Monday, March 30, 2009

Village Walk Llanrhaeadr March 09

Yet another sunny spring day took us for a village walk around the outskirts of Llanrhaeadr. Llanrhaeadr is a very pretty village set on the North / Mid Wales boarders. Taking Fred our dog we headed for a 4 mile walk. Taking in the breath taking views of the mountain and valleys that surround Llanrhaeadr. Above are some of the photographs.
Other photo`s can be viewed on on line photo pages link to your right.
Aaron took the photo`s today. It is fantastic being in such great company. I have the best son and the best husband in the whole wide world. We all have a bright Rosy future to look forward too. Aaron is growing into a very handsome talented popular young man. A son to be proud of. As for Billy he is the most wonderful man I have ever met in my life extremely good looking and very sexy too. What a lucky girl I am. Happy Days xx

Blue Coat Chambers Liverpool March 09

Off to Liverpool we went for the weekend. After checking into our hotel next to Aintree Race Course we headed off into Town by train. We had a lovely time shopping. Looking around Liverpool One we found the glass well shaped peep hole which takes you back in time as you look down into what used to be St George`s Dock.

Here is a link to an interesting web sites which tells you about the docks in Liverpool

During our visit we also visited Blue Coat Chambers. This building is one of the oldest building which still stands in Liverpool today. Below are some web sites links.

At Blue Coat we looked around the gallery's and had a coffee in the cafe before catching the train back to the hotel.

It was a special night for Billy, a big party was being held. Before getting ready we had dinner near to the hotel.

The evening went well, we met up with many of our friend's. We had a great time. We also watched the rock bands. The band played mainly rock songs including songs from ZZ Top and The Quo. Billy let the cat out of the bag about us getting married.

All to soon the night was over and we headed for our taxi back to the hotel.

Next morning we were up early. Firstly we headed to one of the most famous markets on Merseyside Paddy`s Market. Here the streets and inside market are filled with traders selling everything you can think of. The market was very interesting. We had a lovely breakfast in a quiet cafe near the market.

Before leaving Liverpool we headed for a cuppa at Billy`s mums. Then we came home and collapsed on the settee all three of us cuddled up together. What a lovely weekend yet again.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Glorious Weekend March 09

We had a lovely weekend. On Saturday we headed to town shopping. Heading back home with a car full. In the evening we snuggled up in front of the TV with crisps, pop, chocolate and a lovely bottle of wine.

Sunday up early we headed to car boots. We picked up some lovely things before heading for breakfast at Mcdonalds. We have breakfast on occasions but not as much as we used to as we eat more healthily these days, Aaron`s health is very important to me he loves to eat fruit, veg and nuts these days which are far more healthy for him especially as he has such an active life style.

Sunday afternoon Aaron`s girlfriend Amy came over for dinner. I made a lovely chicken roast with lots of veg for them both. They had a nice time going for a walk before sitting at the table for dinner. Amy and Aaron have been an item since November 2008. She is a lovely girl and very pretty. They are very fond of each other and hate being apart.
Yet again a lovely weekend in such good company.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Arrow Park Wirral March 09

Above the Arrow Brook. Below the Woods around the common.

We visited My Aunt and Aaron's Great Aunt Murial this week. She is in her 70`s and was admitted to hospital as her heart is not in good shape no more. Billy Aaron and I took my mum, Aaron`s Nana to see her at Arrow Park Hospital on the Wirral. Driving down in our old faithful VW, we stopped at McDonlads for our favourite a Latte before continuing our journey.

On arrival at the hospital Nana and I went in first to see her. It brought back memories for us as as a child I spent many a day at this hospital with my dad who had emphysema and munachocus. He has been very ill from when I was 3 yrs old, before he died at the hospital on Christmas Day 1989.

After seeing my Aunt for a while I headed back down to were Aaron and Billy were playing football. Honestly with these two I am not sure which on is the biggest kid, but then it is lovely to see Aaron with such a wonderful stepdad.

