Sunday, November 30, 2008

Magical Winter Wonderland - Wales

Jiminey Jingles out miniature stallion waiting for his hay on a cold and frosty morning.

A view from top of our house. We are surrounded by Welsh Hills & Mountains.

Dawn breaks through on a very cold morning magical Wales. What a place to live.

Frosty cob webs on the decking at the side of our house.
All these photo`s were taken by Aaron age 10 . These are some of the photo`s he has taken as part of his Scout photography badge. Well done Aaron they are very good and imaginative.

Southport - Night Out Nov 08

We headed off to Liverpool today to visit Billy`s family. We all headed to Southport meeting up with Billy`s mum sister and nephew. We looked around the shops and went out for dinner at a lovely restaurant before heading to Billy`s mums house. We also walked along the main street in Southport, the Christmas lights are really nice. They go for miles.
Billy and I then got ready to meet up with our friends. We try to meet up with them every couple of months.
We walked down to the local pub. Big smiles greeted us, all Billy`s friends a really nice and some visit us at home on occasions.
There is only one other girl Ann she is from Wirral and we get on so well. After one drink we headed off to the rock bar. This is a great little pub which entertains with rock groups. The group on was The Squad these are one of my favourite bands which perform at the pub. They sing songs from heavy to soft rock.
We had a dance it was such fun. Billy holds me close to him kisses and cuddles me constantly. Billy never lets go of me, treats me like a princess all the time, cant believe I have met such a wonderful guy.
Ann is also good fun and knows how to party.
Everyone says Billy and I make a wonderful couple and we do. I wish I had met him years & years ago. He is the one man I can trust a billion %.
The night was over far to soon. We left with plenty of hugs and kisses from Billy`s friends. One of them dropped us off in is new Merc at Billy`s mums everyone was asleep.
Great night out.
Look forward to next time.

Aaron`s Treat - Dinner Out Nov 08

Friday night saw us heading to Oswestry for Dinner out. It was part of Aaron`s treat for getting such a good school report. First we headed into town were he got the first part of his treat. A Match football card book to put all his football cards in, complete with some more of the football cards. Aaron already has a good collection.
Our next stop was the Highway Man Pub on the out skirts of the town.
Aaron had a huge plate of tikka curry, chips & rice followed by apple and toffe apple sauce. Coke to follow. This growing boy can sure eat for Wales.
We all had a nice evening out.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Parents Evening Nov 08

Billy got off work early today. It was parents evening at school. We went to school together to visit Aaron`s teacher. Aaron stayed with his Nana. Whilst waiting we looked through Aaron's school books with all the work neat and tidy. Lots of ticks and 5* s , before we were called in to the teacher.

" WHAT CAN I SAY " said the teacher.
Again Aaron received a glowing report well ahead of his years in all subjects. Aaron is a very clever bright little boy. Age for reading NR 15 years old.

The teacher went on to say how he referees to Billy as his dad. Billy beamed with delight he is so proud of Aaron. It is fantastic to see Aaron with a proper role model in his life to look up to.




Aaron Joins The Scouts Nov 08

Aaron has decided to join the scouts. He is already taking his photography badge. Here is a link to the scouts web site .


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hope House Disco & Karaoke Nov 08

Recently we met up with our friends from Hope House Hospice for an evening of karaoke and disco dancing. For supper the order was chips and sausage. Which as you can see Aaron really enjoyed.

The night was fun. Some of the children and adults sang very well. Billy, Aaron and myself danced to the party songs Billy is a fantastic dancer and certainly knows how to strut his stuff.

We twisted the night away to some of the old songs of the sixties. A song came on I really like "Want to Dance the Night Away" "With Sonorities Who can Sway". By Ricky Martin. I really like this song as I certainly have found my senora who can sway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you found yours ? LOL say no more.
Aaron also enjoyed playing with both myself and Billy, playing chase. He also had a good time doing the actions to the party songs including YMCA & Oops Up etc. Hope House have been very good to us looking after us well both before Daniel died and after. Hope House is a children's hospice for children with limited life expectancies Here is a link to their web site

November Walk In The Leaves

This week we took the little ones for a walk amongst the leaves near our home in Mid Wales.

Legends X1 Liverpool v Manchester United Nov 08

November we all took a trip Wrexham`s Race Course Ground to watch the Legends X1.

Liverpool Legends V Manchester Utd Legends X1
The game was between all the famous footballers whom have now retired due to age.
The old players also have a retro web site at The site sells signed authentic items.
As the game was played at Wrexham Football Club here is a link to Wrexham F C web site

Liverpool took on Manchester Utd. legends Here are links to both teams web sites
web site links below :-
First we all went to pizza hut to fill our tums before the match.
Aaron and I were in our Liverpool football shirts, Billy stayed neutral being an Evertonian.
We walked back to the ground and took our seats on the touch lines.

