Monday, September 28, 2009

Proud Mum Again Well Done Aaron Sept 09

Well Done little man - Proud mum yet again of her little star -
- Aaron receives his -
Rookie Life Guard RLSS UK Bronze 1

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Operation Commando Hafren Forest Llanidloes Sept 09

This weekend Aaron went on a trip with the Montgomeryshire Scout`s. All the Montgomeryshire scouts met up in the Hafren Forest Near Llanidloes for Operation Commando.
The scouts had a strict kit list and were split into teams. They set off through the forest having to reach check points on the way.
The object of the exercise is to complete the whole route whilst avoiding being caught by the enemy agents. The agents were patrolling most of the area, but there were some safe area`s which were defined on the map the scouts had to follow.
It was a bit scary knowing your child was out in the middle of a large forest with only a small group of children his own age. The good news was there were teams of friendly forces monitoring the children as they progressed through the forest.
Aaron had a great time and came home after 6pm very smelly. It was straight in the shower for him and a good wash.
Aaron team completed the task with the quickest time. Aaron was the navigator map reader. To learn more about the scouts click link below.

Whilst Aaron was out for the day. It was time for me to catch up on some paperwork and rest a little like the doctor has ordered. I caught up on some college work as i have just started a new course which will take me over 3 yrs to complete in all. I am working towards a diploma and in a few short weeks will have completed my OCN level 1 after a short break the level 2 course starts which again takes a few short weeks to complete. there is another long break before the next stage starts luckily, which will work well within my schedule.
In the past I have enjoyed training towards my career working with children obtaining a number of qualifications along the way. Luckily people living in Wales are encouraged to further there career`s as ILP Wales offers to pay for the courses so they don't cost a penny.
Hopefully this course will help me for the future as in the past I have enjoyed working with children with personal and behavioural difficulties. I want to help them further by fostering and working with children with problems again. Although it is hard seeing children with problems it also is a great reward for the carer to know they are able to help them with there future.
Also over the weekend Aaron changed his bedroom around. After finding lots of football stuff at the car boot it was out with the old and in with the new. Aaron had a fine time cleaning out his bedroom. Looks like I will be busy on Ebay this week. We are also having a mass clear out as we will be hopefully moving house within the near future. Watch this space and Clutter Chaos for a bargain.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday`s Child 09 / 04 / 67

Sunday`s Child Born On 09/04/1967
A Child born on the sabbath day is good and kind in every way

A child born on the 09/04/1967 personality traits :-

- Spiritual and God fearing

- Good Looking

- Cheerful and Enthusiastic

- Ever ready to learn and try new things

- Serious about Life

- Like to make others happy

- Sensitive

- Fun person

- Clairvoyant

- Nature Lover

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Animal Lies Within Your Spirit

My result - The Dolphin -
A fun carefree, playful spirit. Dolphin`s are well liked due to their fun and leisurely attitudes, as well as their ability to be happy most of the time. Dolphins are extremely sociable creatures and try to look on the bright side of life and just play. They enjoy making others laugh and smile, always helping others when they can, as well as party when they can ! People who`s spirit represents the dolphin are always joyful and free.
They can get hurt more so easily than others, but always find a way to find that happiness again. Everyone always loves to be friends with a dolphin they know they can always be counted on to cheer you up when your feeling blue.
In a relationship, dolphins love to make that special person in their life as happy as can be. When things go wrong, they do their best to fix it, and look on the bright side of things.
If you look into the eyes of a dolphin, you can see the happiness and warmth of the love and care they hold towards others.
As these elegant creatures frolliock and dance in the water, you can always admire their beauty and their happiness in the saddest of times.

What a result I am told this is exactly like me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old Railway Walk Penybont L.E. Spet Eve 09

Dusk over the Valley

What a busy day first breakfast club with lots of hungry children to feed. Then aqua aerobics what great fun we have here. A gang of us girls from school go now on a weekly basis. I love aqua, I have been doing water aerobics for many years. Its a great way to keep fit.
Recently I have started a new health routine which is brilliant for both Aaron and I as well as the animals. Jingles our pony is also on a fitness plan to help him deal with his laminates problem.
What a busy night a kids club, were we had many children to care for ranging from 4 yrs old to 11 yrs. It can be difficult catering form children of such a wide age range but we manage fine all the children join in. The children in kids club are fantastic to work with a great bunch of kids.

After kids club before it got dark, we headed for our evening walk. Aaron decided to go on his mountain bike. I put Fred the dog and Mr Jingle on there leads of off we went. For a 2 mile walk along the old railway lines.

The views are fantastic as you walk along. The Tanant Valley is a fabulous place to live surrounded by the beautiful Welsh countryside. I took the camera along, as this time of night you can see some of the local wildlife. The were many rabbit`sand pheasant`s about. Fred was rearing to give chase so he has to be on his lead at all times.

