Monday, February 11, 2013

Chat With An Old Friend

Today I had a chat with a dear old friend. Someone who has been in my life for many years. We went back over the years of my life. I found what she had to say really interesting.
She said she had seen me change so much over the past 9 years.So much for the better. 
She said how she had seen me take control and charge of my life. How different I am from the person I was all those years ago. 
Many bad things have happened to me throughout my life yet I have never given up. 
Somehow I have pulled myself together and risen above the sadness and strived forward to where I am today.
My friend says in her experience there are not many people who can overcome such emotional, physical and psychological torment and sadness and still shine through. 
Yes I do have my dark days and the past events in my life have left me with physical, emotional and health problems. But my dark days do not last long the sun shines back through soon after.
She once described me as the the Phoenix that flew out of the fire. I do feel that is true.
I must say I think life begins after 40 as it has for me I am the happiest I have been for a long time. 
I love my life, my work, my friends, my family and not forgetting my animals. I enjoy all we do together and my own personal achievements too. 
I have learnt life changes there is nothing you can do about it you just have to go with the flow. I was always scared of change but some changes are good. All you do is move on to the next chapter in your life.
You never forget the old chapter, each chapter has its own story which houses its own unique memories. These memories stay with you, your life time weather they are good or bad.
Always look forward to each chapter in your life do not be afraid. Life is what you make it your have control of your destiny. 
You are responsible for your own actions and the way want to live your life. You are responsible for your own happiness or sadness.
Trust me happiness is so much better than being sad. 
I do proceed with caution in all expects of my life but still reach out to the unknown you never no what you may find. 
As my dear friend says I am such a positive person if I was not so positive about my life I would have collapsed in a heap by now and curled up in a ball, after all myself and my family have been through.
I am known as such a smiley person, always laughing and joking. Sometimes I am hurting underneath the laughing and joking but that is not often. Smile life begins at over 40 trust me
Thank you my dear friend Francis for teaching me to look at life from different angels. I may or may not have done it without you. 

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