Saturday, May 14, 2011

Truck Show Oswestry

A cold day with blustery showers saw Simon, Aaron,Amy and I heading for the Truck Show at Oswestry Showground. We had been lucky enough to win free family tickets for the show.
We walked around the trucks some of them gleaming with a mega amount of polish on. The ones that took are interest most were the ones with the picture designs some of the pictures on them were amazing. Another perticular favourite of mine are the American truck which are amass with muscle.
When it rained we looked around the stall inside the huts here were found the most amazing cookie stall with the most scunmicous cookies you could ever taste.
In the other shed there was a set up of remote control trucks and diggers these were amazing to watch. There were also displayed of model trucks vans ect. Being a keen collector of corgi dinky and stobart models I found this really interesting.
The stalls outside were more for truckers with many thisngs to decorate and do up the trucks for the men and women that spend so much of there life in traveliing around the country and the restr of the world !
The shows were interesting they consisted of truck displays, a motorbike gas gas, quad and motorcross stunt show we watched as the bikes took off over the ramps reaching some height not much fun for them as it was rather windy.
Our favourite was the monster trucks Podzilla and Swamp thing all the way from Santa Pod race way were in the ring doing there stuff squashing cars and scaring the living daylights out of you with the roars from there huge engines.
All in all it was a good day out despite the weather but i must admit we did head home early as it was fairly cold.

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