Sunday, June 24, 2012

Aaron`s Nana

Aaron`s Nana is 82 years old , 83 come January 2013. Recently Nana had a very bad heart scare and ended up in hospital. She had a very bad pain in her chest, sitting on the edge of her bed she took her angina spray. I checked on her every minute whilst making the tea. Usually when feeling the pain it is an angina attack. The attack only lasts a few minutes then passes over. This time it was very different.
Suddenly I heard a strange noise, then found Nana gasping for air, within a few second she had lost consciousness  and and slumped down. I screamed and shook her slightly to try and arose her. She looked as though she was dying. Her breathing was shallow, I felt as though she would stop breathing at this point.
I grabbed the phone dialling 999, giving the details was difficult as I was constantly checking for breathing. Simon held her hand as she squeezed his during her time unconscious. Ambulance control stayed on the phone till the paramedic arrived which was a long time. Simon was not best pleased at the length of time it took for a paramedic and then the ambulance to arrive. 
Nana still unconscious was placed on heart monitors which showed irregular beats of her heart. I was told it was a heart attack.
A few minutes later Nana started to come around. She had pains in her jaws a sure sign of a heart attack or angina. a few more minutes later her heart returned to normal. The ambulance men took her to the ambulance. I then fell apart it is very hard watching someone you love looking like there going to die n front of you. Placed on monitors again she stated to feel sick. 
Reaching the hospital it was very difficult as I was lead through the corridors to where Daniel once lay. Memories came flooding back tears welled in my eyes.
Casualty staff were really good we were there for some time till a bed was found. Simon had gone home to tend to Aaron who was worrying about his precious Nana. A while later once Nana was settled and wide awake, causing havoc, Simon came to collect me and I went home completely shattered.
The doctors are not sure what caused Nana to collapse. It is highly possible she had this possible bad angina / heart attack due to stress. She has been very upset lately seeing Aaron so unhappy and stressed lately. Aaron and his Nana are very close. They have a very special bond. Aaron towers above his Nana now and is very protective towards her.  Aaron is growing into a fine young man the last few days since his Nana`s attack he has been a star. Ready to act using his first aid skills if needed. We all  love our Nana very much and certainly do not want to see her have any more attacks like this. I am thankful to god that all turned out well and we have our precious well loved Nana with us. Many Thanks to everyone that has wished her well and said many prayers for her over the last few days. :-)  xx  :-D 

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