Wednesday, August 26, 2015

An Interesting Castle Walk ??

A delightful dinner time stroll around Chirk Castle. This place never ceases to amaze me with is splendid decor and interesting artefacts.

Overtime you visit the castle there is something else you always see. Etched in history with typical family photographs  and a fantastic short film in black and white. You can wander back in time to watch the antics of past families who lived at the castle. Cantering through the snow are the little ponies pulling sledges. This was before the time of the PS4 and the Xbox when children did entertain themselves outdoors.

I often wonder how they kept themselves warm in such a huge building. But can you imagine the roaring fire that would have been a spectacular sight. So warm and cosy well maybe.

I wonder want is would be like to spend the night at the castle all alone. There are said to be a number of haunting at the castle would you have the nerve to stay on your own overnight. I would probably frighten myself half to death.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ty Mawr Country Park

Croeso  Ty Mawr Parc Gwledig 

Lovely lunch time stroll with Reggie the dog, up to Trevor Viaduct.
Afterwards picnic with the animals.
Ty Mawr Country Park well worth a visit.