Sunday, September 30, 2012

Attingham Park : The Deer & The Love Birds

a proud young man with his beautiful girlfriend Hollie

two monkeys up a tree

catch me if you can 

views of Attingham 

Flooded Landscape 

Raging Rivers 

The Love Birds 

The Angry Stream

Estate Pigs 

Looking for Deer 

looks a bit like a dragon

this little piggy  .......

ahhhhhhhhhhh  so sweet 

walking in the Autumn Sunshine 

The see through Bee Hive 

The walled gardens 

We had a wonderful weekend, ending up looking for the deer at Attingham Park Near Shrewsbury. 
The deer walk at Attingham is a lovely flat walk through woodland and across open fields. Aaron and his beautiful girlfriend Hollie lead the way.
We stopped off at the walled gardens were we saw bees in a see through hive before coming across the estate pigs. These were happily munching away at the left overs from the garden clearing the allotment plot nicely for the next crop.
Walking on we crossed the bridge which I took flight on hurting my wrist and arm ouch. 
Heading onwards we entered the deer park were we came across three deer under a tree, we got some really good pictures. We stood watching these beautiful creatures for some time. 
Heading onwards we crossed over the raging river and the little stream which too was as angry as the river. The grounds of the estate here were still quite flooded after the previous days of non stop rain. 
After this lovely relaxing walk we headed for a well earned coffee.
It has been such a lovely weekend. Aaron and Hollie have loved spending time with each other. Hollie has been a pleasure to be with.  Big Hugs Little Lady XXXX