Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Trees & Charlston Dancers Attingham Park

Recently we visited Attingham Park the house was beautifully dressed with Christmas trees in many of the rooms. We wandered through the house with my friend Kate and her husband Pat. After looking at these wonderful trees we headed off to the tea shop. The time was approaching for the Charlston Dancers to do their thing so off we went to watch them. Wow they were fab. Wonderful few hours with lovely friends.  

My Heavenly Angels Christmas Wishes

Its been 8 years this Christmas since Daniel closed his eyes forever. 
Each Christmas is still a painful reminder of his death and also the death of my dad who died Christmas day 1989.  
Life can be very cruel, this I found out. 
Also at this time I think of my little lost babies. Baby Callum especially. Callum died mothers day 1996, a day I can remember as if it was yesterday.  Feeling sad never changes anything life to short to dwell on past memories its time to remember the good time, happy times no more sadness. 
One of the best Christmas memories I have was when Linda and I took the boys to see Santa Claus in Lapland it was one of the most magical time we ever had. After spending a few days in the sub zero temperature as we flew back the plane flew through the Northern Lights a truly wonderful experience which we will never forget. 
This year though the fairy lights are up also the Christmas tree, however sad I feel it still will never bring any of them back. So happiness laughter Christmas spirit is the way forward.
This year its going to be a fun Christmas will plenty of laughs and smiles.
On the 23rd of December Aaron passed his driving test 1st time. I am ever so proud of him he is just a star. I am sure his big brother was looking over him. The 23rd of December was a significant day of sadness but this year we celebrated in style.  
We have so much to look forward to over the next year. I received a letter recently from Gwent and Powys army cadet force  Aaron has been chosen for  Her Majesties Lord Lieutenant of Powys Awards. He will be the Lord Lieutenants cadet for 2016. How much more can this boy achieve I am such a proud mum. I am blessed to have such a wonderful son. I have already bought my new dress for him being presented with the award. His 2`s are in the tailors being altered by the seam mistress. One day next year we may be meeting the Queen.
So to all as a family we with all our family and friends a wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. Bless you all and I hope all your dreams come true.  

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kensington Palace & Gardens Plus Other London Views

Here are some wonderful sights off around London. The architectural detail on the buildings and sculptures are just so  wonderful. Walking through Kensington gardens is a welcomed break to the streets filled with stop start cars and people just rushing from A to B.
Strolling around we saw a helicopter coming in to land then off it went again taking off beyond the walls of Kensington Palace. The palace itself is a beautiful building with many windows from which an inquisitive royal can inspect the public wandering around the parkland gardens.
Wandering back towards the Royal Albert Hall we came across a little fellow who was not by no means worried he was being watched by myself. I managed to get some lovely snaps of him as he chewed upon his nuts.
I really enjoyed this steady wander around the park. Its an easy walk relatively flat paths. The only thing you have to be wary of is the amount of bicycle`s being rode around the park. 
There is a delightful tea room within the gardens where you can stop for a well earned cuppa.