Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ronan Keating : Nana Dotty Rocks

Have you ever seen a Nana rock, well our Nana did. Nana Dotty has been mad on Ronan Keating and Boyzone for many years. She loves the music and the sexy Irish accent of Ronan. For her 83rd Birthday as a surprise present we got her tickets to see her idol at the Liverpool Echo Arena.
She was so excited as we took her in her wheelchair to the great city of Liverpool. We had to get her inside quickly as it was fairly cold out there near the River Mersey. We had a great view we sat in the disabled section to the left of the stage not to far back. I would always recommend Liverpool Echo Arena for the disabled it is extremely well set out. 
She was over the moon when the man himself came on the stage. she jigged away in her chair with a huge smile on her face. She then asked Simon when she was going to the next concert. We all had a great time Ronan Keating was fab live on stage. Even I like him now and girls he is a bit of a hunk, I say with a smile.
Supporting Ronan Keating was Brian McFadden ( Westlife ) he was good to although the language he used on stage was not to be desired. He was quite a comedian when he was not singing. 
Anyway a great night was had by all. Nana ( my mum ) and I did have a good giggle trying to take her the loo, its a wonder you did not hear us back home in Wales. 
Well Rock on Nana we be taking you to your next gig soon xxxx

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