Putting Fred on the lead we headed for a walk. There are many walk routes around the hospital and I soon found my bearings. At the back of the hospital there is an open common with paths leading off in many directions. I spent many hours here walking as a child, then teenager to a young adult, with my dogs . I knew the paths well. It is such an easy place to get lost with miles of open land, river and woods.

For a while we stayed on the main common at the back of the hospital while the boys played football, Fred ran riot around the field for a good while keeping an eye on my at all times. I joined in the football along with a puppy Alsatian.

After some time we moved on we walked across the common taking the path over the brook then turned waking along the path next to the brook which opens up into a lake. Fred managed to find the only hole in the fence to take a swim in the brook. Came out looking rather smelly.

At the top of the lake we turned and walked across the woodland path to the top of the common. This open land is also a good spot for horse riding.

Upon reaching the top end of the common you can see the hospital in the distance. We headed back. Sticking a mucky Fred back in his cage we went in first having a cup of tea at Annabel`s cafe in the hospital grounds. Aaron and I bought our Aunt a get well card and a guardian angel. Billy had a good look around the hospital book shop.

We then headed up the the ward to visit our Aunt. She was thrilled with the angel that Aaron had given her. After a while we headed off. Stopping on the way at the Quay in Parkgate for the carvery. We took Fred for another walk to the local homemade ice cream shop before heading back home through North Wales.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thurstaston Common Walk March 2009

We had a wonderful walk in the spring sunshine, with our dog Fred. Starting off at Roydon Park, we headed through the woods to Thurstaston Common. On the way through the woods Fred took to chasing a grey squirrel along the ground and up a tree. It wasn't scared of him and came back down the tree to tease Fred into chasing him again.
Thurtaston Common is a natural wood, scrub and marsh land. We walked along the path before turning onto a minor path which crosses the swamp. Fred had a great time wading in the muck as usual.
After about a 1 mile we turned back and made our way onto the main path. It is an easy place to get lost, as there are many different paths you can take. Many looking the same. I grew up on the Wirral and would often go walking in this area along with many other areas along the Wirral Peninsula. Wirral is a fab place to visit, I love to visit home.
Along the main path we met up with many cocker spaniels and other dogs out for there morning walk.

The common is a very popular for dog walkers. Heading along the main track we then turned of again through the woods to the far side of the common on the edge of Roydon Park. We then headed back across the open common and picnic area to the car.

Next stop was Parkgate for lunch at The Quay and an ice cream for afters. Everyone had a wonderful time including Fred our dog.

More photographs of Thurstaston Common can be seen on our on line photo albums link opposite.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby Callum 16TH March 1996

Today would have been Baby Callum`s 13TH birthday. He would have become a teenager today.

Callum died tragically due to placenta abruption after fighting for life for 4 1/2 hours. I went to the hospital due to his movements decreasing over the last couple of days, I was 36 weeks pregnant.
Callum was born by Cesarean section at 11. 55 am. A massive blood clot was found at the back of his placenta which was caused due to injury a few days previous after losing my way on a map down the lanes in south west Wales.

Callum had lost a lot of his blood and was given many blood transfusions to try to save him but with the loss of all his blood his liver and spleen were badly damaged and were a huge size shown on a cat scan. His life tragically ended at 4.30pm that fateful day.
I can recall every detail of the days leading to his death, the day he died and the days that came afterwards leading up to his funeral.

I held Callum for the whole of Mothers Day 1996 before being sent home. Every day for the next 10 days I sat with Callum at the funeral directors until the day he was buried on the 26TH March 1996.

Following his burial I developed blood clots on the lungs and was admitted to hospital yet again before being transferred to Staffordshire hospital. The days and months that followed were a nightmare, my book tells the more detailed story of the events around Baby Callum`s death along with many other horrific times in both mine and my children`s lives.


My family and I visited the boys grave today. Very soon the head stone will be back on which we are all looking forward to. The stone at present is waiting for the photographs of the children to be transferred to porcelain which is being done in Italy. The plot is due to be rolled flat so nothing can be planted on it at present anything placed on the grave has to be removable or squashed.

