Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ty Mawr / Ponderosa / Trevor Basin

It was a lovley warm sunny day off we went in our VW camper van with our dog Fred and Aaron`s Nana Dotty. We headed to Ty Mawr country park first to give Fred a run and Aaron a bike ride.

We strolled around the park looking at the animals & taking in the views. Aaron & fred running free in the distance both enjoying the sunshine. The park runs along the River Dee, it wasnt long before Fred came back dripping wet. Here is a link for info on Ty Mawr Park.

The park also has a BMX track. Here Aaron enjoys jumping over the ramps with his bike.

After the park we drove to the Horse Shoe Pass up the the Ponderosa Cafe were we had lunch. Being a warn sunny day there were plenty of motorbikes up there to look at Here is a link about the cafe and Horse Shoe Pass. It is a popular place for bikers to meet.

After lunch were headed to Trevor Basin / Viaduct. There is a lovely walk along the canal but its not for the faint hearted as when you cross the viaduct there is a huge drop looking down towards the river. Narrow boats cross the viaduct it is an amazing piece of construction work built by Thomas Telford http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Telford. Below is another link about Trevor Basin.

It was a lovely day out we all enjoyed it including Fred our dog.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Caernarfon Castle / Haven Weekend Sept 08

Again another lovely weekend staying in the heart of beautiful North Wales.

We stayed at Haven Greenacres Black Rock. It is a delightful park. We made our way to our caravan which was very smart. The only problem was it was directly opposite were we had stayed with our precious Daniel not even 12 month previous.

We remembered how Daniel adored Bradley Bear and Rory the Tiger. His smiles and giggles would fill the air as he squealed with delight. During the evening we visited the complex only to bump straight into Bradley and Rory. Tears flowed as I remembered the special times with our Daniel and how his life was so tragically cut short. His death is something both Aaron and I will never get over we just have to learn to live with the heartache. A tribute to Daniel above with his beloved Bradley Bear. It`s hard to believe that within a year of those photographs being taken Daniel would be dead. Some people may find it easy to get over there childs death but anyone close to Daniel will never get over it.

Whilst at Haven we went swimming, visited the disco and watched the cabaret in the evening. The acts were very good as we joined in the fun singing along to the tunes Tina Turner, Take That, Abba and many more. We also watch the derby between Liverpool & Everton. Liverpool winning 2 - 0 . Billy`s for fit was to kiss the Liverpool badge on our tops.
Whilst in the area we also visited Porthmadog and Pwllheli.
On the last day after packing we headed off to Caernarfon Castle. Parking at the harbour and gathering our packed lunch we headed into the castle. There was plenty to see and do it was a huge castle.
Aaron again had yet another great day out and valuable learning experience. Both Aaron and Billy have a strong sense and interest in history. We watched a film about the castle`s history and climbed up to the top of the Eagle Tower. From the top of the tower there were fantastic views of surrounding Wales including the harbour and Anglesey.
We walked around the castle visiting all the towers the well tower with it`s huge well. There was a museum with the thrones the Queen and Prince Charles used when he was made Prince of Wales back in 1969. Also a museum on medieval soldiers and battles from back then to date both the boys found the castle very intresting. We headed home around tea time stopping on the Llanberis pass for a nice cup of tea. Again we had yet again another weekend adventure. Below are links to infomation on he castle.

Bodrum Turkey Sept 08

We boarded the hydrofoil from Kos and headed to Bodrum Turkey. The hydrofoil shot across the sea at great speed. Here is a link on some info about hydrofoil`s. for those of you with an interest on this type of boat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrooil
It wasn't long before we reached Turkey. Bodrum was very beautiful, the harbour was filled with millions of pounds worth of boats. Here is a link about Bodrum..
We strolled around the city the streets were lined with market style shops and open air restaurants. It was very very hot here. We looked at the stalls of home made crafts there were so many bargains. Billy spoiling Aaron again buying him more games for his DS game console plus he got a light blue Liverpool top.
We sat and drank the local tipple of apple tea, the Turks were very pleasant and took a liking to Aaron and myself due to us both being blond. They simply adored Aaron.
We walked along the harbour front, Aaron played on the playground before we visited Bodrum Medieval Castle and under water museum. It was a magnificent castle with plenty to see. Links below for those of you whom wish to take a look. Also here are a selection of photos of Bodrum and the castle.

Bodrum was a beautiful place and well worth the visit even though it was to hot.

Kos Town Greece Sept 2008

One of Billy`s educational trips for Aaron a visit to Kos Town. Here is a link to an interesting web site about Kos with history of Kos town.

The town was beautiful, set by the sea, with spectacular views across the harbour with old churches and buildings through out. Narrow streets filled with lovely little shops with pretty things for sale.

Kos town is famous due to having the tree of Hippocrates http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippocrates

It is said Hippocrates gave lectures beneath he tree many many years ago. Aaron learnt a lot visiting Kos Town. A picture of the tree is above also two links of interest one on Hippocrates and one on the tree.
After visiting the tree we walked along the harbour front taking in the spectacular views. Please take a look at the photo`s of Kos town.

Nyssiros Volcano Crater Greece

It`s not every day you get the chance to stand on a live volcano crater. We travelled from Kardamena via boat across the ocean to a very pretty Island called Nyssiros The boat journey was great on an open topped boat across the open blue sea under the rays of the summer sun. My only fear was my 10 year old son Aaron was driving the boat under the close watch of the Skipper and navigator. He drove the boat most of the way and I must admit did a fantastic job.

