Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wild Welsh Ponies

What a lovely sight wild Welsh Mountain ponies up in the hills just outside Brecon.
With their thick winter coats they looked warm content dispite the howling wind and the driving rain how lucky were we to see them.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Playing Ball In The Sunshine

Having fun in the sunshine Me, Aaron & Jingles Little Helper. Taking Reggie for a walk with his ball. Fabulous Wales !

Saturday, March 15, 2014

18 Years Today 16th March 1996 - 2014

Today would have been your eighteenth birthday. It would have been a milestone in your life but sadly we can not share this day together. 
Your heart stopped beating four and a half hours after you were born. We were both quite poorly after such a traumatic time. We lost lots of blood after your life line to my body was severed.
After coming round after our cesarean section I was told you were a boy, in special care because you had been born a few weeks early at 36 wks. We named you Callum.

Then it all went wrong. 
I still remember holding your warm body in my arms but you had gone. Your tiny hands were warm to touch. The sadness was overwhelming. It was Mothers Day 1996 the time we spent together.
So here I am 18 years later not a day goes by when I don't think of you. I long for what could have been the life that was so cruelly taken away from you. Daffodils remind me every spring of that fateful time around you death. I can remember it all in such great detail as if it was yesterday 18 years have gone so very fast. I can remember times minute detail. I have so many Thoughts and memories that never go away.
I could never have replaced you where a person in your own right, my son, a grandson & Daniel & Aaron's lost brother.
But now you have company another with you so your not alone.
Your 18th birthday will be celebrated in your everlasting home of heaven with little Daniel by your side. I am sure heaven will be rocking especially if your brother Daniel has anything to do with it.
Daffodils bud on your grave this day that should have been a huge celebration on this earthly plain for your eighteenth birthday.
Although I never got to know you as a person I have always felt your presence around me. Once a gypsy lady stopped me she told me many things that came true she also told me I had an angel upon left should a wee spirit always with me.
Wherever you are my budding angel I want you to know we are thinking of you.
You will never be forgotten or replaced by all who loved you and still do  luv u always my angel baby.


When you died I wrote many poems here are a couple.

Letter`s from the heart were sent, 
for a child not given only lent,
although you were only a few hours old,
you touched the hearts of young and old.

You never know how I loved you so,
Our only wish was to watch you grow,
to have held your tiny hand in mine, 
to have seen your smiling face devine.

The days that pass are filled with sorrow,
our dreams of happiness seem so hollow,
what should have been such a joyous time, 
turned to heartache for a life time.

All your teddies stand alone,
in a room, freshly painted for you to come home,
but we know that will never be, 
for you have gone for eternity. 


The saddest thing you will ever see,
is a babys name in a cemetery,
be it on a marble stone,
 with lettering, thats etched in gold.
For what you see before you, 
is a child thats never lived. 
Gone before his time began
lost without such trace.
But as you stand beside and weep,
take a second thought.
For the parents that he`s left behind,
as they grieve forever more.


Exploring When Its Dark

Its dark outside the moon is bright and the star do shine. Its time to go exploring. With the dog on his lead, torches in hand and reflector jackets for the lanes off Aaron & I went. Out to explore in the darkness. Another world comes alive at dusk rabbit, owls mice, badgers and foxes spring to life as us daytime creatures start to rest our weary heads upon our pillows.
So off Aaron and I trotted under the up and coming moonlight for a stroll in the dark. Its amazing how creepy places feel,you know the one`s that in daylight seems so innocent. How a tree branch high up in the tree suddenly turns into the ghostly figure once the sky has blackened and the moonlight lights it up into a distorted shape.
Our walk took us up the old railway line towards the derelict cottage. Walking at a steady place. Shuffles coming through the bushes as the night time creatures scurry away at the sounds of our boots treading ground. 
We stop and listen. Once dark your hearing becomes far more alert your body awakens to every slight sound. In the distance not to far away the sound of the owl we hear as he hoots leaving his nest, his place of safety out on his nightly duties to collect food for himself and his family.
Walking back we can hear the sound of the river trickling along the banks within the countryside that surrounds it. Water scurrying along on its journey to rivers beyond, heading towards the oceans so deep. The night sky with the full moon beams down upon the water creating a shadow of watery reflection. Its such a beautiful place to live to be. 
We did not stay out to long as Simon and Nana would worry we knew that but our walk in the dark was just lovely. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the whole of the UK. We do not appreciate what we have on our doorstep sometimes. It is like being on holiday ever day. On sunny days  and moonlit nights it makes you think and feel how lucky we are to be alive to enjoy it. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dr Who Convention

London saw the 50th anniversary of Dr Who. The event was held in one of London`s main arena`s in the docklands. Spread out over a mass of exhibition halls. There was lots to see and do including the costumes, K9,s many of the monsters old and new. Make up sets and many shows including Eric Norton and the scarey Dr Who aliens. The main event was the 2 x stage shows. Everyone lucky enough to have a ticket were divided into 2 groups, we where the weeping angels. We were ushered into a huge arena. Onto the stage came the Dr`s old and new spanning many generations. The ones I remember from my childhood are Tom Baker and Peter Davidson. The show`s spoke of the past and present of Dr Who. It was quite amusing to listen to and to watch. The Daleks were as scary as usual. They often sent a shiver up my spine when I was a child. The day went ever so quickly, with tired feet from all the walking around, we headed back home. It was a day to remember and a part we played in the history of this great TV series.