We placed daffodils`s on for Callum, A toy elephant was placed on with a card due to it being a special birthday for Callum, he would have become a teenager. The elephant is also for Daniel. A plant was left on the grave also by Gaynor. The sun shone today for a very special baby who never deserved to die and should be alive today.

Village Walk In The Spring Sun Shine March 09

Sunday saw us all out in the spring sun shine for a village circular walk. Fred and the boys, Aaron and Josh had a wonderful time. Here are some of the photo`s of the views around our home of the welsh mountains, valleys and glens. More photographs can be viewed @@@ our on line photo album site on photobucket link opposite.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Joe Le Taxi & the Zydeco Band

What a wonderful night out at the work house. On the stage tonight were Joe Le Taxi & The Zydeco Band.
We danced the night away in the company of old friends and new. Billy held me close all night Great Fun.

Fantastic Game Liverpool v Man Utd March 09

We had a lovely day watching the Liverpool v Man Utd game.
Liverpool hammered Man Utd 4 - 1. It was a fab game even Nana came to watch it at the Penybont Inn. At half time Aaron and I had a game of pool.
Above is Fernando Torres and below Stephen Gerrard. These two players are both mine and Aaron's favourites.

After the match Aaron met up with his friends Josh and Owen for kick about at the pub. As it got dark we called Josh and Aaron home for tea were they played for rest of night.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Comic Relief / Red Nose Day March 09

Well done children -
This years red nose day was such a laugh. Bad hair day at school along with non uniform day to raise money for comic relief. We started our school day before 8am with kids club staff as usual manning Breakfast Club.
Aaron and I were up early having a real bad hair day. Aaron had spiked multi coloured hair and I had pink and blue coloured pigtails ( pippy long stocking ) . We had such a laugh.
As the children strolled in the fun began. Some of the style were really good.
Please see Llangedwyn School kids Club Blog for more photographs

One of my favourites was Jake he turned up dressed as a women complete with high heeled boots, fish net stocking, bra filled with socks and a wig to die for. Visit link above to see his photo.
Aaron raised over £30 himself in sponsership for being handcuffed to his freind Lawrence for the day . Lawrence raised another £16. Altogether they raised over £45. Well done boys.

Aaron is a son to be proud of. He finished off his day with his girlfreind Amy coming for tea. They have spent the evening together with Aaron showing her proudly off around the village.

Aaron with girlfreind Amy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Relaxing Weekend March 09

This weekend was spent relaxing, after finishing week and picking up Aaron from his girlfriends we headed to the pub for a swift pint of Guinness.

Saturday we had a wonderful relaxing day in Oswestry shopping. We had lunch at Subway. Aaron really enjoyed his meatball toasted subway. We looked around a lot of shops and bought some lovely things.

Heading home at tea time we settled in front of the TV for a quite night in. In was lovely as we had been busy over the last few weeks.

The boys enjoyed playing football games together. Aaron has also took up singing and can sing Take That's new song Greatest Day really well. Look out for him on You Tube.

Sunday an early start before watching the Everton v Middlesbrough football game with friends in Llanstanffraid. All to soon the weekend was over back to work & school again for us all.

Oswestry web site info link :-

Both Aaron and I are Take That Fans

Take That web site link :-

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Face In The Clouds March 09

Driving back from kids club this week both Aaron and I had a strange experience. Aaron suddenly said look at the clouds mummy. I looked up to see what he meant.
Stopping the car to take it in, I was taken aback by what we both could see. A large face could be clearly seen amongst the clouds. It was the face of Daniel.
Aaron was fascinated just as I was. As we rummaged for the camera the face slowly faded before we had chance to take a photograph.
We were both clearly shocked by what we had just seen in the dusk sky.
We drove home slowly looking up to see if we could see the face again but it never returned.
When we told Nana she said she was sitting in her chair drinking her tea. Looking out of the window she to had seen the cloud passing over the house.
This is again one of the strangest experience`s we have felt and seen since losing our special boy. It wasn't even just one of us that saw this it was all of us ????