Reaching the Island we boarded a coach which then took us to the volcano crater. The views on the way were superb. Huge mountain drops and of the sea. The Island of Nyssiros is very pretty.

At the Volcano. This was a magnificent experience for all of us. It stunk of sulphur like bad eggs. The crater was huge. We walked down into it. The smell getting stronger as we went down. What an experience standing on a live volcano with the ashes smouldering away underneath. The active parts of the volcano could be clearly seen below via holes on the crater floor. Steam rose from the holes and some parts of the Crater ha bubbling ash of grey and green We took lots of photo`s and collected volcanic rock. Aaron later did a project on this trip to show his friend at school, they all were impressed. Before leaving Nyssiros we had the pleasure looking around the town. Pretty coves and things for sale lining the small narrow streets. We then headed back to the boat heading back to Kos. Here are some links to Island information and some photo`s. http://www.travbuddy.com/photos_popup.php?pid=1613198

Kardamena Kos Greece

Being only a few miles from our hotel we visited Kardamena a few times. http://www.kardamena-kos.com/

Kardamena was situated by the sea with spectacular views of the harbour and surrounding Islands. It had some nice shops and bars. At one of the bars we met a nice lady Shannon from Bulgaria, whist the boys played Shannon and I chatted away. Aaron even spotted the local McDonald's. Here are some photo`s of Kardamena.

Greece & Turkey Sept 2008

Aaron was extremely excited as we boarded the plane at Manchester Airport. He loves to fly and has a huge interest in planes. What a special birthday treat for such a special boy.

Upon take off we both got extremely upset remembering how Daniel, Aaron big brother who sadly died loved the planes and the roaring of the engines as they speed ed across the runway into he air.

It took NR 4 hrs to reach the island of Kos in Greece. Here is a link for Island Info. http://www.greekisland.co.uk/kos/kos.htm

Getting off the plane the heat hit you it was very warm and sunny. We jumped into a taxi and headed to our hotel. It was fantastic, 3 x swimming pools, adjacent to the beach, with own own apartment and balcony over looking the front swimming pool. it was long before Aaron was changed into his swimming trunks and goggles and off to check out all the pools. The hotel facilities were very good clean and tidy. A huge self service restaurant, with pool side bars and lounges to relax and enjoy the sun. The food was lovely being all inclusive you could eat and drink all you wanted without putting your hand in your pocket. There was even a free bus into town Kardamena. We used the hotel as a base and enjoyed our free time mainly in the swimming pools were the boys had great fun pushing each other off the lilo`s. Both Billy and Aaron played chess in the evening`s. Billy taught Aaron to play chess it wasn't long before he had Billy in check mate, leaving Billy with a hard opponent to beat, he taught him to play well. Our hotel room was immaculate with beautiful views of the resort and surrounding area. On our next few blogs they will be story's of our visits to different places within Greece and nearby Turkey. Here our photo`s from the hotel plus a hotel link. I would highly recommend staying at this hotel http://www.activehotels.com/1/1/79210-akti-beach-club-hotel-kardamena-kos.html

We had fun whilst away even flew out with XL airlines whom went bust the first day we were out there. By the time we were due to fly back the CAA had organised a new flight back for us with Monach Airlines. It was a long flight home taking 4 hrs we got some fab photo`s above the clouds though.

Views From The Plane

Friday, September 19, 2008



How time flies. Aaron is now 10 years old. During his short years Aaron has experienced so many things both good and bad. Some of which most adults wont have experienced. He has come through with flying colours and is turning into a very clever, charming and handsome young man.

He witnessed his precious brother slip away over last Christmas 2007, whilst most of the people through out the world were opening there presents with smiling faces.
As the celebrations for the new year began Daniel, Aaron's big brother and best friend sadly slipped away leaving Aaron and those who loved Daniel dearly devastated at his death. Aaron stayed with Daniel till the end determined not to leave his side.
Daniel was 10 years old, the same age as Aaron is now. This birthday, being this age is hard for Aaron.
Despite him having a hard 10 yrs some of which could have been avoided. Aaron has overcome the heartache of his past and shone through. He know es he has people around him he can trust and talk to, that don't let him down.
Aaron has also endured many good things and has experienced many exciting experiences inc a visit to Lapland, Disney Land also many place and experience`s that has enhanced his life and mind and made him the 10yr old boy he is today. A boy that I am so proud of.

Aaron is a very clever special boy with a mind of his own and he expresses himself as such. Aaron is 10 yrs old and will go far in this world with the knowledge and experience`s he has been exposed to during his short life.
He had a lovely birthday with lots of presents and cards from his friends and family. He had a special gift and big surprise thanks to Billy. xxxx

Billy adores Aaron and makes a fantastic step dad and role model for him. Look out for the next blogs to see were we went and what we did FANTASTIC

Formby Red Squirrals Sept 08

We visited the Formby woods to see the red squirrels which are an endangered species. They live in a preserved wooded area protected by the National Trust. Here is the web site link. http://www.redsquirrels.info/formby_squirrels.html

The squirrels are lovely little creatures. Here is some info on the red squirrel please click the next link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Squirrel

We saw a few but it was hard to get photographs of them due to there speed and flexibility. It was amazing how high and how far they could jump from tree to tree. They lived amongst the huge pine trees. Here are a couple of pictures of the area were the squirrels live if you look close you may see a squirrel you never NO !