taken Aaron under her wing and Aaron really enjoys visiting his new family and having two Nana`s now. He also has a lovely time playing with Dylan.
Later on we headed to Lorraine`s house for a cuppa and ice cream before heading home. Lorraine and I went on her computer I showed her a few things on it. The boys nagged Billy to take them back to the park for a game of football. He took them with pleasure. After a while it was time for us to head back to sunny Mid Wales our beautiful home.

Band In Llanstanffraid - Sun Inn Hotel May 09

A lovely sunshiny evening saw us as a family meeting up with Gaynor and lots of friends at the Sun Inn Hotel. There was a live band playing during the evening for a family night out.
Aaron had a great time as the sounds rang out.
The group was really good singing a range of songs from many decades from the 60`s 70`s 80`s 90`s to date. Aaron boogied away with Billy. It was a fab evening out for all.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Night At The Museum 2 - May 09


Orange Wednesday is always a useful tool in our house during the school holidays. After texting film to 241 on your Orange phone you receive a text with a code to enable you to go to the cinema 2 for 1.

Aaron loves going the the Cinema. We headed down to Wrexham parking up at Tesco. So we could do some shopping too.

We headed over the the new Odean cinema complex in Eagles Meadow. The complex is quite big the new cinema is on the 2nd floor. We bought our tickets then headed out to the town centre for a look around the shops before the film started.

Aaron got himself some clothes as he is growing up fast and out of his clothes very quick he is now in age 13 yrs clothes. A big lad who looks after his mum very well. Aaron and I are very close after all we have been through together.

Heading back to the cinema Aaron ordered his popcorn and drink. We were given a scratch card and we also won another popcorn lucky pair we are. Billy met us at the complex a bit later as he was collecting some information about his new job. He is now up in Wales on a permanent basis not having to travel back and to to Liverpool anymore luckily he has a few months off before starting he has payed leave not bad ahh.

The film was brilliant we all enjoyed it. It gave us a giggle at times and had us all clued to the screen. The film is about all the exhibitions coming to life in the museum at night. i wont tell you what happens as it will spoil the film if you want to go watch it.

But all of us recommend seeing it. Below is a link to the official web site.

To view google video clips please click here : -

Also here is a link to the on line game

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dudley Canal Tunnels May 09

This trip was quite amazing. We boarded the canal barge firstly putting on our hard hats. The boat left the sidings and headed through the Dudley Canal tunnel along with the amazing limestone caverns.
The driver of the boat was quite comical with his cometary. He told us the history of the canal tunnels and caverns.
We discovered a World of Wonders Underneath the Black Country town of Dudley. We saw the network of underground canal routes that helped form the 19Th Century Black Country. Dudley Canal Trust has been restoring the underground waterways since the early 60's. The trip was fantastic. The light displays in the caverns were spectacular.
We all really enjoyed the trip. Aaron even got to have a chance of legging the boat through the tunnels. The captain of the boat was very impressed he gave him a certificate for doing so well. Aaron got up in front of a boat full of people to do this task. What a confident little boy he is now. Below are some of the photographs we took during the trip more can be seen on the photo album web site link opposite.

Above a proud boy with yet another certificate to add to his collection. Below is a link to the web site about Dudley Canal Tunnels.

The Black Country Living Museum May 09

What a lovely day out we had today exploring the past and history of the Black Country. The Black Country Living Museum is situated in Dudley.

An excited Aaron was raring to go and explore this wonderful place.

Firstly we headed to the old tram line after boarding the tram we headed off for a short ride down the track.

Next we headed into the old school house. The 18th century school teacher was rather frightening none of us were brave enough to go into the 1/2 hour Victorian lesson that was on offer.

Next we headed for the coal mine, putting on our hard hats and after being given a torch we headed off for a guided tour of the mine. It was cold and dark as we headed into the mine, firstly we were told the story of the young boy Billy a mere 12 yrs old who`s job down the mine was to open and shut the doors for the pit ponies so they could come through with there loaded trailers. He was not much older than Aaron it was said he was that hungry he would eat the candle he had been given as candles were made of animal fat back then ?

Next we heard the story's of the pit ponies, the ponies lived underground and were looked after by boys not much older then young Billy. The ponies and the boys developed a wonderful relationship working so closely together. The sad tale went on. A huge fire engulfed the pit, all the ponies were sadly killed in the fire. After the fire it was ordered that after a days work down the mine the ponies were taken out and left to roam free in the fields for the rest of the day

We carried on around the mine learning how the coal was taken from the rock face sometimes being blasted away to gain access. The tour had sound effects to add to the image of life back then. It was well worth going on. After about 1/2 an hour we headed back to the surface and into the day light.

Next stop was the chippy. Wow. The chip shop was an old fashioned shop with the chips and fish cooked into the old fashioned way beef dripping. They were lovely. Next door was the old fashioned tailor shop.

Over the bridge we watched the young gosling, A canida goose had hatched many goslings and she was parading them around very proud of herself.

There were many characters around the museum including the old fashioned postman, Aaron had his photo taken with him. Next stop was the old pub, here we had an old fashioned glass of lemonade or vimto.

We explored many different styles of houses from the middle class to the poorer residents of the community. There was an area were old toys and games were played.

There was a recreation of an old silent picture house, we sat and watched the old film which starred Charlie Chaplin. This was very interesting.

We also visited the old shops buying some old fashioned boiled sweets. The old working man institute was a large interesting building as was the old chapel.

Before leaving we headed up to the filed to see the shire horse William along with his companion pony.

