Friday, July 30, 2010

Rhayader .... Camping In The Heart Of Wales

Recently we stayed at the Wyeside camping site in Rhayader. The site was lovely and we met some really nice people who I have stayed in contact with via facebook and email.
Hi Vernon (( Big Hugs )) X

It was a beautiful setting in the heart of Mid Wales. In walking distance of Rhayader which dates back to the 5th century, this making Rhayader the oldest town in Mid Wales.

The town is sheltered by the Cambrian Mountains and cupped by hills rising to over 1500 feet. 700 ft above sea level in the beautiful Upper Wye Valley.

The night sky looking towards Rhayder.

The church in the background is St Clements Church formally known as St Cynllo. It is said to stand on the site of the old Garrison church of the castle. Whilst foundations of a new tower were being dug several skeletons were discovered laid neatly in a mass grave. One was of enormous size with a thighbone longer than a metre. It is agreed that these were soldiers of the garrison of Rhayder castle who had been slain by Llwewlyn the Great and that the "giant" was the

Dating back to the 5th Centuary Neolothic remains show people have been here far longer than this date.

The town originally distinguished by two natural features : the waterfall that gave the town its name and the ford across the river. The waterfall that is seen today is only the remains of the original that was blown up to make way for the bridge.
The ford just down stream leads to the opposite bank in Llansantffraed Cwmdeuddwr - meaning the church of St Bride in the valley of the two waters.

For century's the town was a natural stopping point for monks, drovers and mail coaches The poet Wordsworth has also stayed here.

I would recommend Rhayader as a place to visit there is lots to do in the area. Also see blogs below :-)

Red Kite`s ........ Gigrin Farm

Feeding of the Red Kite`s at Gigrin Farm ........ What an experience

The Elen Valley

Recently we visited the Elen Valley Rhayader. Below are some of the fab photo`s