Monday, April 23, 2018

Daniel 21 Today 23/04/2018

Today would have marked a big birthday for Daniel he would have been 21 years old. It turned out to be a very special day too as the New Royal Baby Boy was born. We have done some fund raising for his birthday in memory of Daniels Life. So I thought it would be fitting to share some photos of Daniel not shared before. 

A day or so ago we went to his grave to put some fresh flowers on and we lite candle in the cathedral in Liverpool. Daniel died at Alder Hey in Liverpool so as we where in the city I headed straight to the cathedral to light the candle one for Daniel and one for Callum.

A strange thing happened today. My friend and I where on the top floor of the house, I have lots of things belonging the both my lost boys up there. We where sorting some stuff out when one of Daniels toy cars sprang to life and started to talk. I do believe he is always around us, this is a very comforting thought.

I still can't believe he would have been 21 years old, where has time gone. I often thing what he would have been like today as a grown man. His younger brother once said to me how he would have loved to have taken in out for a pint, it brings a lump to my throat how much he misses his older brother. 

The fund raising is going well we have raised £322 up to now. the target is £500 so we are well on the way to reaching the target. Please donate if you can spare a few pounds for our selective charity. Hope House is a truly wonderful place. It is not a place of sadness its a happy place where children with life limited illness smile. They have been there for myself and Aaron for many years they still are there for us even to this day, so please support us.

I really do not want this to be a sad blog, I want this as a celebration of his life those 10 years he was alive where at times hard work but I wouldn't change it for anything. Along the way we made some very special friends who are still here to this day. We created some amazing and special memories that always make me smile. Daniel had a excellent quality of life, he's did things some children never get to do. During the later years once we where free to fly we went on globe trotting memory making times to Lapland, Disneyland and the greek island of Zante. These memories are ever so special. Along with his horse riding, swimming and bicycle riding. The sad times I have chosen to forget these days concentrating on the wonderful times we had. I have decided to share some of his baby photos including some of his 1st birthday a mile stone we where told he would never meet, but he did and another 10 birthdays after that, I wish he could have had more, but that was no to be. 

For a while I have been following the story of Alfie Evans with very mixed feelings.I hope his parents are allowed to take him to Italy, as a parent your need to follow the path if it is offering help, I did, I had places to take Daniel, if he improved but that want to be, his brain had died. Two places offered to rehab Daniel, Brainwave and Bibic I would have upped sticks, along with Aaron, if there was any hope of him getting better. I feel for the parents with little Alfie being kept alive on life support. With Daniel I new he had already gone when the time came, Alder Hey did everything in their power to save Daniel. The story is so devastating and extremely sad. 

Our Daniel was a very special little boy who touched many a heart and still does. The skies will be alive tonight as Daniel parties with the angles. Happy 21st Birthday Daniel love you always and forever. You will always be alive in my heart.  xxxx


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Raising Money For Hope House Hospice

This week I had the shock of my life when. we hit the headlines in the county times. This month marks what would have been Daniels 21st Birthday.  Each birthday he has always hurts but this one I know will hurt that little bit more. For Daniels 18th we had a village party as Jingle his little pony was also 21 years old. This year I started getting agitated at beginning of the month wondering what we could do to mark his 21st birthday. 
The situation we find ourselves in was not practical for doing another village party, I am not very well, but we also have my mum with dementia and Simon with stage 4 cancer so a party would have been to much for us to organise and also with Aaron away a lot of the time at uni it would have been extra difficult. 
So here we are with the help of Hope House Children's Hospice and the local press we have set up a campaign in Daniels memory to raise funds for hope house hospice.
Hope House is a vital service for anyone with a child who has a life limited illness. The support they provide is vital for anyone who finds themselves in the position where their child has died, or has life limitations. It could happen to anyone of us, just imagine if it happened to you and there was no help to get you through the worst time in your lives.
Please support this cause and help us raise as much money for Hope House Children's Hospice in memory of our Daniel. 
Every penny counts in this campaign so come on guys dig deep in those pockets and down the sides of the couch. All donations welcome form just £1 to whatever you can afford. 
Daniel was a very special little boy who did n to deserve to die the way he did. Unless you where in the position I was in, you will never know how hard it is. The link below will take you to the fund raising page.

There is a lot of controversy in the news regarding the way mentally handicapped people are treated in hospital. When I get the courage to write about the painful situation I found myself  in and the events that led up to his death. 

Whittington Castle

A beautiful Sunday morning stroll around Whittington Castle. A small site with a lot to see, a delightful coffee shop / cafe, 2nd hand book shop, gift shop, castle ground and the castle ruins itself. The moat / pond surrounding the castle is alive with ducks and swans. The setting is ever so pretty, thus making it an ideal place for a relaxing stroll. 
Whittington is situated in Shropshire a few short miles from Oswestry and Ellesmere.