Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Daniel 17 Years Old Today Born 23/4/1997

They say time heals but that is not true,
To live life without you is painful through and through. 
I sit beside your graveside, placing flowers in your pots,
as the tears well up in my eyes.
I hear a little sigh please don't cry mum, 
am out of pain and always by your side xx

My Easter Bunny xx

Another year passes without you by my side, 
this year marks your seventeenth a milestone in your life.
I wonder what you would have looked like, 
how much you would have grown.
But sadly you went away, 
with the secrets, never to be told.
I can although in my dreams, imagine you close by.
I reach out to touch your hand.
But your abrasion fades away. 
I wake with such heartache Dan,
that never goes away.

You will always be my bunny bumpkins miss you more than words can say 
Happy Birthday my angel 
love always and forever 

Chester Food & Drink Festival

Chester food and drinks festival was an interesting day out. I am pleased to say I won the tickets to the event which was held a Chester Race Course. Some of the stalls were quite fascinating selling a wide range of burgers and sausage made of animals you would never expect including zebra, wild dog to goat curry. There was am exotic game stall which I had to walk past quickly the animals on the menu where not for the faint hearted. 
We dud try some of the cheeses these were quite nice the Snowdonia Cheese was my favorite.  There was a stall from Saddleworth makings cheese this company was actually owned by a Coronation Street star. I cant remember his name but he was married to Gail Platt and he is David Platt`s father.  
The stall that gave us the most giggles was Simon's Sausage. There was a motto on his board saying " Nothing says I love you like an 8" sausage ". This made me laugh Simon wasn't amused especially when I made him stand under the sign for a photograph.  
There were many stalls to browse around from fancy popcorn to Celtic gifts. Another stall that was very interesting and unusual was A chocolate stall this had what looked so very real. Tools hammers,  mallets, spanners and much more all made of chocolate.  They looked so very real. Well all in all a fascinating day out in lovely sunshine. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gary Barlow

One Happy Nana at the Gary Barlow Concert. These were my birthday treat and what a treat. On stage was a very gorgeous talented man any woman would drool over, well especially Nana she did all the drooling. The concert was fabulous Gary certainly strutted his stuff on stage driving the ladies while as well as a few men. He sang Take That hits as well as his own stuff. We had a wonderful evening although emotional and tearful at times when Gary sang " Rule The World " & " How deep is your love ". These two songs remind me of my lost boys. 
We had some comical moments though during our time on our way to the great city of Liverpool. Half way through the tunnel Nana who is 84 years old decides she wants a wee in the middle of the tunnel. Oh Ya ! of course it was busy to say the least so she had to wait. We were forced to rush to the arena so she could relief her partial full bladder. It was worth muscling our way to the front, getting inside whilst everyone else stood in an orderly line. The bouncers had a field day with naughty Nana. The bouncers took the mickey just as scousers do. Telling her next time she wants a wee in the middle of a busy tea time Mersey tunnel she should stick her bare bum out of the window flooding the tunnel and spraying the folks in any passing convertible as she does it. Well she won`t do that again in a hurry.
Well all there is left to say is well done Gary for giving us some wonderful memories to take home with. Roll on next summer when all the boys will be back in the Take That tour. Fabulous !

How Deep Is Your Love - Take That https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP1mTSlpiYA

Rule The World - Take That