Saturday, October 31, 2009

Haunted Happenings - Chirk Castle Halloween

We headed up to the castle for the Haunted happening`s. It was a fabulous day. Around the castle Aaron had to find living ghost`s. The ghost below was Owain ap Rhys, he died in 1325. A so called friend of his slit his throat with a razor whilst shaving.

The lady above was Leulluce Powel, she died in 1645 of a broken heart after her lover failed to return from battle. She walks the castle grounds waiting for her true love to return.

We walked around the castle, Aaron had a great time. The castle was done up with Halloween related articles all the way around. Bats, pumpkins and spiders webs were everywhere. Down the dungeons were suits of armour hanging around adding to the effect of the day.

All around the castle there were story tellers. Witches told story's surrounded by cauldrons, spell books and magic potions.

Below is Elily Gladstone she died in 1925. She was partying at the castle and got very drunk. She ended up falling form the castle roof.

Other ghosts in the castle were Sir Thomas, he died in 1545 and was poisoned by a friend of Henry the 8th after he disagreed with the king executing his wives.
Elizabeth Cavendish was the last ghost to find. She was the governess of the castle, she died in 1901 of consumption TB. She is said to haunt the castle stairway after a child in her care fell to his death from the top of the stairway.

Finishing our tour of the castle we headed to the castle garden`s.

Here Aaron ran around climbing tree`s and climbing in and out of the moat that surround`s the castle. He loves to climb and jump about as all boys should be allowed to. The views from this part of the castle grounds are fantastic. On a clear day you can see as far as the Pennines. It was a relaxing day and made a change from the last time we visited the castle in the company of a man that shouted at Aaron blaming him for another child's failure to climb out of the moat himself, after the child climbed down there freely on his own will. If left to his own devices this child would have found his way out eventually himself but instead he was hauled out by his arms banging his side on the way up. Boy`s should be allowed to be boy`s.

Of course the man in question got told were to go, don't think I have ever met such a prick. This man is cetainly not a person you can trust due to the spiteful remarks I have suffered over my time with my dear Billy. It`s a shame some children have such sheltered childhood`s and are clearly not allowed to do what boys do. Climbing down the moat, climbing tree and running and rolling down hill is something I would have done as a child being a tomboy. Great fun !

What a fab day out on way home we headed to Oswestry to do a little shopping.

The Bat Walk - Chirk Castle Halloween 09

Chirk Castle Bat Trail. We followed the bat trail around Chirk Castle grounds. Picking up the sheet and with Fred our dog on his lead we headed off to learn about bats. The trail is a lovely walk, through open countryside and woodland.

What we learnt about bats :-
1/ How many different types of bat live in Britain ? A/ 17
2/ What type of bat can be found at Chirk Castle ? A / Greater Horseshoe
3/ What does a Pipistrelle bat weigh the same as ? A / £1 coin
4/ What can bats do that no other mammals can ? A / Fly
5/ How many babies does each mother bat give birth to each year ? A / 1
6/ How old are bats when they are able to fly ? A / 5 to 6 weeks
7/ What do bats do each winter ? A / Hibernate
8/ How many insects can Pipistrelle bats eat each night ? A / 3,000
9/ What noise do bats make to help them find their way ? A / Clinking
10/ How long can bats live ? A / 30 years

We had a great time doing this walk. The autumn is a beautiful season with all the amber colours upon the ground. As we walked we watched the leaves drift down from the tree`s.

Walking across the open countryside we came across a herd of cows and the medieval black sheep. After our walk we stopped off at the cafe for a rest and a short snack of crisps, coke and hot coffee before heading up to the castle for Haunted happenings blog above.

Enchanted Evening At The Fair Ground West Mid Safari Park

After the safari park we headed to the fair ground. I was unable to go on the rides last time. We put on our wristbands and off we went on all the rides at the fair.

We went on the pirate ship many times, pictured above. We also went on the roller coaster a few time. Aaron's favourite was the twister. This span around and climbed to great heights before spinning back to the ground it was such fun. We also went on the Rhino coaster and the caterpillar and the apple.
We got soaked on the log flume and also wet on the river raft ride. We went on the swings boat and the ghost train. The tarantula spider ride was another good fun ride.

We spent many hours on the rides before heading for some tea.

In the evening the theme changed the ENCHANTING EVENING started. Here as it got dark the lights came on turning the safari park into a wonderful magical place of witches wizards and mystery.

We entered the animal houses during the evening. The reptile house, aquarium and the bat cave. In the bat cave were the bats fly free we came across a creature we had never seen before. Aye aye. he is a nocturnal animal, a mixture of monkey, rodent and with huge claws.
We both fell in love with him, watching him for some time. He was housed with a large jumping rat.

The lights around the park were really good animals lite the way. We also found the Darwin trail, this trail took us down a path listening to the evolution from the dinosaurs to human beings.
There was a display were Aaron had to find and dig out a dinosaur egg, once found he had to break it open to reveal which dinosaur baby was inside. Aaron found a teradacdil. Moving on we came across the evolution of the planes and automobile.

