Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Disneyland Paris - New year Trip

What a way to spend NEW YEAR. We had such a happy as well as sad time in Disneyland Paris.
Leaving early in the morning, we were due to meet our coach in Oswestry. Due to the weather it was running late. Mark above was going to be our coach driver for the trip. He was also meeting the bus in Oswestry.

We stayed with Mark whilst waiting. Mark is pictured above with Aaron on the Channel Tunnel. We got chatting and made a wonderful friend whilst on our trip. Mark and I are still in touch via facebook.

Mark if your reading this I want to say "Thanks" for looking after us your a star.

Heading off we stopped a few time`s on the way. Reaching the Euro Tunnel, Mark found the trains were delayed. We were due to go on the train in 4 hrs. Luckily Mark used his charm and got us on earlier. It was strange being on the train again after so long.

Reaching Caliai lots of memories of Daniel came flooding back. Tears welled in my eyes. As a family, we had spent many times with the children in France. It was the first time we had been back to France since Daniel`s death.

Heading on we reached Paris quite late, booking into our hotel and off to bed.
Next morning after a hearty breakfast. We headed off to Euro Disneyland. Going back without Dan on the anniversary of his death was very strange.

Firstly we headed to Walt Disney Studio`s Park. Walking through the main entrance the lights and multi sensory effects are fantastic.

We went on a few rides here. The studio tram ride was one. This ride took us on a trip behind the scene using special effects. Our too favourite parts were the tanker than blows up during an earthquake then a flood occurs. The other part is where London has been scorched by Dragons. It was a good ride.
We also went on Crush`s Coaster. This is a roller coaster that is set from the scene Finding Nemo. Here I met a lady called Helene, whilst waiting in the queue. She was originally from Oxford but now lives in the French Alps. We have vowed to stay in touch.
The coaster is about the film Finding Nemo. The carriage twirls around at speed firstly going through the fish world of Nemo before taking off on the east Australian currant. The special effects are fantastic. It was a really good ride.
Next ride was the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Walking through the tower you listened to the tail of the Haunted Tower of Terror. the strapped into an elevator you are taken high into the tower. The lift plummets faster than the speed of gravity more than once. As it takes you up to the top the doors open for a fantastic view across the Disney Parks. It was a really good ride.

After lunch we headed off the Disney Park, as we walked we looked down at the path of memories. This path is a creation of little paving stones each etched with names of people who are remembered along the path. It all became to much for Aaron as he turned heel and ran off sobbing for his beloved brother.

Calming him down with a cup of Swiss hot chocolate and cream we wandered about the Swiss market stalls. The gifts on sale were lovely.

We chatted about Daniel and the special times we have had at the park with him. Daniel is so sadly missed by all his family.

As time went on it was time for the Moterus Show. This show is an action packed stunt spectacular. Here cars fly through the air, shatter glass windows, do hand brake turns and race around chasing each other. It is a really good show also included are motorbikes withe the bike finale skidding across the floor and catching fire.

The other good part of this show is the appearance of the original Herbie.
Moving on we decided to go into Disney Park again. This time we did it, as we entered there was a Disney parade going on. We watched as the floats and displays all went by. The lights were going dim. The Disney Princess castle was lite up with sparkling light. It looked fantastic.

Walking around Disneyland Park we went on quite a few rides these included, Space Mountain Mission 2. This coaster blasts off on a spinning rocket powered roller coaster adventure to the edge of the universe inside a big dome with superb effects as if your travelling throughout space. We went on this ride a few times.
Other rides included Pirates of the Caribbean, this is a adventure boat ride through a pirate attack on a Spanish Fortress.
Indiana Jones and the temple of Peril, with this ride you have to face the wrath of the gods on a mine train looping the loop at high speed, through ancient temple ruins !
Big Thunder Mountain is were you are on a runaway mine train that hurtles through an abandoned gold mine at breath taking speed.
We also went on the Buzz Light year laser Blast Quest.
There is no theme park in the UK that compares with Disneyland.The special effects are so realistic.
As it was getting late we went to get a snack before sitting in the Videopolis, this is a huge arena with stage and screens. We sat and watched the old cartoons for a while. Aaron really enjoyed them.

As it got late near to Midnight we ventured outside to Central Plaza here there was a huge street party. It was time to party with Mickey Mouse and friends. Then DJ party time believe in magic disco started. The whole of Disneyland Paris rocked, people danced in the street singing having a great time.

As midnight approached the count down began in french. The Sky's lite up behind the Disney Princess Castle as the believe in magic fireworks exploded to bring in the New Year. it was a magical event really nice place to be at New Year. Tears welled in our eyes as we remembered a little face no longer with us and how he would have adored this wonderful day in Disneyland Paris.

A very tired little boy then got back on the coach back to the hotel. In the morning we went for breakfast then packed up our things for the journey home.
It didn't seem to take us long to get back on English soil. Aaron did a collection for Mark the driver in his new french beret.
We had a wonderful time in France and will be defiantly going on another trip soon.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Face From The Past Reappears

It was nice to a little face from the past. Josh is a little boy I looked after for some time he now lives in Selsey South England. He was at his step mum`s for a few days, he wanted to spend time with us also. I went and picked him up for the day this week.

Firstly we took Fred the dog for a walk to Cefn Mawr County Park. The park was very icy and cold. We walked along the path, the boys were having a great time skating on the ice and playing in the park.

