Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chicken Pox Poor Aaron

Well its happy holiday's in this house.
Aaron is now covered in Chicken Pox Spots. He has not felt well for the week complaining of headaches sore throat generally feeling under the weather.
Well Friday the spots started to appear they came out a dozen at a time.
He scratching and fiddling but feels a little better than he did poor lad.
It is not much fun getting chicken pox at 14 years of age.
It was a trip to the doctors Friday for conformation of the illness and also for the doctors to check out his glands behind his ears.
One set if gland behind his right ear is huge. Its that big its resembling alien its a bit worrying in case this creature from another planet pops out.
Today is Saturday looking at him this morning the spots have manifested over night his face and arms are now covered.
This is no joke really Aaron has had Chicken Pox before in fact both my boys had it the same time.
I can remember Daniel being in plaster after having an operation to straighten his tendon. The operation never worked by the way.
Aaron and Daniel were covered in the poxy spots. They were about 4 + 5 years old
So the myth you can not get it twice is well blown out of the water.
Well I had it as a child then caught it again when I was 16. I can still remember Paul my better half at the time taking the micky out of me. Mind you he still does to this day.
As for me I have been on stetiods and antibiotics  for over the past week due to ashtma and chest flare up. Well it clearly states on the packet. If taking steriods you should have no contact with Chicken Pox. We  the doctors in s bit of a flap because of my dialemia. Aaron has been infectious for well over a week.
I watch with anticipation to see what will happen? I have vedn warned the viral infection may attack my lungs and top airways as they are weak. I am told my immune system is weak. I have had the fear of god put in me. I no the signs to look for. The only thing I have at the moment its a fibromyalgia flare up.
Oh dear its just a case of wait and see what will happen. Am I worried or bothered no not me what will be will be. I have not got time to be ill. Come and try get me Chicken Pox you be sorry if you do try.
The Joys of childhood illness

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