Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scouts: Orienteer Activity Badge

Well done Aaron for completing the Scouts : Orienteer Badge. He worked extremely hard to complete this badge it involved both Day and Night hikes around the countryside, one of which I wrote about a few weeks ago. To complete the badge he completed the tasks below.

Complete the following:

1. Know the map colours and common symbols used on an orienteering map.

2. Be able to orientate a map using either terrain or compass and understand how to navigate whilst keeping the map set to the ground. Be able to 'thumb' the map to log a changing position.

3. At an orienteering event, accurately transfer relevant details from a master map to a personal orienteering map.

4. Complete three courses at orienteering events recognised by the BOF, or of other similar standard.

5. Show knowledge of safety procedures, basic First Aid, appropriate clothing and equipment for countryside navigation.

6. Demonstrate knowledge of the Countryside Code.

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