Mr Jingles loves to roll around the floor. He is coming along fine now he is back to walking most days after recent illness. I must admit I have missed walking locally for some time but now I have a bit more time it is great to be back out there exploring the local countryside.

As we walked up the lines a huge herring flew out from the bushes and flew off into the distance. What a lovely sight it was. We could also see our home in the distance standing out with its cream stonework. Sorry to say I have plans to sell the house hopefully next year and move to a another property to give both Aaron and I a fresh start and a new life, but for now we can enjoy the beautiful surrounding of our home in Penybont.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Day

Firstly heading off to the last car boot of the year at Llangedwyn, we bought some nice things before heading back home for breakfast.
We then headed to the grounds of Aaron new football team. Aaron has joined Oswestry Boys Club / Football teams. These play in the Sunday league home and away games around the local counties. Aaron is so excited at joining the team. Andy, one of the dads from school introduced me to the manager. He told me what I had to do to register Aaron properly onto the team. It looks like my Sundays will be taken up shortly watching my little boy play in an eleven aside team cheering him on form the touch lines. Good job I like football. Aaron will also be training twice weekly but with the help of all my fantastic friend`s helping out whilst i am at work we can achieve this well.
After our chat with the manager, I also met up with an old friend who I had not seen for a very long time it was nice to catch up.
Next stop was the leisure centre. Here we met up with Jac and Nathan. Jac and I did lots of swimming lengths, whilst Aaron taught his young friend to swim. Jac was thrilled with Aaron`s efforts as he had Nathan swimming the width of the pool by the time he had finished. Aaron is at present on a life saver course at the centre and doing extremely well. Aaron gets on well with his friend`s and is a very popular boy within his school environment and all the outside groups he attends.
Jac and I eventually left the boys in the pool and headed for the cafe for a well earned drink.
On the way back home we stopped off Llandrinio for another car boot, here Aaron picked up some of his favourite book horrible science. We then headed back home.
After tea we headed off with Fred and Jingles. With Aaron on his mountain bike we headed on the railway walk. Jingle was extremely frisky today with his buck and bronco show. Half way up the disused railway we came across a herd of young bullocks, these came over for a good look at our little pony don't think they could quite make what he was. As it got dark we headed home for a comfy night in watching TV.

Mount Snowdon We Reached The Summit Sept 09

An end of summer day saw us going on an adventure. Parking up early in Llanberis we firstly headed to the village cafe for a warm cup of tea and a toastie sandwich.

We then headed on our adventure. With Fred on his lead and our rucksacks on we headed off out of the car park. The attendant took a shine to us making sure we had what we needed to complete our journey, he also gave Aaron some chocolate and sweets.

From the Snowdon Railway we headed off up the road for our journey into the clouds.
The track was stony and very steep in parts. We made many friends as we climbed higher and higher up towards Snowdon summit. We stopped off at the half way house for a well earned drink.

We witnessed many elements of the Weather in Wales. Some parts your couldn`t even see your hand in front of you. The cloud would break and sweep over then to reveal sunshine and spectacular views. We also had fine mist rain which got us a little wet.

It took us just over 3 hours to reach the summit along with Fred our dog. We had walked 4 miles to 3500ft. To achieve this it felt good.

Above and below Aaron at the very top. At the Summit of Mount Snowdon.

The weather was quite cold up here so we wrapped up warm. We were lucky enough to see the fine views from the top of Snowdon before the mist rolled in again to very limited vision.

We headed back down after a while to were it was a bit warmer. Here we stopped for a picnic, we had packed plenty of drink, sandwiches and crisps, not forgetting the treats the car park attendant gave to Aaron. Even Fred had his own picnic doggy biscuits and his travel bowl with a bottle of water i was carrying for him. He ate like a horse and collapsed in the heep like the rest of us.

Heading back down took us some time as by this time my knee had gone completely ever step was agony. I ended up walking backwards to take the pressure off it.
I think Aaron was pretty tied at the end as he decided to fall asleep in the middle of the lane.
We had completed an 8 mile hike up and down Mount Snowdon all in all with all the stops it took us 7 hours to complete. We reached the summit of 3500ft of Mount Snowdon what an achievement for both of us. I never took my asthma in haler once.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Bart 18/09/09

Our pet rat Bart sadly died today after contracting Preumonia due to pasturellosis. This is a common illness amongst rats and mice. Sadly Barts lungs failed to recover from the illness leaving him hardly able to breath un aided.
We have fought to save Bart`s life since Monday with the help of the vet.
After treatment on Wednesday steroids and anti biotic jabs. We hand fed Bart using a dropper around the clock every half hour, then hour and two hourly during the night, giving him hydration medication along with antibiotic.
Thursday we all thought we had won the fight to save his life as he started to stand again on his own, breath better, eat and drink by himself.
Friday morning Bart took a turn for the worse again this time collapsing onto he side. Sadly he came to the end of his short life at only 18 mths old.
We bought Bart not long after Daniel died he was a very special friend and companion to both myself and Aaron. We are both devastated by the death of a much loved pet.
Th vet believes he may have had an under line condition such as cancer of the lungs and tumours were effecting his lungs.
Bart will be sadly missed by us all. Fred the dog has been frantic since yesterday climbing up to Bart's cage and trying to get to his much loved friend.
God Bless our Bart xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aaron Joins Football Team

