Monday, November 13, 2017

New Girls. ....

During October we took on 10 new girls that where destined for the slaughter house. Below are mostly photos of the new girls with the odd photo bomb of the older girls we still have and some the cats chilling.
The new girls where from hen rescue, barn laying hens which has seen little daylight. Their crowns where very pale when they arrived but now they are out in the sunshine the are reddening up well. 
So meet Custard Cream, Digestive, Cookie, Jaffa cake, Wafer, Ginger Nut, Hobnob, Jammy Dodger, Malted Milk & Garibaldi.  All Named after can you guess?

The older chicken that photo bombed   are Suzie, Henny Penny & Sunshine.
The Cats that photo bombed are BFG (Big Fluff), Spud and Lucky.  The cat story is quite a sad one with a happy ending. We adopted 5 cats in all.

The rescued and adopted animals are amazing. The cats are like no others. The are the most loving little creatures you could ever have.  Our house and land is full of life with all the little creatures tinkering around us. 

Autumnal Walks

Autumnal walks these delightful photographs where taken in and around the small hamlet of Penybont Llannerch Emrys.
Going for walks these days is not an easy task when you have a dog, a small pony and 5 cats in tow. Each of our animals love to walk down to the river. The colours of autumn are amazing this time of year. These are just a few of the autumn photographs I have taken over the last few weeks. Some I am every so happy with. I hope you enjoy looking at these like I have. Enjoy!