Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chuckle Your Way To Happiness

Sometimes life seems very serious but it's important to take time out of the day to treat yourself to a good laugh.
A chemical change in the brain occurs when we laugh which makes us feel good.
Also when we laugh at the same joke as everyone else we experience a sense of belonging this can be comforting.
The benefits of laughter go beyond the above.
A group of volunteers watched a film with scenes of violence and distress as part of a study at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. As a result watching the film produced vasoconstiction a potentially unhealthy reaction in the blood vessel lining which reduces blood flow.
Next they watched a comedy. The blood vessel lining expanded.
More than 300 measurements were taken and 30 - 50 per cent difference in blood vessel diameter was found between the stress and laughter phases.
This is also similar findings to the bodies response after exercise.

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