Once finished we came home again the boys were off out exploring up the fields. doing what boys do weather never stops play.

It was nice seeing Josh we look forward to seeing him again in the spring.

Royden Park In the Ice

We went down to see Aunt Murial just after Christmas. We all went out for a meal to the Quay at Parkgate. Afterwards we took Fred for a walk at Roydon Park. One of the car parks was sealed off as it was an ice rink. Aaron had some fun slating about on the ice, as you can see below. Fred also had a good time running wild and free also skating across the ice along with his pal Aaron. These pair are such good friends.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day & Boxing Day Relaxing At Home December 2009

Happy Christmas Aaron

It was good to see Aaron smiling opening his Christmas presents on Christmas day. A big difference from watching him crying at the bedside of his brother Daniel as he lay dieing.
This year we spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day at home relaxing.
Aaron was up early, 5.30am very excited as he came down stairs to see what was hidden beneath the Christmas Tree. He opened his presents eagerly each one smiling as he got what he had asked for.
Aaron had many gifts including lots of Top Gear Toys, Games, DVD`s and books. His main present was a PSP Go. This is the latest in technology. It goes wireless on the Internet, you can down load games, store photo`s and music. For the size of it it is quite amazing. It went on our wireless Internet without a problem. I set his PlayStation account up so he is now up and ready using his new PSP Go.
Aaron also received watercolours, football stuff, colouring sets and other books including one I managed to sneak home from Rome all about Rome with a DVD included. This is a lovely book.

Happy Christmas Fred, Sooty, Jingle, Jake & Pudding

As usual all the animals received a treat. Fred got a Christmas stocking and a bag of bonio`s. Jake the parrot a seed ring, Sooty & Pudding the cats a pack of sausages each. Jingle got a strawberry lick. Only the poor fish missed out as there is not a lot you can get fish. With them being so old I don't like to put different things in there tank, as they have survived for many years as they are.

Happy Christmas Nana

As for Nana she received quite a few presents. Sweeties and wild bird feed set. Nana will be 80 yrs old in January. Her main present was a necklace. The necklace was very special it had a picture of Daniel engraved on it. On the back it had engraved the words Daniel with kisses. She was thrilled with it. It has been very hard for my mum over the years watching me go through so many heart breaking things she deserved a treat.
As for me, I got some new toys including a new Sony camera with lots of buttons. A digital camcorder so soon we will be up loading to you tube ( just need to figure it out, not had time yet ).
I also got a beautiful book about Michael Angelo, clothes, some fab sock`s. candles, wine and other little odds and ends.
Christmas this year was not as hard as I thought it would be we all had a nice time and enjoyed it.

Daniels Trust Fund Adpots RDA Ponies Homer & Teddy In Memory Of Daniel

After being totally devastated having to face the task of cashing Daniels death polices`s in and bank account. It came to the Trust Fund. I couldn't close it completely.
Mr Parkinson being one of Daniel`s trustee`s, took me aside seeing me so distressed and suggested not to close the fund. To keep it open and raise money in his memory.
So off we go Daniel`s Trust Fund has adopted two of the ponies Daniel use to ride'
The adoption money will go towards paying for the up keep of both Homer and Teddy. These two ponies Daniel had so much fun on. I spent a day at the centre with my arms around little Teddy. Teddy is a 12.2hh Dun Gelding . Dan rode him from an early age not allowing any side walkers to hold on to him as he plodded around the indoor arena under instruction from Gerry. A few time he hit the deck when Teddy jolted suddenly. Everyone running to his aid as he sat on the floor playing with the sand. Daniel would actually speak when Teddy was about and as soon as he appeared in the arena he would shout "Hi Ya Teddy " clear as day. His vocal words melted all our hearts as it wasn't often he was able to speak due to his disability and this w as a very special time. He loved Teddy dearly.

Considering his disability he was a determined little rider who would always get his own way.
He was steadily transferred to Homer as he got bigger. Homer is a 13.2 hh coloured cob gelding with a very sad past. Homer was a rescue pony who was left as a foal with a head collar on. As he grew the head collar grew into his face leaving him with some horrific scares.

He is a lovely pony, I went through the mud to see him visiting the centre a few weeks ago. Daniel last rode Homer less than 4 weeks before his death I
have the photo`s of that day on my mobile phone which I will treasure for a life time.
Thank you CSRC for all the fun and pleasure Daniel had during his life time. It is a pleasure to adopt these too wonderful ponies in memory of our precious boy Daniel.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ROME (ROMA) Trip - 4 Fountains & Fontana del Tritone Christmas 2009

Catching an early morning flight from Liverpool airport, saw us heading to Ciampino airport Rome. The flight was lovely with bright blue Sky's. The views over the alps were very clear. The view of Rome as the plane flew in was equal the same.

At the airport we were met by our taxi, who took us to the hotel. The hotel manager was very helpful he spoke good English. I was already armed with maps of this large city and a beautiful guided tour book that the school I work for had bought me as a present. We had a list of the places we wanted to see. The manager gave us many paper maps to save me writing on my maps. We found all the place`s on the map, plus the hotel manager then gave us another list of other places to look at on our travel`s around this magnificent city.

After settling in we headed outside.

Firstly we came across the 4 fountains. A fountain stood on each corner of each street. ( pictured below and above )

Walking on we then came across the Fontana del Tritone. Pictured below.