Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paul Carrak + Tinlin

Recently we headed off to the Theatre Severn for a night of music. First on was a group called Tinlin and then the main performer Paul Carrack. It was a lovely evening with some wonderful music and vocals from both performers  below is some info and links.

Website Quote :-  
Tinlin equates to a songwriting partnership of two brothers whose emphasis lies firmly in the production of original and honest, yet well-crafted music. Tinlin's style is constantly evolving to capture the emotion of the music; from the raw simplicity of mandolin and guitar, to bigger, bolder, and dare I say, funkier productions. Yet at its heart there always remain the striking vocal harmonies, for which Tinlin are renowned.

Lesley with Rolf & Alex from Tinlin!/Tinlinmusic

Sheffield's Paul Carrack has slowly and subtly become a national institution who can spend nearly three months touring around the UK as he will this winter around his latest album, Good Feeling. The golden voice of Ace's 1974 blue-eyed soul hit How Long, Squeeze's Tempted and Mike and the Mechanics' The Living Years, Carrack is a journeyman of British rock, soul and pop whose career has unfolded slowly and steadily until he has become something of a national treasure. 

Image for Paul Carrack: The Man with the Golden Voice  - Living Years  -  How Long  - Web Site 

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