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Avon Campaign

Avon Campaign`s Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence

March 2009

Avon have launch a new campaign supporting Domestic violence, along with supporting breast cancer. Both these subjects are close to my heart.

The company for women are committed to supporting both these campaign`s. Research showed that breast cancer and domestic violence are the causes that matter most to women and that half of the UK Avon representatives are personally affected by breast cancer or domestic violence, or know someone who is.

Women are being encouraged to help raise awareness for these causes. By raising vital funds through the Avon breast cancer crusade to help save women`s lives and by wearing and selling the new Empowerment Necklace & Bracelets to raise money that can help to support women affected by domestic violence.

Above is a photo of the new empowerment necklace which can be purchased by order if you would like one they cost £3 + £2 P&P please email me at


Below a photo of the empowerment bracelet. I have 3 available on eBay user name pottydotty1930 for £1.50 + £1 P&P.

Two women are killed each week by a currant or former partner in the UK. One in four women in the UK will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives . A quarter of your friend`s and family could be suffering at the hands of their partners. Domestic abuse is not only about violence, it also includes emotional abuse, threatening violence, controlling, depriving plus much more. Please check out the domestic abuse page @ There is a wheel of abuse on the page plus many contact web site links to help those in need.

Avon`s campaign supports Refuge @

The national domestic violence helpline is 0808 2000 247 help and advice is available 24 hours a day. No one has to stay in a violent abusive relationship so please get help there is a far better life out there than living in this way for you and your children.

Breast Cancer affects many women through out the UK and beyond. Avon have supported the breast cancer Charity for many years. They launched the breast cancer pink ribbon pin for women to wear to show there support for the breast cancer charities. I myself live with a tumour caused by scare tissue trauma injury that happened a few years ago. Lucky for me my tumour is Benin. Having been thought the tests of the tumour cancer clinics at hospital my heart goes out to the other ladies who are not so lucky as I was.If anyone would like a pink ribbon pin to support the Avon campaign please email me for details.
@@ lesley_powys at
Below are a number of links to web sites for breast cancer suffers.

I have been an Avon Rep for many years. If anyone would like Avon products please email me on the address above.
Also I have many products from Avon available on my ebay account pottydotty1930 clutter chaos Aaron & co link -
Also on my web site ---
I love Avon products and so do my customers.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Plas Teg Most Haunted House In Wales Mar 09

We visited Plas Teg in early March. Plas Teg is said to be one of the most haunted houses in Wales. The house is situated on the A541 Wrexham to Mold road at Pontblyddyn.
The house is set back from the road on the part were the road separates into a duel carriage way.
I have heard tales of this house as the duel carriage way is an accident black spot. It is told by many people who have crashed there cars at this spot a tale which will be told later in this blog.

We entered the drive way of the old Jacobean House. The house at this point looked very creepy.

The outside had high walls and snow drop covered small orchard style gardens. The house had many statues from cherubs to great dane dogs. The latter due to the fact the lady Cornelia Bayley whom owns the old house bought the statues as a tribute to her old dogs.

We walked to the front door of the old house. Creaking as they opened we were ushered inside for our ghost tour.

The main room was very large and set out comfortably with furniture dating back centuries. A large open fire roared and lite up the room.

We started our tour. We were lead into a large hall way which was filled with many paintings. Billy is very good on history and old painting and new many things about the items in the large hall.
We headed next into what is said to be the old court room. Here trails were held before the convicted were lead into what is now a bedroom the hanging room. In the hanging room the convicted were hung dropping through a trap door into the cellar below. The relatives of the convicted were then given the body as they waited at the outer door of the cellar so they could bury there loved ones. Not quite sure how anyone could sleep in that room with the history that surrounds it ??
We continued around the house going up the main stairway. Here we were shown a 400 yr old rug. Billy showed us a picture of King Charles the 1st. We entered another great room. It was said that when a family member had died they were laid in this room so the family could pay there respects.
It was here we were told the tale of the lady and the road outside. Many drivers who have crashed there cars claim to have seen a lady in the road some say they have hit here but no one is ever found.

