Friday, June 7, 2013

David Attenbourgh Chester Zoo

Recently David Attenbourgh visited Chester Zoo as part of filming for his new series. Sir David met Beni, the greater one-horned rhino, and Hector, the male porcupine, during filming for a new series of his show, Natural Curiosities.
Chester Zoo has always been one of my favourite days out since childhood.
Even as a child I used to love taking pictures of the animal especially the elephants. I remember the elephant Jubliee being born in 1977 the year of the queens Silver Jubilee. To love day I love taking pictures I hobby U would like to do more if I had the time. I am lucky enough to have a lovely camera for my birthday.
Chester Zoo is home to over 11,000 animals, more than 400 different species and boasts 110 acres of award winning enclosures and gardens to explore.
Chester Zoo is the UK's most popular zoo and one of the top 15 in  the world.
The zoo is also a highly respected centre for global conservation and research.
Chester Zoo has had a host of new arrivals in the last year due to the breeding programme. Newborns include elephant and rhino calves, giant otter pups, orang-utans and other species.
Chester Zoo is well worth a visit. Try make a date this summer. web link below.

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