Monday, October 20, 2014

Apples At Erddig

Don't you just love Autumn with the fresh apples dropping to the ground ready for us to eat. These pictures are of Erddig which holds apple days in October every year. It always amazes me how many different makes styles of apples are in the grounds of this wonderful old estate. We had a lovely few hours in the gardens of Erddig. 
On the edge of the woodland there was a camp fire where you could toast marsh mellow. We sat for a while with a cup of coffee to warm us up. A blissful few hours :) .

Penybont Stores Open Day : Raising Money For Cancer

Recently we had a fund raising day for NET cancer Neuroendocrine cancer I am very pleased to say we raised £160.00  that day all proceeds will be sent by cheque to NET Cancer UK.
Neuroendocrine cancer is the cancer that Simon has it is quite a rare cancer. Simon`s condition is at present controlled by chemotherapy. He has good days and bad days, Simon has multiple tumours throughout his body so his illness is not curable but thankfully manageable at the present. 
The fund raising day went well we had a number of stalls around the house and driveway. The children enjoyed playing with the dog and we had a film on for them. We sold coffee, tea and cake, also baked potatoes which went down a treat. It was a fabulous day we all enjoyed it. We had a wonderful singer, Jenny who is highly recommended she was excellent. Thank you to all that helped make this day special. We will do another day in the spring possible to celebrate Mr Jingles 21st Birthday.  Big thank you to Jenny and her friends for all there help you are all stars.  X

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Maesbury Canal Boat Festival

Maesbury Canal Boat Festival  September 2014 

Here are some photographs of the Maesbury Canal Boat Festival, after parking up we followed the canal trail coming across a few boats decorated up. I was a bit disappointed there was more boats as this little event is well worthy of more support. The boats that were on the canal did do the event proud. 
There was also a selection of stalls to ponder around we did have a lovely time just wish I could have stayed a bit longer.

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