The lady is said to be a resident of the house. Set back in the 19Th century. She fell in love with a peasant farm worker from a farm across the field in front of the house. Her father arranged for her to have an arranged marriage to a man many years older than her. She began to save money and things she could sell hiding them on a rope ribbon in the well so she could elope with her farm lover.
On the night they were suppose to elope together she went to the well to gather her haul of items and money but tragically fell in and drowned. She wasn't found till a few weeks later.
Her ghost is said to be seen running across the duel carriage way trying to get to her farm hand lover. A very sad tale of a young girl.

The visions of the young girl are said to be very true it has been reported many times over many years to the police at Mold police station.

We moved on around the house visiting the many bedrooms of the property. The bathrooms were situated on the outer tower walls and were all very cold to stand in.

We headed up to the upper floor a large attic style hall way met us with ix bedrooms leading off. It is here the house is said to be most haunted. The first bedroom is said to be the most haunted of all.
One tale told of the headless horse men said to roam the grounds of the house. These have been seen from the road outside. The horse men were said to be that of kings soldiers who in history looted the house and were hung for there crimes.

Another tale told of adultery. The lady of the house at the time was having an affair, when her husband found out he killed himself in the most haunted bedroom. A while later his wife was found dead. He is thought he murdered her before killing himself. The mirror in the on suite bathroom leading off the most haunted bedroom is said to move on its own at times.

All the bedroom had a mysterious feel to them and were all set out beautifully. The panel bedroom was very effective with it boarded oak walls. A very dark room but with lovely decor. The bathroom leading off again cold was fitted with a very old bath ( tin with a place at the bottom to light a fire to warm the water ) very interesting. The panel bedroom is were the seances are hold on paranormal nights at the house.

Other rooms at the top of the house were the twin children's bedroom and the parrot room with the haunted bad crib. On paranormal nights at the house this floor is said to be very much alive with load bangs, moving furniture and voices that can be heard. Above the attic rooms is a closed off area which is said to have been the quarters for the many servants.

We left this floor by the back stairway before crossing the house on the 2ND floor to the stairway leading to the dinning area`s and the office room. The office room with its low ceiling was very claustrophobic. The dining areas were laid out very well bring the atmosphere to life of the 19Th century and beyond. Below the dining area was the old cellar now laid out with all the old kitchen items found around the house.

The cellar even had the decomposing body of a small rat. Small compared to our Bart who is now a fully grown very tame large male rat. This fascinated Aaron. There were loads interesting items and things to see and hear around this house. Aaron like the rest of us really enjoyed our visit to the creepy Jacobean Country House.

We walked around the grounds for a while before leaving and heading home.
What an experience our visit to Plas Teg was.
Below is a link to the web site :-
for more photographs look under spooky photos on photobucket on line photographs link opposite.

Alyn Waters County Park Walk & Picnic Mar 09

Yet another sunny spring day took us for a trip to Wrexham. We headed for Alyn Waters Country Park.

I have fond memories of this country park, as Daniel and I visited here every week before his horse riding lesson. He rode either Teddy or Homer at Clywd Special Riding Centre which is nearby. Alyn Waters was a perfect place to stop off for lunch and dog walk. Daniel rode his bicycle around here whilst we took Fred our dog for a walk. We then had lunch sometimes our camper van, other times in the cafe which is run by special needs students. Daniel and I had many happy times at this park and made many friends here. Steve an old friend, who lived nearby, would often meet up for a coffee and come for a walk with us, he was very fond of Daniel and enjoyed helping me, as Daniel was quite heavy to put on his bike as he got bigger. He was always happy to spare some of his time to help with Daniel.

We parked up today, then headed off towards the top of the park where you can see the metal sculptures. We then headed on the path down towards the river.

This part of the park is very pretty. Fred really enjoyed his running around paddling and swimming in the river. We all enjoyed our walk it was such a lovely day.

All to soon we were heading back to the car. Here we got out our picnic, sitting at a table we all tucked into a lovely picnic that I had prepared earlier.

More photographs are available on photo bucket link opposite under on line photo albums