Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blogging About Shrewsbury & The Sales

This week has been the Welsh half term. It has been a funny old week. It seem`s to have flown. Simon`s mum has been quite poorly so we have been up to the hospital every day to check on her. We have also been up there with Aaron and the broken finger. Lets just say I am sick to death of hospitals at the moment. We also been visiting the other hospitals that Simon and I are under. Will it ever end?
Well we did manage to get a bit of time out this week away from the dreaded hospital`s. Time out was a visit to Shrewsbury Town Centre.
Well here goes a blog about Shrewsbury.
Shrewsbury is a town I enjoy visiting. I find Shrewsbury Town just like Chester. Chester is one of my favourite cities, they are both so very similar with the old black and white building`s. They are also both steeped in medieval history.
Parking at Frankwell we headed over the River Severn towards the town centre. The River Severn flows all the way through Shrewsbury. The river can be quite scary when it is in flood. I have often seen the river covering the street`s of the town in the past. One memory I have is of walking the children from our local school across the risen walk ways to the old music hall for the Christmas pantomime. This was one of the time`s we took my beloved little boy Daniel.
Anyway back to the journey into Shrewsbury Town. We headed up to the Darwin Shopping Centre. We have not been here for some time. We as a family found it quite shocking at the amount of shops that were shut. I found it some what a bit of a ghost town in places.
We had a good look around the shops that were open whilst we where there. Women do like the sales and a good bargain and like many of my fellow kind I just love bargains.
I must admit I found plenty, I say with a big smile on my face. Like other women I always change my mind. I buy something them decide I do not want it luckily for me I can list it on Ebay and sell it and make a quite profit if am lucky.
Walking through Shrewsbury it was a bit snowy to say the least. We actually managed to wade through the odd blizzard at times. There was a chilly wind in the air but that did not stop me and my mind wandering towards the quaint little lanes and walk ways. Just by glancing towards the darkened alley ways it make you wonder what  secrets they hold. I find it remarkably relaxing walking through the town letting my mind drift to what lies hidden within the history of Shrewsbury Town.
The Quarry is another place I like to take a stroll but more so in the summer when the flowers are in full bloom and the sun is out. 
I have in the past done history walks and ghost tours around the town all of which have been very interesting for both adult and child.
I would recommend a visit to Shrewsbury as there is plenty to do and too look at. 

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