There were also displays in lights of ancient Rome and Egypt.
After this we headed for the sealion show this took place in the dark with the added treats of Merlin the wizard and hazel the witch. The sealions are lovely creatures and the show was fantastic.

Towards the end of the evening, we headed to the spooky animal encounter. Here there was another witch in her room complete with cauldron and spooky creature`s. Aaron made friends with a huge millipede. He was lovely with over 300 legs, he was only young and these can grow to some size and gain over 700 legs in all. Next the show took place the witch had corn snakes. She was to cast a spell to change the colour of the snake. We were all shown a red coloured corn snake. We were able to touch this little chap. The witch also told us about the snakes. They live in corn field`s hence the name. They eat adult mice usually one a week. The witch went on adding things to her cauldron and then place the snake in. With a hocus pocus spell out popped a albino snake minus his red colour. The spell had worked. This time Aaron was chosen from the audience and allowed to hold the snake himself. He really enjoyed this.

After the show was over it was getting rather late, so we headed back to the car. We didn't get home till well after 10pm. We had a wonderful day out with animals, the fair and the enchanted evening.

West Midlands Safari Park - FREE return trip Oct 09

We had a wonderful day using our Free return ticket to West Midlands Safari Park. Above are some of the fab photographs we took during our visit. We were lucky enough to see the new white lion cubs during our visit.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Peter Jollys Circus

The evening saw us visiting Peter Jolly`s Circus. We met up with Helen, Jez and the Children, Christine and her husband, Gillian, Martin and children, and some friend`s from Llangedwyn School.
There were many animals performing trick`s at the circus, many horses performing and the circus performers vaulting on and off some very big coloured cobs. There were many miniature horses and donkey`s also in the ring.
There was a exotic animal display which included camels, lama, ankole bull, snakes and zebra.
Farmyard frolics included a goat doing trick and a group of geese doing a obstacle display. There was also a beautiful fox amongst the acts.
There was two dog displays one of which was two dalmatians and a spotted pony.
There was a display of white fan tail pigeons doing balance tricks and riding on barrels and hoops.
Aaron was picked out of the crowd and performed with a pony who could count and tell the time. The pony guessed Aaron`s age but missed by two years. He really enjoyed playing his part in the circus.
The performers also did displays of there own from trapeze, tightrope walks, juggling and fire eating. The human volcano was the final act of the show.
It was a good performance, I am aware of a lot of conservancy over this circus due to the use of live animal's in performance. I must say all these animals looked in perfect health and seemed to be happy doing there acts. We went to visit the animals after the performance, they all seen very happy with lots of hay and well loved by there keepers. It was plain to see many of the animals were very fond of each other. I have mixed views on use of animals in circus but seeing the environment they are kept in a least they have a decent home with people who care for them.
To visit Peter Jolly Circus web site click below :-

Tinkerbell Balloon On Facebook

We have launched a balloon on facebook ` Tinkerbell ` The balloon is in memory of children born to soon and children that will never grow up.
Please grab it and pass it on. We want the balloon to travel the world like the one launched for Daniel and Callum.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Big Thank You to Francis from Hope House Hospice for today. We travelled down to the Wirral today to put flower`s on the grave for all my babies. I have lost quite a few over the year`s, two over the last 12 mths, which had taken its toll on my health. .
I had a shock when we arrived as the head stone had been put back on the grave after over a year of waiting. It broke my heart to see the photographs of two very special boys starring out from the marble stone. The stone is very nice.
Aaron placed flowers on the grave for his lost brothers. Daniel, Callum and in memory of yo5 and Tinkerbell ( little Bill ) and the other little ones I have lost over the years.
Thanks for the talk today Francis. Working in the mental health for many years Francis is a good judge of character and offers good advice on matters of the heart. Like everyone no one can believe how cruel some people can be at a time like this. Witnessed by many people in my company over last few days. It is very scary how people can change personality like the weather.

RIP Little Ones
Safe in the arms of Jesus.
May God forgive certain people.
Yes I no what I have to do.
But will find it hard when I care for other people like I do.
Time to think of Me for a change instead of feeling sorry for others who certainly don't deserve me feeling sorry for them.

Molfre Dingle Walk = Thanks Marja and Fiona

Thank you to Marja and Fiona for looking after Aaron and I. It shows how many friends care about us in times of need. The phone has never stopped over last couple of days offering help and support. Fiona and Marja have been wonderful, wiping my tears and filling me up with tea and pie. They also took us for a relaxing walk along the Molfre Dingle. This is a beautiful place, the dingle is a place were bad thoughts run away and you can drift off into the magical land of mystery and fairy's. Thanks girls for your help and to all the boys for cheering Aaron up as he has found it hard over the last few days. Yes girls after what you all witnessed today I no what I have to do.