Walking back we had a look at the other houses on display which included the old crooked house. This house was stinking into the old mines. When the men were pulling away the coal face and taking the coal the houses above were the coal was being mined began to sink.

Another type of house of interest was the cast iron houses. These were built quickly after the war to help create homes for people in quick time.

Walking back towards the entrance / exit we visited the Black Country Car Company Museum. Here there were a range of vintage cars and motorbike on view, most in immaculate condition.

Going back into the main building as it got late we wandered through the exhibition displays which told the history of the Black Country. The Black Country is four counties within the midlands Dudley, Wolverhampton, Walsall and West Bromwich.
There were also other interesting thing to do here, Aaron had a wonderful time playing on the interactive games and computers.
This was a lovely day out yet again.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The German U-Boat Story Woodside Ferry Birkenhead May 09

Today we visited the World War 2 German Submarine U-534 which is exhibited next to Woodside Ferry in Birkenhead. Below is a story about the boat.

The Real Life Story

U-534 was used for training and weather reporting during the war. She did not sink any other vessels.
On May 5th, 1945 U534 was underway in the Kattegat, north-west of Helsingor, Denmark.and although Admiral Donitz had ordered all his U-boats to surrender as from 08.00 May 5th, for some unknown reason U-534 refused to do so.

U534 was heading north towards Norway, when it was attacked by RAF aircraft.
U-534 took heavy damage and began to sink by the stern. Forty-nine of the fifty-two crew members survived including five who escaped via a torpedo hatch as she lay on the sea bed. A young 17 yr old forgot the golden rule and held his breath as he swam to the surface. He sadly died as his lungs burst.

In August 1993 the wreckage was raised from the seabed in the hope of finding hidden treasure on board. Nothing was found. However the mystery of why U-534 refused to surrender remains to this day.

The display was very interesting we looked around the submarine and read the information available. We watched the tale of the submarine being raised from the sea bed. I found the boat very claustrophobic. The exhibition is well worth a visit looking back at history created by the war. Below is a link to the web site :-


Below are links to web sites about U Boats -
About the boat based at Woodside :-

Harrison Drive Promenade Fish & Chips May 09

We headed down to the Wirral on yet another sunny day. Picking up Aaron`s great Aunt Murial, we firstly headed to visit Daniel, Callum and my dads ( Aaron`s grandad`s) grave. After our sad visit we headed off to Harrison Drive NR New Brighton.

We picked up Fish & Chips on the way. Settling down on the grass verge we ate our fill.

Aaron played with his new football skill toy, so did Billy. Fred also had a walk along the sea front. We took in the views and the healthy sea air.

Below are some Web Site Links of Interest :-

Wirral History Web Site -

New Brighton On Line -,

After a while we headed to see the German U Boat based at Woodside Ferry Terminal which is the blog next to this one.
After visiting the U Boat we headed off back to Moreton.

Next stop was Fern bank Farm which is a livery stable run by Aunt Carol and Val my cousin. They were having a barbecue party here today. Aaron had a good time running around with a few of his cousins and playing on the bouncy castle. We looked at the ponies in the field. There wasn`t any I new except one Calib. Calib is over 31 yrs old.

I remembered Calib from years ago along with my old ponies Pepi a black Dales, Bubbles a palomino gelding and Joss our lovable Shetland. Sadly my old ponies have all passed away due to old age. My Cousin Val and I have fond memories of galloping around the local countryside in and around Moretonas children, competing in the local shows together quite a few years ago.

I retired my horses in 1988 from the show scene after Bubbles won 2 x Championships in the show jumping and gymkhana, Pepi, Bubbles and Joss all won winners medals in the gymkhana, handy ponies and the veteran classes plus other events.
My trophy cabinet remains full with trophy's, medals, certificates and rosettes my beloved ponies won over the years and remains a wonderful tribute to them.

t was lovely to see Calib looking very old but happy with his life.

Val and I had a good chat, whilst Billy made himself at home on the farm. We really enjoyed our afternoon of old horsey memory's.
As they weather changed and started to become over cast we headed back to Wales Our Home and to my current little pony Miniature Stallion Jiminey Jingles whom we have had for over 10yrs since the boys were babies. Photographs of Jingle can be seen on our on line photo pages link via this blog.

Picnic In the Sunshine Ty Mawr May Bank Holiday 07

A lovely sunny day took us for a stroll around the country park NR Cefn Mawr.
Ty Mawr country park stands partly on the banks of the River Dee. Billy, Myself, Aaron, Jake ( Aaron`s Friend ) and our happy cocker spaniel Fred climbed into our VW, with pop music playing, windows down, wind blowing through our hair, singing all the way the VW was a rocking all the way down the bypass.
We made a picnic, loaded the van with the boys bikes before we left.

Parking up at the park the boys cycled off to the BMX track. They played here for a while whilst Billy and I had a refreshing cup of tea.

Next we headed off around the park visiting the animals, as we wandered down to the rivers edge.

At the river we sat on the bench, settling down to eat our home made picnic. Which was rather Yummy.

Next we headed to the river. Fred was now off his lead jumping in and out of the water having a great time. The boys got a bit wet cycling through the shallow waters with there bikes. (least the bikes got a wash, so did the boys)

We had a lovely afternoon in the park before heading home to beautiful sunny Mid Wales. Living here is like being on holiday every day of your life.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Rainbow by Aaron May 09

I saw a wonderful rainbow yesterday below are some of the photo`s I took. The last photo if you look close has a picture of two together.
A rainbow is created by gases in the atmosphere. Here are some web site links about Rainbows :-