Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Dungeons Of Warwick Castle

Only Aaron and I were brave enough to head down to the creepy dungeons of Warwick Castle this time. Heading down deep into the heart of the castle dungeons is not for the faint hearted. 
First tale to be told was that of the plague. We learnt how many of the sufferers would slit their wrists to let out the blood drank and bathed in their own urine anything to try to rid themselves of the plague. Leeches were used by the wealthy as the boils of black puss grew upon the bodies. We also watched as the castle`s cook did an autopsy on the doctor as he had succumbed to the dreadful disease.
Moving on through the dungeons we came across the torturer he gave us a demonstration on a few of the instruments he and his fellow torturers use upon their victims. Some of these are not for the faint hearted or the men of the group if you catch my drift. One was a tongue tearer once place in the hot fire these viscous instruments would turn hot white gripping onto the cold wet tongue with a huge hissing sound and one twist two twist and a great big tug the tongue was torn from the torture victims mouth. The hook was just as gruesome, it could be placed within any hole upon the body a popular place was up the bottom. The victim would be hoisted into the air and last nights supper would be found trickling down the victims legs rather horrible.

performing the autopsy on the doctor 
 The castle had a rather horrible history. In medieval times it would have been a really disgusting place to live. 
Another of the torture instrument was one that could not be used on the ladies. It chopped the little fellow of in one go or in a few. Ouch. I still can not believe how evil people were back in them days.
There was another story of an old lady whom had been accused of being a witch. We were told the story by her son from the medieval times. The room was dark he ended up in my face and gave both Aaron and I a real scare. The son went on the tell how the witch cursed all her accuses and the castle. The poor old women was thrown into the river Avon if she drowned she was innocent  if she floated she was guilty. She could never win and neither could any other being accused of witchcraft in the good old days. 
Another part of the tour was the trails. A witch was brought into the dock. With a boo and a hiss from the crowd that had formed she was accused of dancing around on the top of the hill overlooking the castle. She was dancing around naked. Naked and singing " Beelzebub Beelzebub bring me a man as fast as you can. "   Oh dear poor women. The dungeons are really good fun if you do not mind a bit of a scare and a laugh at the same time.

heading into the bowels of the castle 

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