Friday, February 8, 2013

The Broken Finger

Wednesday the 5th of February 2013 saw Aaron taking his first trip to A&E casualty. Aaron is very keen on karate  and take`s each session he goes to seriously. 
Aaron is currently a blue belt and will be taking his next belt sometime in April hopefully.
During a sparing match at Llangedwyn session last Wednesday Aaron broke his growth plate in his middle finger after getting a kick to then hand and bending his finger fully back. He spent Thursday having x rays and seeing a doctor at Shrewsbury hospital. He is due back at the fracture clinic next week.
His finger was taped to the next one to give it time to heal. He is also being encouraged to start to bend it at middle joint. 
Aaron`s hand is extremely painful but I am sure it will heal soon. 
Think `Graeme` Aaron`s karate instructor is really chuffed with Aaron, as true to form he carried on with his sparing match till it finished with no tears. 
He just turning very white at the end. Well Done Aaron sure you will be back sparing and grabbling again shortly.

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