It was a lovely sunny day as the players came on to the pitch. Both Billy and I remembered many of the players from the old days. I watched many play during the 80`s along with my dad. I have been to many matches watching Liverpool play including Cup Final`s at Wemberly in the past. I have also watched Tranmere Rovers and Everton.
Here are links to Tramere Rovers
Here is a link to Everton

It was a good game. We were watching many of the old famous football stars playing from the
70`s 80`s & 90`s . These included for Liverpool`s Phil Neal, Alan Kennedy, Jan Molby, Gary Gillespie, John Aldridge, Mike Marsh, Howard Gayle and Dean Saunders the Wrexham manager.
For Manchester United players included David May, Liam O`Brien, Lee Sharpe, Sammy MclLory and Andy Ritchie.

Aaron is pictured opposite with Phil Neal, receiving an autograph.

Liverpool won 4- 2. Aaron really enjoyed the game shouting and joining in with the crowd.

Aaron loves football and is a wonderful player. Coming home from football practise in a very muddy mess. He is training with TNS. He enjoys playing in all positions from goal keeper to striker scoring goals.
Billy is also very keen on football and played semi professional before having to give it up due to injury. Billy is a keen Everton F C supporter. Its fun being on opposite sides Aaron and I both support Liverpool F C.
Billy is a great influence on Aaron and loves playing with him. Must admit both myself and Aaron`s Aunt Gaynor also have a go playing football with Aaron. Billy encourages Aaron and gives him tips etc to help him along his confidence has grown and he certainly isn't frightened of tackling much bigger players than himself.
Both these boys are great pals and get on so well its lovely to see Aaron being able to trust a man again,. Billy is a fantastic father figure for Aaron and makes a wonderful dad. I couldn't have found any one better. Billy would never fail him or let him down. Billy your are the best love from us both. xxxx
Watching the football at Wrexham was a nice day out which we all enjoyed.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quasar Shrewsbury Nov 08

A gang of us headed to Shrewsbury

We headed to the AMF ten pin bowling centre for a game of Quasar. Quasar is a Lazar quest game. It was adults v children. There was only 4 of us brave enough to go in against 7 of the little darlings. It was meant to be a game for the kids but on the way they decided they would rather fight us adults. Malcolm, Lee & Billy Volunteered. I was the only mum brave enough to go in there with a bunch of 10 yr 11 yr hooligans.
The other cowardly mums sat outside drinking tea.
What a laugh we had armed in our laser suits and guns off we went. The kids in blue us in red. It was over 3 floors, dark, luminous with hiding places.

We set up an ambush for the kids before they over powered us as we were out numbered. I was ambushed by a group of them that chased me all the way around. Eventually i hid behind the men on my team for a rest whilst they kept them at bay.

Josh got me a few times and frank and I bumped into each other hiding. Then we had a shoot out. Aaron gave chase so I got him back by sneaking up behind him.

We all had a great time, all the kids like Billy he has become really good friends with them all as well as all the parents in and around the valley.

It was over too soon Ann and Marja had drinks waiting for us when we got out before we headed off to McDonalds for tea and us all heading home.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shrewsbury Town Ghost Tour Nov 08

It was a misty evening as we all met at the Music Hall in Shrewsbury for the start of our ghost walk and tour of Shrewsbury Town Centre.

The first tale was about the pub nearby called the Hole In The Wall. It is said during the 80`s after renovation work the staff settled down for an after work drink, One of the bar staff a young girl suddenly leaped up screamed and ran away. An older lady followed her. She told how she had seen a young girl appear then walk through an old arch way that had been unearthed during renovation.

The tale went on to tell of a sad tale of a young girl who fell in love with a man her family disapproved of. The girl continued to see the man after her family had forbidden there love. When they found out she was locked in the cellar of the building and sadly staved to death.

We moved on to an old church yard in the centre of Shrewsbury. It is said the devil has climbed to the top of the steeple and looked over to The Stiperstones.

Shropshire Devil Chair. If there is someone sitting on the chair thunder and lightening strikes over Shrewsbury.

The tales went on we were told of the steeplejack who climbed the steeple and fell to his death. Another told of a ghostly figure who walks from the church yard across the street to the shops opposite. The tall gentleman watches the staff before walking through the wall at the back of the shop. The staff feel he is watching checking up on their work.

We moved on to the Prince Rupert Hotel. The hotel dates back century's. Staff tell of ghostly goings on. Guests have claimed to see the figure of an old man looking lost in the hall way holding a candle he wanders along before disappearing through the wall. One guest spent the night in the bar after seeing the figure refusing to go back to his room. Another story tell the tale of a groom jilted at the alter by his bride, he is said to roam the rooms looking for his bride.

We moved on to near where the old post office is a old medieval soldier is said to haunt the building. Opposite is the home of WHS the store room below the main floor is said to have paranormal happenings. Cold feelings when staff are down there at time. Face are also seen in the upper windows of the buildings. The top part used to be a ball room and the ghostly figures return now and then to where they was used to dance.

Next stop was near to the library, A group of houses stand in a court yard. This area was said to have been a prison in the past possible for children. A resident claims to have felt a presence in a flat they have on site.

We move on to were the council house is near to the castle. Further up the road is were a new dentist has opened up. Receptionists have hear ed noises from the waiting room when no one is there.

