Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Rambling Man - Our Adventure

Wow Wow. what an adventure! 
Off we trotted in our faithful old bus like a pair of hippies down to Maidstone Kent
Having a mega amount of hassle getting there due to traffic everywhere. Rerouted as the stacking process was underway in the M20 as the cross Channel Tunnel was shut once again with no border crossings. The rain poured and poured not letting up all the way there. After battling the elements we eventually arrived at our selected camping pitch.

Being a fussy madam Miss Bus was back and too in the space till she was parked up level precise on her pitch. ( Anyone wonder where my son gets his OCD  from. )
After at drink at the bar we turned in for a comfortable first night at the festival.
The sun began to shine as we had our fill of breakfast.  The only complaint I have of the camping where the toilets and the showers. They we porta loos, most people who know me know I am unable to go in enclosed spaces after the motorcycle crash I had many years ago which results in nor only broken bones but a terrible fear of being trapped. After one attempt of the ports loo which included an hypo attack I wouldn't go in again, luckily there was the cricket club and park loos to go to. Also those toilets where fairly gross another reason for my OCD germ buster. Every time Simon ventured in one I attacked him with anti bacterial wipes and spray.
Thankfully most of the fair made up for the phobia of the dreaded toilets.
The fair was really good we wandered about in the Saturday stopping for  little rests in between the bands.
Firstly starting at the Outlaw Country Stage tent with Jess and the Bandits ( a great red headed girl with a lovely voice. We stood to near the front at first the better sounds where further back. ) 
The Classic Rock Stage we saw clips of  Toseland, FM, Blue Oyster Cult, Saxon and The Scorpions ( WOW they blew the roof of if there was one, really good show. ) 
The Prog Stage we saw Touchstone ( really good band with a lovely young lady singer, sadly they are disbanding at the end of the year. ) Pendragon ( really enjoyed these guys. ) Haken, Anathema ( Liverpool Band really good tunes. ) and last but not least for a Saturday night Camel ( drew a huge crowd despite being on same time as the Scorpions. ) 

Sunday it poured and poured with rain, although it was a good day. We watched a few bands pausing for a rest throughout the day. Hot coffee made in the bus and layers and layers of winter clothing, including my mittens. After an episode of finding my feet and hands tinged blue I resorted to extra socks and plastic bags on my feet to keep the cold out quite amusing since its summer, well British summer lol.

Sunday the bands where a treat to listen to.  Blue Pills, Solstar ( an Icelandic group with long flowing locks, music was really good ), 
The Quireboys, The Temperance Movement ( very catchy music  enjoyed ), Rival Sons.
Seasick Steve a really fun hillbilly guy who gave us a laugh as well as good catchy songs, more on him below.  These were all on the Classic Rock Stage.
As for the Blues Stage we didn't get to listen to much here as the tent was packed with people trying to keep out of the rain. 
I did feel though the Rock Stage did drown out the Blues Stage at times. Standing between the two my brain was in melt down.

The one I found best was Seasick Steve he was fab. I lost Simon in the crowd after having a chat with an old Mote Park neighbour who was not happy the festival was in the park. What a racket he chunted on. How many of the local residents where adamant they would complaint about the Rocking Hippie event in the park.

Seasick Steve was amazing what a funny hillbilly guy. After searching for Simon I found myself at the front near the stage with a great view. The tall blokes let a little person through so u could see. As Seasick Steve jumped off the stage he patted my mitted hand as he passed. It was a great show which even though I couldn't find Simon we both enjoyed.

As the acted finished and the crowd dispersed Simon popped up in front of me.
The Prog stage had a fairly good line up. Anna Phoebe ( bit different with the violin but really good set. ) 
Knifeworld, The Pineapple Thief ( great band & music ) Riverside ( emmm afraid we headed off ) and of course -----
Off we trotted to watch Marillion.  Excellent set, great act but ended a little abruptly? Still really enjoyed.
With the day over and a extremely muddy campsite we starred our journey home. Loaded with red bull we watched as car after car became stuck in the mud. What was to become of my poor old bus. Driving down I avoided the mud, as the cars where pushed through the mud my fear of sinking made me and poor miss bus quiver. What was I to do first gear foot down she done us proud dancing through the mud back end swinging out she popped a little muddy but through putting many a car  to shame out onto the open road off she flew all the way home. With Two crashes, a Quashcar the squashed on the M25 and a three car pile up on M40.  Plus road work road closures we eventually got home at four thirty in the morning Buzzing with red blue we watched the world go from dark to light. An amazing journey home all through the lanes via Bridgnorth from Birmingham due to A5 being shut we watching the passing wildlife. Miss Bus did us proud #ilovemyvwdub   There is nothing like the fun of a VW Camper Van. Stinking like a Hippie. and hurting all over the joys

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