Aaron joined a local football team tonight, he is over the moon. The manager says he has talent **************
Watch this space !
Only the forms to sign before he is able to play in his first match. My football champ.
What a multi talented little boy I have
Very proud of you Mummy xxx
Many thanks to Jo for your help xx

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drayton Manor Park & Zoo Sept 09

A lovely end of summer weekend saw us heading off to Drayton Manor Park & Zoo. After school had finished we headed up the motorway to Tamworth. After the tragic recent events again to hit our lives it was time for a well earned treat.

We set up camp under a nice big tree, to give us some shelter from the September sun. we ventured off for a walk around the site before settling down to cocoa and playing with the DS.

We were up early the next morning. Firstly cooking breakfast on the camp stove. Aaron tucked into a sausage sandwich.

As soon as the park opened, we wandered in. It was to early for the rides. We were able to have a good look around the animals. The white cat above I remember from years ago. The animals were all active after there breakfast so we were able to have a good luck at them.

The penguins were brilliant to watch. One penguin swam up and down very fast jumping in and out of the water. The goats and sheep were also very inquisitive, coming over for a stroke and a fuss.

We walked around the paddock enclosures seeing the ostrich, emu`s, reindeer and deer.

Once we had finished our zoo tour it was time for the rides to open.

Aaron was getting excited by this time, he pulled me along eager to get on the rides. Drayton Manor has always been a favourite for us although as we walk around there are many feelings of mixed emotions. We have had many happy times at this park with our beloved Daniel but also many sad time due to the actions of other people.

We went on many rides today including the flying Dutchman, drunken barrels, the buffalo coaster, Mexican hats and the haunting house. These are based in the Aerial Park.

( Aaron spinning on the drunken barrels ) I couldn't move for 5 minutes after this one

Moving on we entered Fisherman's wharf. This is our favourite part of the park. Here we went on The Bounty a huge swing boat that goes vertical. We went on this 4 - 5 times in all.

Next was Storm Force 10. This has to be the best log flume in the country. The drops are terrific. The boat climbs at one point and turns backwards sending us flying down the slope in reverse. Well we got soaked to the skin as the wave from behind engulfed the boat. the boat them climbs to the most horrifying point and shoots down a double bumpy slope again soaking you at the bottom. The swing boat and storm force 10are defiantly our favourite rides.

Stopping to go in the 4D cinema.
Here we watched a horror show with a difference. The short movie was in 4D. With the help of the glasses the things on the screen shot out at you from all angel. There were also extra added effects as the seats moved and there were special effects form all over the place as we were splashed with water and felt the rush of the racing rats pass under your feet. This is a new ride with a difference.
Other rides we went on were Excalibur, pirate adventure, river rapids and the buccaneer.
Next stop was late afternoon lunch time had passed so quickly.
After lunch we headed into Thomas Land. I find this part of the park very challenging. This part of the park was only built just after Daniel died. Daniel loved his visit`s to Drayton Manor over the years like Aaron he enjoyed all the rides. Daniel would have loved Thomas Land unfortunately he never got to see it. I coped well to start with as Aaron went on some of the rides.Then looking at Aaron's face and the sadness in his eyes the tears began to flow.
An Irish grandmother thankfully came to my rescue. Aaron carried on going on the rides as she sat me down and brought me a nice cup of tea. She was a very nice lady and spoke out in a way that took me by surprise.
She said two boys sit on your shoulder they are here with you. I never mentioned Callum to her so was fairly shocked at this point.
She held my hand and went on to talk about many parts of my life from the past to present to the future. She new so much about what has happened to me and told me so many things not just about me but also others.
When I was feeling better she shook my hand and went on with her evening. Leaving me feeling a sense of peace. I passed on the messages she had requested even though I didn't want to.
Aaron and I continued are journey around the park I was even able to go on the runaway trucks with Aaron. Daniel loved the roller coasters often going ballistic as they went faster and faster.
As for my experience with the mystic lady. She new things that only someone in touch with the spirit world would no. I have had a similar experience like this before in Blackpool September 2007 when a gypsy stopped me whilst walking along the golden mile. She said I wouldn't have Daniel forever I thought she meant he would grow up and be as independent as he would have been able sadly she was right he died just over 3 mths later.
This type of person seems to come to me in my time of need.
As it got dark we headed back to the camper.
Sunday saw us heading to the car boots and to the swimming pool. Aaron practised his life saving skills as he is on a course. I did an 800 metre swim 34 length in all.
The weekend was pleasant even though it was tinged with such sadness.