The council house a very old black and white building was was own by a lady from the Netherlands her parents fell ill back over seas. The Lady's sister in law came to look after here children and the dog whilst she went abroad. On her return the sister in law said to the lady why didn't you tell me about the other. What do you mean said the lady. The cavalier soldier that walks the top floor she said. Oh him he is just one of the family. She went on to say when we first moved in I just told him we will just have to share this house and that's what we do. No and then she said I just go up and talk to him. Strange but true.

We walked on to the site of the old Shrewsbury hospital. The old hospital is now the site of a range of shops and flats above. The shops they say are the home of a ghostly matron and a range of doctors and patients.
We then walked to a group of shops that were very close together. During early July late June a smell of smoke fills the air around and inside some of the shops. Shop assistants check in case of fire. When looked into it was found the shop on the corner had caught fire a very long time ago. On the top floor of the 3 storey building 3 small children sadly lost their lives in the fire.

We walked on towards Wyle Cop. A tale told of a lady who sadly got run down near her home she is said to haunt the small black + white building leading down the Wyle Cop.

We walked on to the Lion Hotel an old lady in Victorian dress is said to walk the stairways and the ballroom.

The Nags Head Pub was next. A tale was told of madness. Travellers who stayed within the building on the top floor went mad. After looking into a picture on a wardrobe door. Many died throwing themselves from the building. A young girl jumped and fell to her death then being crushed under the wheels of horse. and cart passing through the town. The room is now sealed off.
We walked on back up Wyle Cop towards thw music hall, first stopping at an old church. An old vagrant is said to have passed away on night inside the church yard walls. After trying to find relatives to no avail the vagrant was quickly buried in the church yard. Passes by complained that on walking by in the evening noises and screaming could be heard coming from the church yard. The grave was opened. They found the poor man had been buried alive ad had try ed to claw his way out of his coffin. He had been buried alive.

We headed back to Shrewsbury Music Hall.
This concludes our Ghostly Tour Of Shrewsbury. Well worth a trip. Link below

Before heading home we headed for a bargain bucket at KFC.

Bonfire Night 5th Novemeber 2008

Billy finished work early today so he could come to the Bonfire & Firework display at Llangynog, a little welsh village surrounded by the Berwyn mountains.

After eating our jacket potatoes filled with melted cheese and ham we all wrapped up warm and headed up the valley, picking Callum up on the way.
The firework display is free although a donation is asked for at the gate. We met up with a few people we no there Mandy and Lee with children Charlotte, Harvey and Lawrence.

The children had a good play as well as watching the fire works.

It was a difficult evening for myself and Aaron as it was the first bonfire night without our Daniel.

Daniel loved the fireworks, the bang bangs we would call them. Daniel would get so excited and squeal with delight as the fireworks went off. We stood in the same place as we had stood only 12 months before with a happy little boy in his wheel chair having a great time smiling from ear to ear. It is hard to believe within 2 months of that day Daniel would have died.

Billy said at least we have all these special memories of the happy time watching Daniel enjoy the life he had. Both Aaron and I were always there for him and made sure he never missed out on anything in his life.

Anyway I imagined Daniel sitting on a cloud watching from above and in some way I am sure that's were he would have been.

The display was excellent with a huge bonfire to keep us all warm. We stayed for some time before heading back as the boys had school the next day.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welsh Mountain Zoo Nov 2008

It was a lovely warm November day, the boys and I headed to the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay. Aaron and Callum had a great time and so did I.

Upon arrival we parked up, the boys went to have a play in the jungle adventure playground and on the Tarzan trail whilst I got the map out and got our bearings.

We first visited the camels, there was a baby camel also at the zoo.

The next stop was the sea lions who have there own blog entry below. The sea lion show was fantastic. From here we went on to visit the penguins these were so tame, the boys had a great time
Next was the flamingo, deer, przewalski horses, ostriches, wallaby's and the mountain goats.

We quickly visited the Chimpanzee`s before having a rest and the boys played again on the Tarzan trail.

After a short rest we headed on to see the porcupines, birds of prey & the brown bears.

The bears at the zoo were rescued . We were lucky enough to watch them being fed.

Next we visited the old Crocodile in the reptile house and the children`s animal farm hens, goats, geese and turkey.

Next we visited the monkey`s, Owls, Parrots and Arctic foxes. The Parrots were lose we got some very good photograph`s of them. We also got some good photograph`s of the Arctic foxes. These little guys looked very cuddly with there white fur.

We walked back down towards the camels and headed back to the Tarzan trail with our packed lunch. The boys set about eating up sandwiches, crisps, fruit, chocolate and blackcurrant juice.

They also had another play on the Tarzan trail.

After lunch we headed to the Chimpanzee World to watch the show about the chimps. It was a good show, we watched them being fed. The keeper told how the little holes similar to termite mounds were filled with treats such as marmite, peanut butter and jam. We were introduced to all the chimps. One chimp was very intelligent she was originally from Chester Zoo and new sign language.
Afterwards we watched the sea lions again before having a last walk around and visiting the tigers. The boys had last play on the park before we left. The Welsh Mountain Zoo is a very nice little zoo well worth a trip. The zoo is hilly in parts so wheelchair use would prove difficult in some parts.
Please take a look at the zoo web site link below :-