Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dancing With Angels : Daniel's 20th Birthday 23/4/2017

In loving memory of one of the bravest, most special boys ever to grace the earth...  love mum xxxx

Tomorrow is Daniels Birthday, our little angel would have been 20 years old.

Daniel was a little boy with a zest for life, would lived his short life to the full. His smile melted your heart, he was such a wonderful little boy despite his disability.
Like us all Daniel had is likes and dislikes, he had a passion for motor racing, especially motorbikes.
He loved fast and furious, the excitement he could never control watching fast things. He loved the Isle of Man TT racing, and the moto GP.  
I can remember many times that he made me smile when it came to fast and furious.
On the many times we flew he would bellow with delight as the aircraft engines got louder and louder for take off.
The time when he lay on the ice covered lake with temperatures -15 degrees in Lapland, having a tantrum because he had to get off the snow mobile. Tobogganing down snow covered hills. Going on reindeer and husky sledge rides.
There are so many wonderful memories I could share Disney land meeting all his favourites characters, rollercoasters  ( he loved them, such a hooligan ) meeting Barney and balling the place down when the big purple dinosaur left the stage forcing the lad in the costume to keep coming back out to see him. Eventually he had to go off stage the poor lad came over to see us after taking off the purple dinosaur costume. Going to rock concerts the louder it was the better Daniel would always wheel himself to the front to be in on the action. Hoilday in Greece, climbing Snowdon, Thomas the Tank steam trains. The happy time we had our endless. Daniel really did have that zest for life. 

Like I said before Daniels bucket list was endless. He achieved horse riding, he would not allow side walkers to hold him, he wanted to do it himself. He did come a cropper a couple of times but as we all panicked he sat in the middle of the arena playing with the arena sand. Daniel was also very vocal he would shout his ponies name clear as day "Teddy".....  sadly Teddy and Homer are in heaven with Daniel know.
He achieved so much I remember the day when he walked unaided across the hall at Llangedwyn School the tears of joy from staff, TA's and the kids, everyone was so chuffed with little Dan. Swimming with his arm bands down. Yes he could swim, that was thanks to Dave the Rave our biker family aid and curly.  Riding his bicycle, Steve who was going to be one of Daniels latest family aids spend many a dinner hour when he could, teaching Daniel to steer his bike down at Alun Waters during the summer months. Daniel mastered it, but the braking still needed a bit of work. 
Everyone loved Daniel but no one as much as his younger brother Aaron. These two had such a connection. We had a trip planned for the February 2008 that was to take Daniel to swim with the dolphins in Florida. Sadly Daniel died 6 weeks before we where due to go. 4 years after his death we made that very trip.
Below is a photo of Aaron kissing the dolphin. His words where this ones for Daniel as he kissed this wonderful creature. Many a tear is shed looking at that photo.

Daniels bucket list was just endless he achieved so much of it. Everything I did for my precious boy I would do again. Daniel taught me so much and still does. Life is short, you never know what is around the corner. I live everyday knowing I never let him down in anyway right up to the end. 
Sending much love up to heaven on Daniels 20th Birthday.
lots and lots of love from all your family and friends.
The heavens with be rocking on the 23rd of April as Daniel will be partying with the Angels and his big brother Callum.
Much love my babies 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Comic Com Liverpool 2017

Since i have had a comical day, this is a good blog to publish 
Comic Com  2017  Liverpool  with the gang.

Hi Russel ! thought you would like this my old friend.